Playable: Handy That Way

Maya Marlowe


“I love making a meal knowing that others will enjoy it.”

Rick and Dimenche were right. With so many ways to serve, I can be useful here in Motherlode, just as I could in any other world.

In fact, maybe I can help out here more than in some other places. I might just be needed.


“Do I hear cat steps approaching?”

I often turn around and find Annette right there, right behind me. She usually has some funny little observation to share.

“They’re twins!” she said the other morning. “An heir and a spare! A Dimenche and an Annette!”

“Do you mean Katelynn delivered? And she had twins? How do you know this?”

“Oh, I just know,” she answered.


“My god-daughter is doing just fine! And her brother and mom are well, too.”

We checked out the latest update on the d’Angers’ blog, and sure enough. Katelynn had a baby boy and a baby girl. So glad that Rick is there to help out!

Honestly, I can’t stand kids, so much better it’s him than me. I’ve got plenty to do here to keep everybody happy and out of trouble.

We’ve been thinking about our aspirations. We’re not stuck with them, now that we’re playable. I’m happy with mine: nerd brain suits me well. Not that I’m all that brainy or all that nerdy, it’s just that I’m handy. So the reward trait of being able to fix things immediately will be just the ticket.


“You know, m’ija. You can choose your own aspiration now. That’s part of being playable.”

And Paula’s happy with hers. She was a gardener back in Dimenche’s world, and gardening is her one true love. If it weren’t for DTS, she probably would have been perfectly happy staying there. But she brought her aspiration with her, and Wright knows, we can use a gardener at this new place.

Now Nicola–she wanted to have a big happy family. Not something I could get behind, I’m tellin’ ya. And it really doesn’t fit who she is. She switched to soul-mate. So much better for a romance chick like she is.

Which brings us to Annette. Successful lineage, seriously? I mean, I love Annette. She’s sweet, she’s so good at everything she even tries, she’s the smartest Sim I’ve ever met. But really. A mom? Not to mention, I can’t stand being around kids. So for sure, if she pursued that, she’d probably need to find another handyman.

We had a long talk. And since she loves art more than anything, she chose to become a master painter.

She’s already gotten started in the little studio we have up in the garret.


“This reminds me of someplace I may have been sometime in the future.”

She spent a long time up there, painting her first piece.


“It’s as if it comes straight from what I see inside me onto the canvas!”

I didn’t hear a peep out of her. Usually, I’ll hear her talking to herself, or telling herself stories, or making little surprised noises. But the whole time she was in her studio working, nothing. Not one peep!


“I like it!”

And her first painting turned out really sweet, especially for a first painting! I mean, I’d be happy if I painted something like that for my 100th painting. I’ve got a good feeling about this. She’s gonna love being an artist. Big time.

The guys have moved into the place across the street. They dropped by last night, just to let us know they were settled and to see how we were doing in our place.

The Order of the Garnet Studs

The Order of the Garnet Studs: That’s Aubrey, leading the way, followed by Donnie Dubois (honorary member of the order), Kobe, and Carter Easter bringing up the rear.

Aubrey, believe it or not, already has a lady friend! The chico’s been here one day, and he’s already lovebirds with this older lady! That’s settling in quick-like.

Donnie caught up with me in the kitchen. “Got any news from the homeland?” he asked.

I filled him in on the twins, and he seemed so proud of Dimenche and Katelynn he looked about to burst.


“An heir AND a spare! That is so great! That’s like better that great. That’s greatastic!”

Nicola, I’ve been a little worried about her. She’s so romance, and things are moving slower for her than she’d like, even though we’ve only been here a short while. She gets stir-crazy. So, for her sake, I was glad the guys came over.

Kobe followed her into the john. She told me he actually whipped it out and used the can, right there, with her standing there looking on!

They were both so cool about it. No embarrassment. No shyness. Just “Howdy, neighbor! Water your flowers for ya?”


“Howdy! Well, we made here safely!”

Whatever. Remind me to lock the door if I’ve got to use the facilities next time the Garnet Studs stop by.

Nicola was so cool. “Nicely done, Kobe. I always appreciate a quality performance when I see one.”


“Welcome, Kobe. Please make yourself at home, and don’t mind me standing here while you do.”

Annette’s been telling me about the properties of garnets, so I’m guessing his display of bravado before Nicola may have something to do with the influence of those gems he wears in his earlobes.


“Really, he’s not hard on the eyes. And I do appreciate a man who washes up after handling the tools.”

The next morning, Kobe and Donnie just happened to wander by while Nicola was out chatting with Cathy Tea, Jim Bee, and a few other neighbors. Nicola says there’s just something about Kobe’s sense of humor that always puts her in a good mood.


“If you think that’s funny, you should have seen what Carter Easter did when Poppy came over!”

Anybody that can make a friend of mine smile is all right by me!

So, it looks like we’re settling in ok. Things are still moving along in the homeland–or maybe I should say, moving for the first time in a long time in the homeland.

And we’re putting down roots here in the new land.


“There’s always something that needs doing at home! And that’s the best part.”