Playable: My Way

Aubrey Bergman


Taking my style for a walk.

I like to do things with style–my style.

After all, who else can do things my style? Nobody! That’s why it’s called my style!

We each come here with our own styles, and if we don’t approach life with our style, then who will? It’s our gift to the universe to do things in our own individual ways.


“Yes, Kobe! This is the way to fix a toilet–it’s my way to fix a toilet!”

I know there’s been a lot of gossip about the romantic adventures of the Garnet Studs, and I want to set the record straight. I am the one who is courting the distinguished and elegant Poppy Arias. Carter is the courtier of Elisha Harrel. And Kobe is lovebirds with Mrs. Lila Gillis. Don’t fret over her marital status: this is a courtly love which we members of the Order of the Garnet Studs have sworn to uphold, a threat to neither husbands nor age.


Ascribing to courtly love doesn’t prohibit one from being the beneficiary of its charms and delights!

We come here with our own unique talents and contributions. When we can be ourselves as we do things, interact with others, and develop our abilities, then everything goes well.


“You see? I’m not playing the Ruy Lopez. This is the Aubrey Bergman attack.”

Chess is a perfect example. Through chess, I advance my objectives, always moving towards check-mate. Sometimes, I may exchange a piece.


“My rook takes your knight, Kobe.”

But the exchanges are all to give me a better position.


“Now who has the best position, eh?”

Life is like that, too. I make a move, perhaps an exchange, but always with a goal in mind.


“Ah! The satisfaction of ‘chok-tee’!”

I bring the same confidence that I apply on the chess board to everything I do.


Ready for the world, that’s me!

That’s what brought me here, and what I bring here: confidence. It was confidence in my own abilities that led me to accept Maya’s offer to accompany her to this new world. This same confidence assured me that I would be able to make a significant contribution here.


I know that wherever I am is a place that I can improve upon, simply through what I bring in my own unique contributions.

But I don’t want you to be fooled! I’ve been talking here about me and my own unique contributions, but you must realize that I do that simply as a means of explanation–as an example, let’s say.


“It never hurts to have options! Grilled cheese? Potato chips? Why not enjoy both? You deserve the abundance of plenty!”

The truth of the matter is that wherever you are, you are contributing in the exact same way, by sharing your own unique self with the world in which you find yourself. Think of this as your way, and lay claim to it with pride!