Playable: Checking In

Cathy Tea

Cathy Tea

“I want to see how everybody’s doing!”

Saturday came, and I decided to spend the day visiting everybody and seeing how they’re doing.


“Be sure to tell them ‘Hi’ from me!”

I stopped off at the Victorian first and found Maya dancing in the parlor, while Annette and Paula were out. Maya was so happy.


“All of our plumbobs are green!”

“What’s bringing your smile?” I asked.

“Life’s just good,” she said. “We’ve got a home. I feel like I’m really putting down roots. Nicola’s thriving, me and Paula are BFFs, Annette’s healthy and productive and happy. Life is sweet.”


Maya’s created such a great home for herself, Paula, and Annette.

Next, I went across the street to visit Nicola in her new home. I’ve been amazed at how she’s transformed since her stay here. How long has it been, even? Not long.


“What’s the secret of your deva-ness, Nicola?”

When I first met Nicola, I didn’t feel comfortable around her. It seemed like she was leading with her perfectionism, and I couldn’t find any common ground with her. But she has changed. It’s like she’s tapped into this current, and now just being around her feels good. When I’m with her, I want to relax and open up and dance and enjoy that same current that she feels. She shows me just how amazing it is to be a woman.

“My new house is great,” she told me. “It gives me everything I want. I’ve got privacy. I’ve got a pool and a treadmill. And I’m right across the street from the girls, so I can really be me without giving up anything.”


“I’m just happy experiencing life!”

I headed across the courtyard next, to Donnie and the Garnet Stud’s house. I joined Aubrey and the Walrus–I mean, Carter–out by the pool.


“Hey, I do everything my way!”

I have so much fun whenever I hang out with the Garnets! Aubrey exudes such confidence.

“I’m really enjoying getting things done,” he said. “If anything needs doing, I just take care of it!”

“You know,” Carter said, “there’s so many different ways to approach life. Some people approach it like warriors. I approach it like a lover. Whatever I see, I accept. I don’t fight; I embrace.”


“I like your perspective, Carter!”

Donnie came out to join us and told us this detailed story about fishing and catching fireflies and discovering that the fireflies were really stars and then waking up in a dream to find that one’s own self was a star! Donnie’s so loquacious.


“What do you think? Not a bad story, is it?”

Kobe joined us, and we all sat around, chatting, swapping stories, and laughing.

“How can you tell if two llamas are in love?” Carter asked. “Because they’re llaminated!”


Carter’s bad jokes kept us laughing.

I left the guys at the pool and headed back to the Victorian to see if Annette and Paula had returned.

Annette had just finished an afternoon swim and was upstairs using one of the computers.


“You look like you’re doing great!”

We had an amazing conversation. I’m not even sure if I can explain what the conversation was about–it was sort of like we were reading each other’s minds and just saying whatever the other person was thinking of saying next, and we both just enjoyed feeling the same things at the same time.


“Sometimes, I feel like I’m in your head, and you’re in mine! And when I feel what’s moving through you, it feels like it’s the same energy and feelings that are moving through me!”

I found Paula downstairs. She was checking the gas stove, and she told me about this film she’d seen as a child that was an anti-drug propaganda film designed to scare kids from ever wanting to use hallucinogens.

“They showed the flame from a gas burner transform into a beautiful rose,” she said, “and the funny thing was that the film had the opposite affect from what was intended. It made me interested in actually taking hallucinogens! But the thing is, I’ve always known that my body really is my temple, and since the parts of those films that stressed how unhealthy drugs really are had such a big influence on me, I did make a promise to myself from an early age never to take any harmful substances.”


“But I discovered new ways of perceiving!”

“However,” she continued, “I discovered that if I looked at the world around me and let go of certain conditioning, I could see things in a new way. A gas flame could become a rose!”


“It’s just a matter of tuning in!”

She went on to explain how becoming aware of conditioning was the first step in releasing it, which opened one up to individual choice–in perception and living.

Annette and Maya joined us in the kitchen. I just felt happy–being there with these amazing and beautiful Sims. Sometimes, it’s like the green from our plumbobs spark each other and our plumbobs just get greener and greener from happiness.


“Ok! I see what you mean. You can turn the burner off now.”

“Everybody’s doing great!” I told SimJim when I got back home.


“Everybody’s doing great!”

“That’s great to hear,” he said. “Did you check with the person that it’s most important to check in with?”

“Oh!” I remembered. “Eric Lewis! I don’t know how to get in touch with him. I hope he’s doing ok. I miss him, and there’s a lot riding on his safety and well-being.”

“That’s not who I meant,” SimJim said, and he looked at me.

“Oh!” I said. “How are you?”


“Did you check in with everybody?”

“I’m hanging in there,” he replied with a chuckle. “I’m not who I meant either.”

And he looked at me.

“Oh! Absolutely! Let me check in.”

Cathy Tea

Just doing a quick body scan…

I felt the soles of my feet on the earth. I felt rooted and safe here in our home, in our world.

I felt my second chakra spin, and I felt its energy course vertically through me.

I checked in with my solar plexus, and I felt strong and confident, like I could do what this world and my life asked of me.

My heart area felt warm and open, and I felt kindness towards, acceptance of, and appreciation for all those in my life.

My throat was open, and I knew that I could express my truths in a way that would be heard and understood.

Between my eyes, it felt like there was this spool, this invisible spool of invisible thread that stretched out, connecting me to everyone here, even reaching out far and connecting me to Eric Lewis, who I saw far away, talking with his daughter.

Through the crown of my head, energy passed, traveling down through the soles of my feet, then back up again. This energy, I could feel, connected me with all-that-is.

Following that point out, I reached an eighth point, through which flows the energy of all-that-is to become me.

I felt all this at once, and I opened my eyes.

Cathy Tea

“I feel great!”

“I’m whole,” I said to SimJim. And we went inside to make some Indian green tea.