HFH: Love in a Full House

The night of our first kiss, Elder had this most amazing dream.


A three-card spread for our relationship.

He dreamed of tarot cards in a three-card spread. The first card, the top card, represented our relationship: the Ace of Cups. The second card, the bottom card, represented current obstacles or challenges to our relationship: the Six of Wands. And the third card, the middle card, represented the solution–the steps we needed to take to successfully face the challenge: the Nine of Pentacles.

He told me about his dream while we were sitting out on the porch during a rare moment when we were able to be alone that day.

Elder and Cathy

“The Ace of Cups is the perfect card for how we are right at this moment.”

“I understand the first card,” he said, “for that’s the card of love, and being the ace, it’s the card of beginnings. It’s the best love card in the deck, in my view, for it’s Big Love–universal, unconditional love. Spiritual love. Total love. It’s also the well-spring of intuition and spiritual growth. This is the best possible omen for our relationship. It means it’s the real deal, and bigger! It’s like everything.”

I just closed my eyes and breathed. For sure, this fit with everything I’d ever felt about out connection.

“But I don’t get the other cards at all,” he said. “What are your insights?”

I didn’t have any at the time, so I suggested that we just go about enjoying our day, and the meaning would become clear to us.

Elder and Cathy

“Let’s just have fun enjoying all the promise of that juicy Ace of Cups card. I’m starting to feel a little Ace-of-Cupsy myself, if you know what I mean.”

We were just starting to put into motion our plan for enjoying the day when Aya joined us on the porch.


“Hi, guys!”

“Hey! There you two are! I just wanted to come and say how happy I am that you’re together! It’s so cool!”

Aya gave me a big hug. “I told you that you needed to let him know how you feel,” she whispered to me. “Was I right, or was I right?”


“You two make me so happy!”

Elder and I had been finding it such a challenge to have any time alone together. Earlier that morning, everybody gathered with us in the tv room, so instead of being able to give each other a morning kiss, we had to settle for morning jokes.

Elder and Cathy

We’ve only got eyes for each other, but everybody’s got their eyes on us.

It was the same after breakfast. We managed to find spots on the couch next to each other, but everybody was hanging out with us, so we couldn’t really snuggle.

Elder and Cathy

Same thing after breakfast.

I headed out to the garden chess table, thinking that since we’d had a little privacy out there yesterday, maybe it would work for us again today. He joined me right away.

“Quick!” he said. “Before Forrest or Emma or Alex or Aya arrive. There’s something I’ve been wanting to ask you since I woke up. Will you be my girlfriend? I mean, official-like? And not date anyone else? You know, a committed relationship?”

Elder and Cathy

“Yours are the only kisses I want!”

“Yes! Of course! For me, you’re like a whole library, all in yourself. I don’t need anybody else romantically because I can find a whole universe of knowledge in you.”

Elder and Cathy

“All the knowledge I want to find I can find in you.”

We sat down to enjoy a private game of chess.

“Hey, guys!” Aya said. “We were wondering where you two had disappeared to.”

Elder and Cathy

Somebody’s always around.

After Aya left, I told Elder, “I think I discovered the meaning of the Six of Wands. Think about it! It’s so literal! We live in a house with six of my friends! We are never alone! That’s a huge challenge to the beginning of our Big Love, because how can we be romantic when someone is always around?”

We looked at each other, and I had another wish to kiss him.

“I think maybe I know the meaning of the Nine of Pentacles, too,” I said. “For me, that’s always been an earthy card–the card of being one with nature and enjoying all of nature’s fruits. And the place where I feel that oneness with nature strongest of all? Granite Falls!”

“You’re right!” he said. “The third card represents the steps we need to take to face the current challenge in a successful way. Baby, let’s hit the road and head up to the mountains, just you and me, and leave the houseful of hippies here in Willow Creek for a few days!”