Birthday Wishes

It’s your birthday! What are you wishing for, Aspen?


“Should I make a wish for me, or should I make a wish for Madrona?”

I could wish something for my sister Madrona.  You know, I could wish that Madrona be the heir. I think she’d make a good mom, and if she were the heir, I wouldn’t have to be a mom. Not sure if I want to get together with a guy and make babies.


“Now little chess pieces, which one of you wants to move next?”

Madrona, on the other hand, would make an amazing mom. She looks like a Madonna to me, even. Plus, wherever she goes, she’s always surrounded by guys. And she seems to like it.

But is it fair to saddle her with that wish just to get me out of a responsibility that I don’t want to bear? I think instead I should accept whatever it is that life brings to me.

What will you wish for, Aspen?


“I could wish something for my baby sister.”

My little sister Poplar is turning out to be a super star, just like I was. One more child friend and she’ll complete Social Butterfly, and after this party, she’s heading out to the park to make that friend. But here’s her genius: she’s been working on her motor skills all along, even while finishing up Social Butterfly, so she’ll complete Rambunctious Scamp in no time! Plus, her childhood came after the December update–so her milestones have been way easier than mine!

She is a super smart kid, always wanting to play chess and read, so I think after she finishes Rambunctious Scamp, she’ll go for Whiz Kid. I bet she finishes it, too.


Poplar had never seen such green grass and green trees before!

I could wish something about Poplar keeping her child-like wonder at the world.


“Poplar has an imagination that’s bigger than the world around her!”

I could wish that she always retain her playfulness and her ability to make friends so quickly.


“Yeah, I know Dad broke the dollhouse again. But so what? He fixed it! Now he’s got the two happy moods, the breaking mood and fixing mood!”

I could wish that her hot headedness never get the best of her. But you know what? That kid doesn’t need my wishes! She’s got it all under control. That little girl is steering the world as if it where her spaceship.

What’s your birthday wish, Aspen?


“I wish this wiener-head boy would stop blowing the birthday horn in my ear.”

Maybe I could make a wish that we would all live longer. It was so sad when Grim came for old Randy during this party, right before Dad brought the cake out. Poor Cousin Poppy was weeping buckets. I didn’t even know she knew Randy! But I guess she’s seen him over here at every party. Plus, of course, she’s got her own life that I probably don’t even know about.


Grim seems to be a favorite party guest.

We were so lucky that Willow hadn’t left for work yet! She’s good, so her pleas carry extra weight with Grim. Plus, she and Randy are good friends from way back when Randy played the piano at Mom and Dad’s wedding. I guess I was a bun in the oven back then, so I must have heard Randy playing Chopin that day, too!


“He’s the best musician this town has. Maybe even our only musician!”

Willow is half-angel, if you ask me. I don’t think anyone or anything could deny a request that comes from her pure heart.


“Well, that’s one sure way to earn a gold-medal party!”

I have a feeling, though, that when it’s your time, it’s your time. Someone’s pleas may buy you a few more moments, but the next time you’re out at the park or something, Grim will just make a new appointment.


Sure enough, right after the party, Grim caught up with Randy at the park.

What will you wish for, Aspen?


“I could wish what I’ve always wished for!”

You know what? There’s one person on this planet that shows me what it is to live a good, strong life, true to yourself.


“Know why my aunt Willow looks so happy and peaceful? She just became superstar comedienne par excellence.”

Maybe I’ll wish what I always wished as a child. That just like my aunt Willow is completely Willow, that I will, now that I’m going to be a grown-up, and for always, be completely Aspen. That wish has already been branded into my soul. That wish is me.

So. I think I’ll just keep on living that wish, while I wish for something else.

What will you wish for, Aspen, dear?


“I know! I’ll wish for a trait that begins with the letter ‘G’ and is followed by two identical vowels!”

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