To Be Self-Assured

On the morning of her young adult birthday, feeling nervous and more than a little insecure, Madrona sought out Aspen for a little sisterly advice.


“What’s it like not to go to school every day?”

She’d been a cheerful kid and an outgoing teen, and she just wasn’t sure what to expect from adulthood.

“I just wish I could be more sure of myself,” she told Aspen. “Like Poplar. She’ll even tell Paris’s ghost just what she thinks!”

Last night, in the middle of the night, Paris’s ghost had joined Poplar and Madrona in the kitchen. Paris wanted to share a little friendly advice.

“Don’t get married, kid,” he told Poplar. “I never married, and look how well it worked out for me!”


“There’s no need for marriage!”

Poplar would have none of it. She’s not going to be told what to do with her life, especially by some old ghost of some old bachelor who never even was a proper member of the family!


“Stop with the advice, already, grandpa-wanna-be.”

“Or look at Cousin Kourtney!” Madrona said to Aspen while they continued their sister talk. “Even now that she’s an elder, she’s still just so confident and spunky!”


Kourtney doesn’t know the meaning of slowing down.

“Or you!” continued Madrona. “You’re the most sure of yourself Sim I know! Just look at your sense of style! It’s pure you! And you’ll just walk up to anybody you like and let your feelings be known!”


“You look really nice tonight, Blue!”

Aspen reassured her that it was natural to feel a little nervous on any big day. “Just trust your own inner vision,” Aspen said. “When it comes time to make that birthday wish, you’ll know what to wish!”

The party was packed. All the wiener-head boys came with their sisters and moms. Cousin Poppy came in her wiener-head, and Kourtney and Kamden came, too.

Linda, seeing Kamden talking with Madrona, tried to be brave. Kamden was one day older than Ironwood. She tried to just let it be and not feel jealous that he got to be here to celebrate their daughter’s birthday while I-dub–she couldn’t finish the thought.

Kourtney seemed to know just how special it was, at this time of life, to have any extra moment with those you love.


“I cherish this day. I know I-dub’s sending us his good thoughts, too.”

Aspen, knowing how much Madrona counted on her example, was especially Aspen. She even wore her PJs to the party. Just because that’s what she felt like wearing.


Aspen knows she’s a knock-out in any outfit!

The party was full of young men, for all the wiener heads have grown up. Looking at the dance floor was like looking at a row of tofu dogs with the works: “Choose me!” each one seemed to say.


Party boys

When it was time for birthday wishes, Kamden brought out the confetti shooter, everybody sang, and Madrona barely had time to compose her wish.


Please wish for the goofball trait, Madrona!

But she remembered what she wanted as she saw those candles burning.


“I know what I want to be!”

“I wish to be self-assured!”

And self-assured, she is. It suits Cousin Kourtney well. It suited great grandma Acacia well. It will suit Madrona well, too. This is a family of strong women.