HFH: Friends

Note to new readers: This is a chapter from Houseful of Hippies. If you are looking for the Goofy Love Legacy , please see the Goofy Love Table of Contents.


So many people to invite!

“I want our wedding to be a ceremony of our finding each other,” Elder told me. “In the whole universe, we were brought together. Let’s invite all the people that are significant in our lives to celebrate.”

Most of the people in my life are here in town, now that Elder’s here, and the Robinsons are booked for celebrations for African Heritage Month, so they can’t make it.

But Elder’s family and friends are all from elsewhere. We invited them all and told them we would put them up.

His family will be filling Dr. Jasmine’s B & B, so Tani offered to let Elder’s friends stay in her old house across the street.

It’s a mansion, really, the big Georgian home where she grew up. She inherited it, and her brother has moved out to room with Malcolm Landgraab in Oasis Springs, so it’s just sitting there empty.

Through his Desert Leaders friend and room-mate, Miho, Elder sent an open invitation to all the Desert Leaders participants. And he invited his friend from home, Landon, too.

I wanted to be sure that Olivia knew she was especially welcome, so I sent her a special invitation myself.

The group from Desert Leaders arrived first.


“Miho! So glad you could make it! And you brought everybody!”

Elder introduced me to Sequoia, that woman that he’d told me about who never wears shoes. I could get behind that. And I enjoyed meeting Miho and his friend Adrianna, too.


“It’s nice to get a break from the desert air! Olivia, I had no idea your home town was so lovely!”

Olivia looked so happy. She was very thin and very strong–she said she’d been running and working out everyday in the desert, and she was more fit than ever.


Those weeks in the desert really seemed to agree with Olivia.

Later that day, Landon arrived. Elder was so excited to see him. It was cute.


“Landon! You made it!”

Landon and I are both cheerful, so we became friends immediately.

I felt it was sweet that both of Elder’s best friends, me and Landon, would be cheerful. It makes sense, since Elder enjoys being happy, and cheerful Sims have a knack for spreading happiness wherever we go.


“Always knew you’d end up with the kind of girl that likes wearing animal hats!”

It was such a lovely day that we just hung out in front of the house. As best man, Landon and Elder had plenty to discuss, such as the logistics of the seating arrangement at the reception.

I get a little nervous and cold-feet feeling every time I hear about the actual wedding itself, so I whipped out the violin to distract and calm myself.


I find a Bach partita helps me focus when I start feeling a little nervous.

While I was playing, it started sinking in that this thing was really happening. Very soon, in fact. An actual wedding. And I would be, gulp, the bride.