HFH: The Big Day

The morning of the wedding finally arrived. First thing I did when we got to Dr. Jasmine’s B & B was to find Flarn playing out back and give him a morning kiss. “I’m really going to enjoy being your auntie!” I said.

“Aw,” he replied, “do aunties always have to kiss their nevvies?”


“You’re like a little speck of sunlight!”

We gathered on the gazebo, exchanging morning greetings. I felt happy to have a quiet moment to visit with Cooper and Uncle Jacob before all the guests arrived.


“Cooper! You look so beautiful this morning!”

Over the past few days, we’d been sorting through our wardrobes, making sure we each had a complete selection of clothes for every occasion.

The more I thought about it, the more I realized that I just wouldn’t be comfortable in a dress, or even in formal clothes.

“What do you think of a casual wedding?” I asked Elder.

“Babe, I want us to feel comfortable and relaxed. Let’s not let what we wear get in the way of us feeling like we’re expressing who we are. How about if we just tell everyone, ‘Come as you are,’ and we really mean it?”

So that’s how we ended up gathered on the gazebo in our everyday clothes, our camping clothes, our crazy party hats, and, in Gray’s case, his swimming attire.


Everybody chose to wear the outfit that they felt best expressed them, and that’s what made it fun!

Elder looked like Adonis again, of course.


It’s a feast, everyday, when I look at him.

We had so much fun hanging out with our niece and nephews before the ceremony. I have more fun talking with them than anybody except Elder and Dr. J, it seems.


“Well, a flower girl really doesn’t have to do anything except look like a flower! Which you do, by the way, Amina!”

In the kitchen, Mikaela served as caterer. This is the first party I’ve been to since I turned 16 when I wasn’t the caterer. She did an awesome job. Before the ceremony even began, she’d whipped up the cake, a batch of grilled cheese sandwiches (made with gruyere) and was working on a batch of cookies.

She seemed a little flirty, too, maybe because Uncle Jacob was in the kitchen with her.


“You look pretty sweet there in that caterer’s outfit, I must say, Mikaela!”

And as the aroma of vanilla cake, grilled cheese, and taco casserole wafted from the kitchen’s open window, the time for the ceremony arrived.

“Race you to the wedding arch,” Elder said, and he took off at a sprint.


Elder has always raced towards his future!

He slowed down just as he got there so I could catch up.


“Ready or not, here I come!”

“What do you say?” he asked. “Are you ready to do this thing?”


That face.

“Yes, babe,” I answered. “I do believe I am.”


“I am so ready.”