HFH: Reflections on the Ace of Cups

Thoughts from Cathy T. on this side of the screen


Surprises, for me, bring the greatest delights in wrimmingfun*.

When our creative energy dances with the elements of the game, sometimes the stories that spin out reveal to us themes and truths that have been waiting for this opportunity to express themselves to and through us.

Through playing the impossible-turned-realized love story of young Cathy Tea and Elder, I wandered through romance’s chambered gardens, reflecting on the ways that love’s energy has expressed itself through my life.

I was so surprised when I looked closely at the cards in Elder’s dream bubble during his first night. Most Simmers have seen that three-card iconography, I’m sure, for our Sims broadcast it whenever they want to play cards and sometimes when they’re feeling especially logical.

Yet I’d never closely examined it. I was surprised to discover that the top card is the Ace of Cups! What a perfect symbol for young Cathy Tea and Elder’s relationship at that particular moment. (If you look closely at the symbol in the upper left of the middle card, you’ll notice that it’s the pentacle [a good symbol for spending time in nature]. And I believe that the concentric circles in the upper left of the bottom card are associated with the suit of wands [which often indicates strife]–if you know differently, please let me know!)

The Ace of Cups became the perfect symbol for Elderberry Tea–that beginning, overflowing, overwhelming, spreading-out-towards-everyone type of love.

If I were to write these chapters again, I’d probably condense them into maybe one or two. On this side of the screen, I was immersed in love while playing, writing, and living this! Where I live, it’s spring already. Thrashers are singing madly, doves are courting and softly sighing to each other, and the finches have just arrived to ask me to put up their nesting platforms. Our redbud tree has burst into glorious purple bloom. And bees are going nuts over pollen everywhere they find a bloom.

This is the season when, decades ago, I met the man I’m living my life with, and whenever this season rolls around, we find our lives full to overflowing.

And so I let myself flow with this through playing and writing this story.

As with most of the events in this and my other Sims stories, most of what happened was orchestrated by my Sims. For the wedding, it was Cathy Tea and the Sims who chose the casual wear, and Cathy Tea who selected the animal hat outfit! And Gray’s choice of swimsuit was entirely his own. (I’m so happy that Tani chooses the Mad Hatter outfit so often! She’s got hidden goofball trait, for sure!)

Cooper and Miho’s sadness added depth to my experience with this story. I’ve never been to a family wedding where there weren’t family members or former/expectant romantic partners who felt their own sadness. And it was fascinating to see how these Sims brought their own back stories with them into a new game.

As with every wedding, it was the children who increased the joy! Flarn’s way of speaking what was on his mind, Elicanto’s sweetness, and Amina’s twirling in the aisles like any self-respecting flower girl made the celebration feel like a real garden wedding!

And now, the whirl of romance is over! Cathy Tea and Elder are recovering from their love hangover and moving into a sweet and steady rhythm of time alone, time with friends, and time with each other.

It feels good–to me and my Sims–to turn the focus outwards again, back onto other activities and other Sims.

For those of you who followed along with this overflowing romance, thanks for sharing the ride! And for those of you who skipped these chapters because you forgot to bring your hip-waders, we will now resume our normally scheduled broadcast.

I won’t always indulge my every whim, but it sure was fun to do so in wrimmingfun this story!

*wrimmingfun: “writing” + “Simming” = “So much fun”