HFH: Aya, You Amaze! Zama u Oy, Aya!

While I’ve been wrapped up in my romance, our courtship, our wedding, and our newlywed lives, Aya has been living the life of a truly amazing Sim.


She’s delighted by the creative impulse!

Elder says that next to Ede, Aya is the smartest woman he knows–and that’s no exaggeration. She doesn’t score a genius I.Q., like Emma. Instead, she combines her own practical knowledge with common sense, wide-ranging interests, and self-directed autonomy. All on her own, she’s nearly completed her body-builder aspiration.


“Just a few more workouts, and I’ll be at maximum fitness.”

She’s a self-taught, self-employed computer programmer, and while the rest of us are dancing, drinking juice, watching tv, or painting, she’ll autonomously find a free-lance programming job and bring in a pocketful of Simoleans.


“I love to code.”


She’s also, entirely on her own initiative, found pen-pals all over! She just logs onto the computer, finds a new pen-pal, and there you have it! New friends from all over Simdom!

Aya never wastes time. She lives time!


“It’s a beautiful morning for a jog!”

Like all the roomies, she’s incredibly helpful. People always think of hippies as being slobs. In this household, we’re not. We like a clean kitchen and clean bodies!

For us, being hippies just means that we get to enjoy our full expression of who we are, together in friendship and alone. And enjoying the full expression of herself is exactly what Aya does every day!


Doing a few dishes after an evening swim!

Aya, like Tani, has the Good trait, which means she soaks up all the good vibes in our home.

And lately, it seems like we’ve got good vibes going all the time!

She’s also cheerful like me. It’s fun, because we can just enjoy hanging out with everybody, eating cheesecake and telling stories, and then everybody’s good mood starts kicking in, and before you know it, Aya and Tani are sailing this happiness like it’s a strong and steady westerly!


“I knew you and Cathy Tea would be happy together, Elder! And having a happy couple in the household makes everybody happy!”

Aya’s good friends with everybody.

Elder enjoys sharing his wishes and dreams with her.


“One day, I’m telling you, Cathy and I are going to discover the joys of space, just like my grandpa Clem and grandma Estrella did!”

Aya’s always sharing her practical wisdom with us.

“The secrets to happiness are so simple, really!” she said. “First, take care of your needs. That’s easy to do in a house with Princess Cordelia beds, upgraded plumbing, and a fridge full of cheesecake. Next, enjoy good music and deep conversation. Third, knock off a few whims and aspiration tasks, and before you know it, life is on course and everybody’s feeling good!”


Clay, good books, cheesecake, and Annie Lennox on the stereo–Man! Life is sweet!

Forrest and Aya have remained good friends. It seems like the chemistry they had at first has shifted towards camaraderie.

You can still find them together often. Forrest loves to tell her stories while she’s working out.

“It’s space. It’s black. There’s a big star over there, and the swoop of the milky way. You’re not running, you’re floating through space, and everything’s easy like vanilla.”


“The zone, Aya… the zone…”

Aya and Alex like to spend a lot of time together, too. I often find them sitting in the kitchen, talking books and philosophy.


“It was Wittgenstein who said, ‘The human body is the best picture of the human soul.’ It applies to Sims, too.”

Whenever I come upon an impromptu dance party, especially when I see Tani there dancing in happiness, my heart soars, and since Aya’s moved in, it seems like there’s always a dance party going on.


Aya spreads this cool style of joy.

We got a pop-up the other day that just about knocked my socks off.


I’d been thinking we were eternal, always young. Or at least I was thinking I was the eldest, and I’ve got days and days and days before my adult birthday.

But in eight days, it will be upon us. Aya will be moving into the next phase of life. I probably shouldn’t let it get to me. Like I said, Aya doesn’t waste time. And the way she lives it, every moment that she has had here in digital existence she has made the most of, devoting it to bettering herself or making others happier.

What a beautiful life!

To think that, through her own true autonomy, this amazing Sim lives in a way that all those around them become happier, healthier, and more uniquely who they are!

If it weren’t for Aya, who knows if Elder and I would ever have gotten together?

And now, all this happiness that is overflowing our lives and spreading out towards everyone we share our lives with–all of that, we can trace back to this one beautiful, strong, smart, incredible and amazing Sim.


Aya, you’ve made our lives better.