S-GAS Presentations: On the Other Side of the Screen, pt. 2

Transcription of S-GAS Transformation Session – On the Other Side of the Screen: Making Friends with Your Player, pt. 2
Presenters: Annette Thayer and Cathy T-on-this-side-of -the-screen


Cathy: Annette, it doesn’t seem like anyone wants to listen to us.

Annette: That’s perfect, Cath, isn’t it? I mean the session isn’t called “Cathy and Annette Gush About Sim-Simmer Friendship and All It Can Be,” it’s called “Making Friends With Your Player.” How did we make friends?


Cathy: Well, first of all, we liked each other, and we understood each other.

Annette: And then?

Cathy: And then we hung out together.

Annette: Exactly! It looks like that’s exactly what these Sims want to do! They can already feel how much you like all of them! It’s palpable! And now, they want to hang out with you!

Cathy: Ok! Let’s hang out! Hey, Mark Archy! Hows the gendang?


Mark Archy: It’s got good beats! Now all I need is Rose to teach me dancing!

Cathy: Hey, Em! I see you still spying on me through the corner of your eyes!

Emelia: Mind. Blown. And lovin’ it!


Cathy: Good evening, Mr. Two. No need for us to slide into informality! I’m quite at home with formal registers, though I’m loathe to preserve hierarchical structures.

Mr. Two

Number Two: Ah, but it is in the preservation of custom and station in which we find the stability of all things worth preserving!

Cathy: And what about those which aren’t worth preserving? Sometimes rocking convention is just the thing! But I’ll leave you to your meditations.

Mr. Two

Cathy: Hey, Fey.


Cathy: Dag, Ike!

Ike: Sul, Cath.


Ike: Hey, I ever tell you about my long history with my Simmer?

Cathy: Oh, I’ve heard from sunnyshay that you two go way back! She’s had iterations of you all through her Simming days, in every version of Sims she’s played! You’re her big Scooby-Pooh Bear!


Ike: Yup. Nora may be my digital squeeze, but, to use Mr. Two’s words, Sunny is and always will be my Number One! You ever heard about love between Simmer and Sim?

Cathy: Oh, yeah. Not only have I heard about it, I’ve experienced itl With at least three Sims, it’s been electric enough to send jolts all the way down through the sole of my right foot! You and me, Ike, we could probably write the book on Sim-Simmer love, huh? Kiss and tell! Don’t worry–I won’t let Sunny know!

Ike: Yup. Some secrets are best kept secret-like, right, Ms. Digital Heart?

Cathy: Hey JRose! You’re beaming tonight!

JRose: I was just telling Emelia how liberating it’s beginning to feel to understand that I can truly have an independent friendship with my Player! I’m not just an extension of her! I’m my own Sim, with my own interests and aspirations!


Cathy: Good night, Cindy! As Martymor and his Sim Colleen would say, “Sleep tight! Wake in perfect sunlight!”


Cathy: Hey, guys! What’re you chatting about?

Willow: I was just asking Annette what it’s like to get played so often and to have an entire story built around you?


Annette: And I was saying to be patient. I had to wait through nearly 37 chapters of twisting machinations and narrative tangles to get over here, and even now that I’m here, there are so many times when I need to wait my turn. I actually enjoy the times when I’m unplayed–even more than when I’m being played, though. I like the freedom to just be.

Cathy: Also, Willow, it seems likely that Carewren123 is simply waiting for the best story for you. She is such a careful, considerate, and thoughtful writer, with such genuine affection and respect for you, that I’m sure she didn’t just want to plop you into any old story. She wanted to have the right vehicle for you. Don’t you agree, Annette?


Annette: Absolutely! There’s nothing worse for a Sim than finding herself in a story that doesn’t fit! Not that I would know from personal experience, for I seem to create the story around me as I move through game. However, I have read other starts and stops where Sims just haven’t quite found their right milieu. You can consider yourself lucky. Plus, I have a feeling after your exposure through S-GAS that you’ll be finding instances of yourself in game on hard-drives all over the Simverse.

Willow: You think?


Annette: Totally! You’re going to be the next big thing in SimLit! I just know it!


Willow: Well, thanks! I’m not really interested in being a SimLit star, you know. I just want to get experience of game! I want to be able to do all the things that a Sim like me likes to do!

Annette: Of course you do! That’s what we all want!


Cathy: You look like you’re feeling better, Willow.

Willow: I am! Thank you. I’m starting to feel confidence that I will have a long and happy Sim life! I am just a young adult, after all! I have plenty of time for fishing and gardening and learning herbalism and all the things an outdoor lover wants to do! Oh, being a Sim is so sweet. I think I’ll watch for shooting stars. Thanks, you two!

Cathy: You’re welcome, Willow! Good night!

Cathy: Annette, sweetheart, thank you for this. I think it was the perfect way to make friends with all these beautiful and amazing Sims.

Annette: You’re welcome.

Cathy: You feeling ok?

Annette: I just miss his voice. I remember the way he used to sing to me when the game was loading.


Terrapin – I can’t figure out
Terrapin – if it’s an end or the beginning
Terrapin – but the train’s got its brakes on
and the whistle is screaming: TERRAPIN