S-GAS Camera: The Party for the March Sun Return

Archival uncut footage from S-GAS Transformation

Cathy Tea

Young Cathy Tea: Hey, Mr. Spectacular and Dancing Rosaroonie! Get your party clothes on! We’ve got a party to go to!

Free-Jon: What party, Mom?


Young Cathy Tea: It’s a birthday party for Rosey and Sunny Shay!

Free-Jon: Do I know Sunny Shay?


Young Cathy Tea: Well, you know Ike and Nora and Ikey and Mikey, right? Sunny Shay On-the-other-side-of-the-screen is their player!

Free-Jon: Oh! That’s so cool! I’m really glad that she has a birthday because that means she was born, and if she hadn’t been born, there wouldn’t be any Ike and Nora and those guys!


Young Cathy Tea: Yup.

Free-Jon:  Is it JRose’s birthday or other-screen Rosey?


Young Cathy Tea: Other-screen. Aroseinbloom.

Free-Jon: I’m glad she was born, too, because of JRose.


Young Cathy Tea: No kidding! If she hadn’t been born there’d be a big hole in the universe in the shape of a rose in bloom.

Free-Jon: Yeah. But that wouldn’t be so bad. Because you know why?


Free-Jon: Because every hole has to be filled, even if it’s filled with space! And what could fill a hole shaped like a rose in bloom? Only aroseinbloom! So even if she hadn’t been born, she’d have to be born to fill the rose-in-bloom hole! See? It all works out. Yibzi!


Jamie Rose: Ok, great. You’re all coming? See you soon!


Ike: Hey, peoples! Glad you could make it.


Young Cathy Tea: Well, it’s an early birthday party because we’ve got Chopping, Carrying coming up, and then Testingcheats, so this was the only free day we could find.

Ike: Never hurts to be early. Plus with the Time-Space thingy, there’s no telling when this is really happening. It may have already happened and still be late, know what I mean?

Ana: I guess a lot of people will be coming. One cake? Two? Chocolate? Let’s do a white cake with lots of sprinkles.


Cindy: Oh. Mikey. Wow. He looks sweet in that red shirt. And I hear he likes red-heads, too.

Mikey: Is she checking me out?


Fey: I’m just putting in an appearance. Five, ten minutes, tops. And then I’m outta here.


Ike: Nothing says “Birthday” like a tall cold glass of milk, right, Ana?


Young Cathy Tea: Here, Ike! Let’s take a selfie to send to Sunny! Anjee!

Cathy and Ike

Emelia: I think it’s sweet that Sims are celebrating their Simmers’ birthdays. I hope I’m still around in November to help Jordan celebrate hers. I wonder what she would like…


Elder: Cathy told me to come just to provide the eye-candy.


Jamie: Oh, why did we have to invite so many Sims again? I’m sure Rosey would prefer a quiet evening, listening to music and talking.


Aspen: Yes! I’m just about to get high score! This is a great party!


Sarafina: I’m not really buying into this whole Sim/Simmer paradigm, know what I mean? Really, I’ve got enough to do to keep track of the Sims in my life without having to worry about reaching out and establishing relationships with those who play these same Sims. It feels like it’s stretching the immersion a wee bit, eh wot? Let’s just be here and enjoy the cake, rather than reaching out to eat the cake on behalf of those who are on the other side who aren’t even eating cake right now anyway, you think? Too many calories. Here, let’s have some blackberries.


Mikey: Dad, it’s a big day. Big day for Sunny Shay!

Ike: You can say that again, son.

Mike and Ike

Ike: Hey, Lil Nugget! Glad you could come!

Rose Fletcher: Ha! I wouldn’t miss this for the world! Sunny’s my hero ever since she bought me the stereo so I could club it at the Loner’s Lodge!

Lil Nugget

Mark Archy: Are you kidding? It’s possible to put arsenic in cake? You mean I’ve got a way to get back at my Player? Hahaha! Just kidding, boss!

Mark Archy

Ike: Hey, sit down, folks! Glad you could make it. Now Simmer down… we’ve got a treat for you on the tv!


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