S-GAS Documents Folder: For Jon


Young Cathy Tea: Free-Jon, do you have everything in your inventory that you want to take with you? We’re about to be packed up to Cathy OtherSide’s library.

Free-Jon: Yeah. I’m just gonna check the comp, ok?


Free-Jon: Mom! There’s a file in my news folder that says “For Jon.” Is that for me? Is it from you? Should I read it?


Young Cathy Tea: That’s for you, babe. It’s not from me or your dad. I think you can go ahead and read it.

(Saved word document titled ‘For Jon’)
(Many thanks to JordanNicoleJJ for translating this email from Simlish into English for us)

Free —

I just wanted to leave you a little note before I go.

Really, I just wanted to say thanks. Thank your parents and their friends for hosting, thank your player for putting up with my Evil mom, and thank you for being a cool dude to hang out with. There isn’t really that much of an age difference between us — I had just aged up into a Teen the day before I traveled to your world. I’m basically still a kid at heart, you know? It was nice having a fellow kid to chill with…goofing around, telling stories, all that good stuff. Stay in touch, okay? Who knows…maybe someday I can come visit again! For now, I have some traveling to do. I want to see new things, meet new people, learn everything I can possibly learn….. I want to live! S-GAS has opened my eyes to a plethora of opportunities. I hope it did the same for you…it’s such a great feeling — all of this anticipation and excitement and hope.

Okay, well, I’m off. I already said my goodbyes in person. I’ll leave this document in your news folder or something, so you’ll find it.

— Emelia

(p.s. my email is em.johnson@simsandsuch.ts4.com)



Young Cathy Tea: Young adult.


Free-Jon: Ok. Is that a long time?

Young Cathy Tea: You mean for you to become a young adult? It’s a while. Aging is off right now, and when we get home, we’ll be long life span. You thinking about getting married?


Free-Jon: Yeah. I want to marry Emelia.

Young Cathy Tea: Oh! Brilliant! She’s amazing, isn’t she? Cover your ears for a minute while I scream, ok! SQUEEE! Sixth-gen-son-of-spare plus fourth-gen-spare! THINK OF THE NOOBOOS! WOOT!

Young Cathy Tea

Young Cathy Tea: Ok, you can uncover your ears now.

Free-Jon: Yeah. She looks like wow. Princess fairy stuff. Plus really tough. I like her. She’s like a marshmallow that’s been roasted for a while–outside it’s all tough and chewy. Just to keep the sweet part in. I like that. Woot!


Young Cathy Tea: You know, Free, I’m older than your dad. When we met, I was young adult, and he was teen. I waited around until he aged up, and then he did a little bit of exploring, like Emelia’s doing now, and then I sent him a love-note email, and then he joined me. And the rest history! The rest is you!

Free-Jon: I hear you can put candles on a birthday cake any time.