HFH: Happiness Cupcakes


“I’m pretty sure I got a message in the computer waiting for me.”

“Mom, how do I check my email?” Free-Jon asked a few days after we got back from S-GAS Transformation.

“Are you expecting a message?” I asked him.

“Yeah,” he said. “I’ve got a feeling that Mr. Cupcake wrote to me.”

Sure enough, we saw one new message, from mrcupcakejr@summerfallslegacy.wordpress.com.



He read the message aloud five times, stopping now and then to laugh, and rereading the line, “It’s a… Freezer Bunny!” about twenty times.

“How come I feel sad after getting an email from Joel?” Free asked when he finally closed out his email.


“I got a funny feeling in my eyes.”

We sat together on the couch.

“This is probably the feeling of missing him,” I said. “Do you feel like you want to be around him, and when you think that you can’t see him right now it makes you sad?”


“I wish we could go back to Rabbit’s Teahouse.”

Free-Jon nodded.

“That’s the feeling of missing him. It’s not a bad feeling, really. It’s your heart’s way of letting you know that he’s somebody special to you. So in that way, it’s good! It’s your signal that you’ve got a real friend. Somebody that you really, really like.”


“It just means that he’s really special to you.”

“It kinda hurts,” he said.

“Take a big breath,” I said. “Let it out. Let’s have a hug. What do you want to do next?”


I’m glad Free’s got a friend he cares that much about.

We danced for a little bit, and then it was time for bed.


Dancing before bed always puts us in a good mood!

The next day, after school, Free-Jon asked, “Can you show me how to google ‘welsh woolly sweater?'”


“Can you help me google something?”

We got a lot of sites with really nice sweaters.

“How about ‘mr. cupcake?'” Free asked, and we found a lot of sites for really delicious-looking cupcakes.


“That red velvet cupcake looks melt-in-your-mouth!”

“We could try combining the searches,” I suggested. And when we combined “welsh woolly sweater” with “mr. cupcake,” the first site that came up was S-GAS News: The Day According to Freezer Bunny. This made both of us laugh so hard that Free-Jon forgot all about having felt sad yesterday.


“Oh, boy! Free-Jon! You’re famous!”

“I really want to see what he’s doing now,” Free-Jon said.

“Let’s try this,” I said, and we typed in “S-GAS SummerFalls Simselves.”


“Hey, look up his S-GAS thread!”

“There he is!”

I left Free-Jon to scroll through the blogs from the S-GAS SimSelves thread.

“What do you think, Bunny?” I asked him after he’d finished looking through the posts.

“How come Joel’s not smiling in all his photos, Mom?” Free-Jon asked. “He’s smiling in some, but not all of them.”

“Well, even though Joel is cheerful like me and you, he’s not going to be smiling all the time. Being a Sim means feeling all sorts of things, and it’s good when what’s on one’s face matches what one’s feeling. That way, people don’t feel puzzled by what’s going on inside.”

“I still like him to be happy.”

“Yeah, me too.”

“If I emailed him some cupcakes, then he could eat them when he wanted to be happy!”

“Well, I’m not sure we can email cupcakes.”

“I could email the recipe for happy cupcakes,” Free-Jon said.

“That you could.”


“I’ll send my special recipe.”

I left him to type up his recipe for happy cupcakes while I put supper on.

“Wanna read my recipe before I hit send?” he called a little while later.

I felt an inward smile, happy that he was at an age when he wanted his mom to read his emails before sending them. Enjoy these years, I remembered.


I’m so lucky that he wants to share everything with me right now.

Hi, Joel somethingorotherIcan’tremember Cupcake! How are you? I want you to smile, so I am sending you my recipe for happy cupcakes:

1. Start with music. Dad and me like electrickonica. Mom likes anything Bach. It’s ok either way. Just like something.

2. Dance. Dance a lot. I like to dance like a robot. Mom likes to dance like a hippie. Dad dances like a geek who just jumped out of a video game. It’s ok any way. Just dance.

3. Have a friend. it’s best if you’ve got a friend who’s from someplace where they use words different, like jumper for sweater and chips for fries and stuff like that. Then it’s really neat. And it’s best if your friend is there to give you all kinds of advice and write you emails. But even if your friend is a little guy like me, it’s still ok. Because it’s still a friend.

4. Have a mission. Like right now, I’ve got this big mission that involves looking for where all the holes went that are supposed to be on the moon. But you can do anything. As long as it’s fun. And as long as it’s something that is important in your mind. And right here: in the middle of your chest or something.

5. Go to sleep. This is the most important part of the happiness cupcake because when you wake up, you will feel like you’ve been eating chocolate icing all night! You’ll feel a hundred million twelve billion mixipilipion smiles inside of you. That’s what happens when you sleep and then wake up. Happiness finds you while your eyes are closed.

That’s my recipe. If you do that, Mr. Cupcake, then you will have the recipe for how to get happy any time you want.

Over and out, this is Roger-Dodger Free-zone Frosty Freezer Bunny, signing off. “

Free-Jon hit “send,” and we both smiled.

When you’ve got a big friend in a Welsh woolly sweater who sends you advice in email messages, it makes you feel like a pretty lucky kid.


“Now, if only I can figure out the recipe for Smart Cupcakes…”