WIF: Simple

Now that I have received my official welcome to this planet, I am discovering that part of my purpose here is to simply be.

There is nothing specific that I need to do, except to be here, as myself, living, thinking, breathing, experiencing.


Each of us brings a unique and specific expression of energy that no one else can bring. When we are here, living richly and deeply in the way that resonates with our souls, then we are doing what we need to do here.

This is the purpose for each of us.

Discovering this, I embrace my life here with enthusiasm and with a mind and heart open for the gifts that present themselves in each moment.


Days here fall into the rhythm of pattern. Garden. Prepare and eat a meal. On five days, play at the Science Lab. On two days, stay at home to read or visit with friends or take a trip.


Each part of the pattern brings its own joy, and within the pattern of the same are subtle variations which bring the delight of discovery.

Each day at the lab, Amber and I share conversation, and each day, the conversation ventures into new territory or repeats with slight variation a previous theme.


“You’ve been here for a little while now,” she said to me the other day. “How are you enjoying it?”

“Oh! I love it here!” I replied. “I find so much to love everywhere I turn! Friends! Butterflies! Trees! Sorrel mushrooms! The color blue! The scent of sage! I could list everything, and sometimes I do!”

“I know what you mean,” Amber said. “It’s possible to find beauty everywhere.”

“And how about you?” I asked. “How are you enjoying it here?”

“Well, I don’t know any different,” she replied. “I’ve always been here.”

“I wouldn’t be so sure,” I said. “You may have experience in many places.”

“I only remember this place and this time,” Amber said.

“Memories are stored many places. What we remember with our minds is often the experience of embodiment in this particular form. What we remember with our soul carries through all forms.”

Later that day, Amber found me in the hall.

“I think you’re right!” she said. “I can feel very deep, in here, that I have had experiences elsewhere! I’m sure that’s why I was drawn to you!”


Perhaps my most simple friendship, and in many ways, my most gratifying, is my friendship with Good Grips.

“Plum! Idea! Perfectly perfect!” said Grips one day. “Hole for Travel. More Sweet!”

“Would you like us to invent something together?” I asked. “Do you have an idea?”

Grips explained the idea, and I listened.

Good Grips

“It’s brilliant!” I replied when Grips had explained it in its entirety. And together we began creating this device which Grips had envisioned.

Good Grips

Grips’ idea was a device for travel. As I began to calibrate it for our particular galactic latitude and longitude, I felt a deep memory return which brought an answer to the question of how, precisely, I had arrived here.

As I looked through the swirling center, this body remembered, and as it did, I remembered at my core the experience of entering into and emerging from this center which connects.


I have always known that I did not travel here through a rocket, for though I am brave, my bravery does not lead me to foolery, and it is simple foolery to travel from my home, a planet with a very different atmosphere, through a transport device constructed crudely from the rigid materials of this planet.


A new directive appeared on my task list: to leave Good Grips’ new transport device turned on while fully calibrated  for our exact location.

When I arrived at the lab the next morning, a new arrival was present to greet me.

She was in full disguise. Yet there was no mistaking that she was not from around here.


In the greenhouse, she inquired about the plants from this planet.

“They are marvelous beings,” I replied, “Each and every one!”

I explained about their providing nutrients and sustenance for the other inhabitants here, and we discussed their chemical properties which provide subtle life- and mood-enhancing effects.

“I must admit,” I confessed, “strawberries are a particular delight of mine! Each one is a complex of tiny juicy spheres–little flavor packets–which burst in sweetness when one bites them!”

It is entirely possible that she arrived here simply to sample the fruits and vegetables.

I had begun to feel confidence in my social interactions. As my colleagues at the lab are now my friends and friendly acquaintances, I have not felt anger from strangers nor the discomfort that comes when others discover my alien origins for quite some time.

This confidence inspired me to spend my Saturday morning meeting some of the residents who parade through the neighborhood where the lot where I stay is located.

I enjoy beginning with a funny greeting. To see another’s smile is like discovering a hidden flower in a meadow.


Yet our happy beginning did not continue. By they time I greeted the next person to walk by, they began to feel their fear and distrust of all those who are not from around here.

“What do you think you’re doing here?” the male yelled. “We’ve got quite enough people here already! We don’t need anyone from other planets coming here to our already overpopulated world!”


Before I could respond, the female joined in.

“I bet you work at that science lab, don’t you? We’ve heard about what you do there! Bringing in all sorts of infiltrators!”


Another female joined us.

“Please do not feel disturbed,” I said. “I am still discovering what my purpose is in coming here, yet I feel that it is simply to share my way of being. Nothing more!”


“Your way of being?” yelled the other female. “What makes you think we want anything to do with YOUR way of being? What does that even mean, anyway? Everybody knows you’re here to steal all our resources. It was on the news.”


I realized that my words were not having the intended effect. I reflected on my friend Corbin, who had also been angry when he first met me, yet who later sought out my friendship and asked to come to visit.

Perhaps, through time, these new acquaintances, too, will come to realize that I am no threat to them and to their ways of being. Perhaps, through time, these acquaintances will also become friends. And then, the next time they meet someone new, perhaps they will reflect that once new becomes familiar, their new acquaintance can be accepted for what unique contributions she offers.

My feelings that morning, as I stood in the Saturday sunshine on the lot where I am staying, had many layers.


Way in the background, I felt my own discomfort at being identified as “alien.”  In front of that discomfort, I felt a layer of anger at having been yelled at and accused by my three new acquaintances.

These uncomfortable feelings were there very clearly and very much in the background.

In front of them, in layer after layer, I felt shades of happiness. This beautiful earth! This warm sun! This air, so fragrant with sage and mesquite! This happiness in a Saturday morning, alone on the lot where I am staying, with an entire day before me in which my sole purpose is simply to be and to be in joy as I move through the activities of the day.

Complex and simple exist together–I can separate each layer and look at its individual color, and I can also let all the layers join together richly to combine into the particular flavor of the particular moment in which I am.