Sugar Power

Sugar Maple

“Let’s take a moment to say ‘Thanks for cake–now take a break!'”

Sugar Maple Bough is quiet and unassuming. While her big sister Salix has graduated from high school and begun to consider what she wants to do with the rest of her life, and her mom, now an elder, continues to gain fame as a professional athlete, and her father, also an elder, continues to write children’s books (and play with toys), Sugar has been going about being a kid, legacy style.

Sugar Maple

“I want this picture to somehow mean something about taking charge of life.”

That means spending a lot of time drawing. With three days left in childhood, she’d completed whiz kid and rambunctious scamp. Two aspirations is plenty, but Sugar likes to be creative, so we figured, what the heck. Let’s go for artistic prodigy, too. Even if she doesn’t complete it, she can still enjoy her time on the violin and at the art table.

In between drawing, birthday cake provides great fuel for the imagination!

Sugar Maple

“After thanks, we take a bite. Zoom! This cake is zoomba good!”

With the imagination fueled, it’s back to the drawing board. Glitter! Macaroni! Glitter AND macaroni!

Sugar Maple

“This glitter symbolizes magic! ‘Cause that’s what life is! Sparkly with magic!”

And another bite of cake..,

Sugar Maple

“I wonder if that drawing really expresses what it feels like to be alive. What else could I add to make it even better?”

While no one was looking, and everyone was busy with their own projects and concerns, Sugar Maple just kept expressing her world on paper.

Sugar Maple

“It’s perfect!”

With one more drawing left to complete in order to finish the creative prodigy aspiration, Sugar thought long and hard. She wanted this drawing to be extra meaningful.

Sugar Maple

“Maybe I can see it in my mind before I draw it.”

The rest of the household slept, and Sugar Maple, in the cool quiet courtyard, drew the final picture needed to become a true artistic prodigy.

Sugar Maple

“That’s it! And I think it’s a good picture, too.”

Still two days before becoming a teen, so we chose the last aspiration–Social Butterfly.

I learned a great tip from AkramA/markarchy’s Wonder Child, which is that, once the child has earned an A, there’s no need to head back to school if your child has enough vacation days. Stay home, instead, and work on those aspirations.

So Sugar Maple called in for vacation day, which she spent meeting and greeting.

Starting at 7 a.m., everybody walks past Cradle Rock. It wasn’t long before Sugar had a circle of new acquaintances gathered around her.

Sugar Maple

“So, I say, be happy! It’s a sunny day! We got birds! We got butterflies! We got flowers. We got everything! What’s not to love?”

She seemed so at ease, talking with this group of adults she’d just met. And when I saw their smiles, I thought, what an amazing thing for a child to be speaking so freely and openly with adults she’s just met, and to be greeted with this acceptance, appreciation, and enjoyment. I wish every child could experience that.

Sugar Maple

It looks like she’s charmed all of them!

Even Ashleigh Love, dressed in black, who hates children, is captivated by Sugar Maple.

Having met the requisite number of Sims, Shug headed in for a quick snack with Mom and Dad. They were both too captivated by their own stories to give much attention to Sugar. But it seems like she just doesn’t need that much attention. Simply being with her family makes her happy, whether she’s the center of attention or on the periphery.

Sugar Maple

Aspen and Niko are still so cute with each other. I think having parents who love each other that much instills a child with a sense of confidence and contentment.

When Salix’s friend from school, Miracle, stopped by, Sugar had a chance to get to know her.

Sugar Maple

“Best friends? Sure!”

After a conversation about school, favorite animals, candy, no brocolli or carrots, toys, and a goofy story or two, Sugar and Miracle became best friends.

Next stop? The park. We’ve got kids to meet and a few more adults to befriend!

The kids looked a little bored at first–but don’t let that fool you! All it takes is a funny story, and soon everybody’s laughing and feeling happy.

Sugar Maple

“Do you know what the teacher really said? ‘Boogers are for Boogey Men!'”

Our acquaintance from this morning, Rigoberto, became the last friend that Sugar Maple needed in order to complete Social Butterfly.

Sugar Maple

“You’re a good kid, Shug.”

It was late when she came back home, and the rest of the family was sleeping. But Sugar Maple didn’t care. She’s developed a fondness for being on her own and doing her own thing.

Sugar Maple

“I did it. I did it. I actually did it. Call me ‘More to the Power of Four.'”

When she came home, she seemed to have a little triumphant grin. She’s earned it. She’s got a full day left of childhood, and she’s already become the first Bough to complete all four childhood aspirations. All this from a quiet, unassuming miracle of a girl. You go, little Sugar Power!