Say Yes

Salix didn’t have to think long about what she wanted to do. She felt like she’d drifted through her life up to this point, always looking for something–some one–who could keep her tethered to the ground. She felt that she’d found that in Ted. And then he was taken away.

With Chandler, it wasn’t that she felt that he would provide ballast or stability; it was that she felt they could float together and find themselves someplace very, very sweet. And Sugar would always be here to take care of the matters of the earth.

Salix looked deep into Chandler’s eyes, and he held her gaze. They would be good together.


“I know what I want. And I think he wants it, too.”

When she got down on her knee, she realized there was a chance he could say no.

She was a legacy heir, after all, and the life of legacy spouse carried with it both responsibilities and restrictions.


“Think you’d want to marry me?”

Is that worry in his face? Doubt? Surprise?

Or maybe he’s just touched deeply.


“This is coming out of the blue. So sudden.”

He said yes. Of course he did. Look at him! He loves Salix. He always has.


“For sure.”

“What’s so funny?” Salix asked.

“It’s just–” said Chandler, “just that! Oh, boy. For all my life, I didn’t even think you knew my name!”


I don’t think she knew it, either.

Miracle joined Sugar for a late night snack.

“So Salix said she might propose to Chandler tonight. How do you feel about that?”


“He’s a really famous artist, I’ve heard!”

Sugar felt ok about it. She’d known Chandler nearly all her life, after all. He was one of the nice ones. Artistic, a little spacey sometimes, but sweet.

After the others went to bed, she joined Chandler for a game of chess.

“Did you say yes?” she asked him.


“What do you think?”

“For sure!” he replied. “I’m happy when she even looks at me! Come on! That she wants to marry me? It’s awesome!”

Funny what can happen when you go to a park, Sugar thought. If she’d never tried to complete the Social Butterfly aspiration, she never would have even met Chandler. Or Tommy. Or Quinn. And to think that Chandler was now going to become family.

Life’s funny that way–something seemingly so random can turn out to be something so very significant later on.

“There’s no such thing as random,” Sugar said, as she moved her rook to put his king in check-mate.

Salix woke early on her wedding day, with all of life before her.

It’s just a steady chain, now, she thought. Have kids. Raise them. Finish an aspiration or two. Enjoy the sweetness of life every day. That’s all I need to do.

She felt like she was beginning to understand some of her mom’s serenity.


I wonder what our first baby will look like. Maybe we’ll name him Jeffrey Pine.

There was so much to do that morning to get ready for the wedding!

Sugar baked the White and Black cake.

Sugar Maple

I’ve added extra sugar! And a touch of maple syrup.

Miracle fixed the kitchen sink.


My business training didn’t really prepare me for this.

Salix fixed the dollhouse.


It should stay fixed now that Poplar’s not around–unless her ghost breaks it!

Then she fixed the sink in the blue bathroom…


I like doing something practical on an otherwise purely romantic day!

while Sugar fixed the toilet in the other bathroom.

Sugar Maple

It was an active night for ghosts!

“Are you going to change?” Miracle asked Salix as the guests began arriving.

“I don’t think so,” Salix said. “I’m comfortable.”

“Then I won’t change, either,” said Miracle.


Remembering the morning of the big day!

Salix found Sugar in the blue bathroom–that magic blue bathroom where everyone used to gather for private conversations and clandestine flirts back in Mesquite and Paris’s day–but before she had a chance to share a wedding morning secret, the first guests joined them.

Blue Bathroom

It gets so crowded in there!

“Well,” said Sugar, “I don’t know what we’re all doing in here! The wedding arch is out overlooking the canyon. You know, outside.”