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This new feature, “Conversations with…,” provides space to continue and deepen discussions with other Simmers, bloggers, and readers. Many conversations begin through comments on our blogs or through quick posts at the EA forums. I wanted to explore these ideas in greater depth and to have a way to hear others’ insights more fully. In the coming weeks and months, I’ll be inviting you to join the conversations. If you’re eager to get started, please leave a comment below, and let me know the best way to get in touch with you (PM at the EA forums or email–if you’re a follower of my blog and have a WordPress account, I can access your email address that way.). If you have suggestions for topics, please share them below, too.

The Simming-blogger who inspired this new feature is JordanNicoleJJ. I love both her Johnson legacy and her Royale Disney legacy. Jordan also shares insights with me into my own Sims, writing, and Simming style that help me see these elements in new ways. (Aries Moon was inspired by Jordan’s insights into Sugar Maple Bough.) Any chance to continue a conversation with JordanNicoleJJ is something I jump at.

I hope you enjoy our conversation! Part one will be here, and we’ll continue part two over on JordanNicoleJJ’s blog.


JN: I really, really love your style of play. How many hours do you generally play per ‘session’?

CT: Thanks so much! I generally play around an hour to two hours per session. Sometimes if I get a little bored and I feel like I want to write, I’ll cut the session short so I have more time to write. Sometimes, if lots is happening–especially big stuff, like a baby about to be born, or a relationship that’s advancing well, or a party or impending visit from Grim–I will play two-and-a-half hours or so in order to complete the big event. I usually play in the evening, since my days are busy and I don’t like to immerse myself in the game when it’s light out.


JN: I tend to binge-play, like, 8-16 hours at a time (I’ve done 24+ before…*hangs head in shame*), but then I get “bored” and find myself directing actions to move things along.

CT: I did this with TS2. It was all I could think about, and I lived in the game for 18 months or so. That was fun and a little crazy.

JN: I also get way ahead of my story, then don’t want to write about the “old stuff.” It’s a vicious cycle.

CT: I know what you mean! That happened with me in TS2 all the time. And then I stopped writing with TS3, so I just played. For me, TS4 is less immersive somehow. I don’t know if it’s because I am writing about it, so I’m always thinking of the story and composing the sentences, or if it’s because of the Sims. I have a feeling that, because the Sims are so expressive, my style of play is a lot different. I become saturated quickly because I’m taking in all the subtle shifts in expression–not just facial expression, but body language, too. So my neurochemicals–maybe oxytocin?–seem to fill up quickly, and then I need time to process. Writing helps me process that.


JN: I never played TS2, but my TS3 experience was the same as yours — I only played. TS4 brings so much more storytelling opportunity with the addition of emotions and a closed world (where multiple households can be played). The autonomy has been improved as well, but I wish it would be just a little bit stronger. I suppose I could get a mod for that, but the last time I had a game-play mod, one of my female Sims got a male Sim pregnant (autonomously). Maybe I’ll just give my Sims less video games and more other skilling objects and watch them closer.


JN: I constantly think of the story as I write — “Ooo, that could go into the ‘family’ chapter I’m thinking about writing…” “Oh! The ex boyfriend came over autonomously! That’ll make a great chapter!” But then I lose interest when it comes to the actual chapter because something more interesting came along later. I suppose I need to learn to break from the game and write, rather than play for days then try to catch up. I’ll work on that.

CT: I don’t know. There are definite advantages to your style which really keeps the interest going!

Cathy Tea

CT: I’m in this current pattern where I want to write and post every day. So my writing ends up focusing on tiny moments (which, actually, is sort of how my nonSim fiction–and my life–tend to be. For example, I’ll have an entire short story centering around the contemplation of a midnight-purple pansy.). But, for the reader, it’s really interesting if you touch upon the big moments, the way you’re doing!

JN: I love that style! I blogged that way (non SimLit) for about a year before I went to boarding school. I love going back and reading about the little everyday things that you tend to forget about over time.


–End of Part One–

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