Cathy Tea’s Animal Hat Summer Camp

Cathy Tea and Free-Jon

CT: Hey Free-Jon! What are you doing this summer? Do you want to come to my Animal Hat Summer Camp?

Free-Jon: Umm. I dunno. It depends. What are you gonna do?

CT: We’re going to have so much fun! We’re going to eat cupcakes! Carrot cupcakes!

Cathy Tea and Free-Jon

Free-Jon: With chocolate frosting?

CT: And we’re going to play! And goof off! And tell stories, and swim, and draw, and make experiments, and take field trips, and sleep under the stars or in tents–your choice–and, best of all, nobody’s going to boss you around. YOU get to decide what to do!

Cathy Tea and Free-Jon

Free-Jon: For real?

CT: For real.

Free-Jon: Will other kids be there?

CT: I hope so. It will be kind of silly if it’s a summer camp for kids and it’s just me. Plus, guess who the other counselor is.

Free-Jon: Ummm… does he like cupcakes and call things by funny names and wear a Welsh Wooly Sweater?

CT: Yup.

Free-Jon:  Mr. Cupcakes! I’m going! Will we get to dance?

CT: Oh, yeah!

Cathy Tea and Free-Jon

Free-Jon: Can we dance like this?

Cathy Tea and Free-Jon

CT: For sure.

Free-Jon: Can we act silly?

Cathy Tea and Free-Jon

CT: Oh, yeah!

Free-Jon: Is it all about being free, and being wild, and being a kid, and kids rule?

Cathy Tea and Free-Jon

CT: Pretty much. I mean, we’re not like “Kids rule, and grown-ups plum,” but we’ll be like, “Kids rule because it’s fun to be a kid, and even grown-ups can be kids, too.”

Free-Jon: It sounds great. I’ll ask my mom and dad if I can go. I know they’ll say yes if Mr. Cupcakes is there.

CT: Cool!

Cathy Tea and Free-Jon

CT: Kids, if you want to come to Cathy Tea’s Animal Hat Summer Camp, just ask your mom or dad or grandma or grandpa or aunt or uncle or guardian–you know, the grown-up who gives you permission to do stuff–ask them if you can come.

And if they say yes, then have them let me know by posting on the Summer Camp thread at the forums, or commenting here, or PMing me at the forums.

Then, pack your bags and get ready for a fun summer! We’ll provide the animal hats, all you need to do is show up at the Gallery with your special pass hashtag of #AnimalHatSummer.

Depending on interest, we’ll run multiple sessions, beginning June 12. Each session will last around four Sim days.

If your Simmer is interested in being a contributing author*, be sure to let Cathy Tea (the blogger) know.

Be sure to check the Summer Camp page here at this blog for updates!

Hope you join us for a Freezer Bunny of a summer!

*Contributing authors will have the opportunity to write the dialogue for their children. There may be additional ways to contribute, too.