Big Deal

One way you can tell you’ve been playing Sims for a long time is if in a single 90-minute game session the following happens…

…your cowplant swallows a household member

…somebody gets abducted

…two of your Sims enjoy rocketship woo-hoo

…two Sims max two different skills

…two kids and one adult complete aspirations

…three sinks, one fridge, one gaming rig, one penguin tv, one shower, and one oven break

...and it all feels like no big deal.

What does feel like a big deal is this:


Storytime with Mom.


Discovering Auntie Shug is also a glutton.


A hug from the best sister any little alien child could have.


Hanging out with Doug Fir and Aunt Khloe.


Making a new friend at the park.


More jokes about bananas.


Reading more Wittgenstein (even if Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus is a very short work).


Watching your super-hero big brother get high score on Arithmetic Attack.

Because, face it: while the showy stuff doesn’t really matter in the long run, love is a really big deal.