Summer Camp: Counselors’ Journal – 1.1

This entry by Camp Counselor Joel Rochdale
(Many thanks to SummerFalls for writing this. For more by this author, see SummerFalls’ Stories.)

Session 1: Entry 1 – JR

Since everyone was arriving soon, I thought it would’ve been best if I made some amazing cupcakes to welcome them to the first session of the summer camp! I’ve already decided to nickname this summer camp, Camp-Kids-R-Fun since that’s what this camp is all about, kids being themselves and being fun!

To go along with the theme, I made Mocha Mint Cupcakes since Cathy Tea told me that these would be the best ones for everyone to eat during the first day, since Mocha Mint gives an amazing first impression. As a result, I cranked up the big cupcake machine and had it make me some amazing, tasty cupcakes!

Joel Rochdale

In the middle of making cupcakes, I quickly ran to the bathroom and that was when all the children started to arrive! I believe their names were Zerxes, Corey and Arabella. I think the three of them could smell my cupcakes when I ran back a few minutes later to resume making them because I saw Zerxes was thinking about them. I think Cathy Tea was right about making Mocha Mint, they seem to be attracting a lot of children to our camp!

I’m so excited to start conversing with all of the kids; they look so fun!

Zerxes Nebula

The three kids soon dispersed out into Camp-Kids-R-Fun, with Arabella and Corey marching right into kitchen while Zerxes went somewhere else. I managed to catch up with Arabella and Corey just as they went into the kitchen. I had to grab some extra flour for the cupcakes. While Cathy Tea was making spaghetti, Corey found himself on the computer while Arabella had placed her left hand on her hip.

“I hate my parents!” Arabella shouted at the top of her voice, “They sent me here even though I never wanted to go! Parents are stupid and they don’t listen to their children. How great is this camp anyway? I bet it’ll be bore-ring!”

“I think it’ll be awesome!” Cathy Tea enthusiastically replied, “There will be cupcakes, cookies, and even camp songs and stories, just you wait and see. I’m beyond excited for them!”

“Really? I’m going to make up a story too!” Arabella smiled as she waltzed to the chair, thinking about her own story to tell at the campfire.

Arabella Acevedo

After Arabella sat down on the chair, she and Cathy Tea shared a few jokes with each other while Free-Jon and Corey also seemed to be making a few jokes here and there as well. I could tell that their relationship bars were increasing, which is an awesome thing to see!

“What happens to a frog’s car when it breaks down, Cathy Tea?” Arabella asked, with Cathy Tea shrugging her shoulders soon afterwards. “It gets toad away! Hahaha!”

“What did the duck say when he bought lipstick?” Free-Jon asked Corey while Arabella and Cathy Tea were laughing.

“I’m not sure! What did he say?” Corey replied, excited for the punchline of the joke.

“Put it on my bill!” The boys laughed in unison at the funny joke. All these kids are so sweet, and I can’t wait to witness their amazing stories as well.

Arabella Acevedo

Meanwhile, Corey had been playing on the computer for several hours on Sims Forever. With some handy tips from Free-Jon, Corey was able to complete the Rosebud Achievement! Corey pulled a huge smile at Free-Jon as the achievement music played aloud in the kitchen.

“Woo hoo!” Corey cheered. He really enjoys playing on the computer! I think I see him doing something with video games in his future. Kids really do have a lot of awesome potential.

Corey Pace

Later on, I travelled upstairs to find Zerxes sitting alone at the computer. Now, as a camp counselor, I cannot allow this to happen! I walked over to Zerxes and waved to him, and he waved back.

“Hello Zerxes!” I smiled and he looked up to me.

“Hi, Camp Counselor Joel.” Zerxes politely said, scratching his head a little.

“You can just call me Joel! How come you’re not downstairs with the others?” I asked, before he looked back at the computer and stared into it.

“I am not sure if I will get the funny things they are saying.” Zerxes sighed. I admit, Zerxes has his own individual style but I should at least try to help him sit with the other kids and make some more friends!

Joel Rochdale

“I still don’t get half the funny things people say these days! If it’s funny, it’ll make you laugh and if other people laugh, laughing is contagious and it will infect everyone!” I explained, and he looked up at me.

“Infect? That sounds weird.” Zerxes questioned. Maybe I should reword it.

“Well, if you enjoy being around people, that is fun and things will make you laugh no matter what! Just let it come naturally.” I giggled, and Zerxes looked up at me as I tripped up and fell to the floor. He began to laugh loudly as I stood up.

“Ta-Da!” I gestured as Zerxes continued to laugh. He is one interesting kid.

Joel Rochdale

I left Zerxes afterwards to his own devices before I went outside. I walked past the dollhouse and while they were playing at the doll castle, I overheard Free-Jon and Corey talking.

“Hey, Corey,” said Free-Jon, “I like your color choices! Red hair goes really well with blue skin. That’s so cool.”


“Well,” replied Corey, “my red hair comes from my mom. And my blue skin comes from my dad. He’s from a different planet.”

Corey Pace

Both boys are so amazing and innocent, it reminds me of myself when I was a child. Well, maybe one day SummerFalls will make me a child for something–one can hope!

“That’s cool,” said Free-Jon, as he looked at the princess doll he was holding. “So little princess. Did you get your purple skin from your dad from another planet and your black hair from your mom the queen?”

Corey Pace

Although the children loved to play with the toys, they kept forgetting to put them away! I didn’t mind picking them up and placing them back in the toy box, since I can think about what stories they made with these toys and what adventures they went on. It’s pretty awesome if you think about it!

Like the llama toy I picked up–I bet that someone used this llama toy in a superhero story and made them save the day! Maybe that’s also a story for another day, and I placed the llama toy back into the box.

Joel Rochdale

When night took over, everyone went to sleep feeling joyful and happy. We had decided that Zerxes, Cathy Tea, Arabella and myself would sleep in the tents! I watched Zerxes walk into his tent with the largest smile on his face, and it made me smile as well.


Meanwhile, Corey fell asleep soon after in an outdoor cot with a peaceful expression on his face. He must be feeling relieved after getting that game achievement today! Free-Jon was right about the blue skin and orange hair, it’s an awesome combination! I wish Corey sweet dreams.

Corey Pace

Next to Corey was Free-Jon, who also was sleeping peacefully. Free-Jon is such an amazing child, he made friends with everyone in this single day, plus he managed to somehow get smiles on everyone’s face. He deserves happiness in his future and all the cupcakes and sweet dreams that he can get.

Children are so pure and full of amazing imaginative things; I’m glad this summer camp is utilizing that.


I was the first to wake up the next morning, with Arabella following just a couple of minutes after me. Instead of going to freshen up, she decided to tell Mr.Dino a story about dinosaurs! I guess that’s what she dreamed about in her sleep.

“There was once a girl called Arabella who discovered the gateway to a dinosaur world! Excited, she went through the gateway and was amazed at everything she saw. Rare plants, rocks and even creatures beyond anyone’s imagination!” Arabella continued on with her story until everyone woke up. She has a really big imagination!


Even though everyone was happy the night before, this morning at breakfast, everyone’s mood was down.


Even Free-Jon was sad! However, I think I knew the source of the problem as Free-Jon continued to stare into the cupcake. I have a feeling everyone is missing their parents and thinking that they can’t contact them!


“Worry not children!” I said with a huge smile, “You can use your cellphones to call your parents! They must be missing you, right?”

Everyone immediately took out their cellphones and rang their parents. Their mood became happier after a couple of minutes of chatting with their families. I loved to see that.


“Yes Mom! I’m doing okay. Mr. Cupcake is taking care of me just fine!” Free-Jon said to his mother while Zerxes was very secretive about his conversation, so I couldn’t hear anything from him. I guess he doesn’t want everyone to know that he misses his family a lot! I understand, and I want to become closer with him.


“Dad, I’m just telling you that I’m doing fine. N-No! There is no need to come down here!” Arabella ordered through the phone.

“I’m having the best time! I can’t wait to tell you all about it when I come back home!” Corey laughed as he spoke with his family, and everyone became instantly happier because of the conversations they had with their families. I should try to contact someone soon as well, since my family is everywhere!


After everyone put down their phones, they resumed and finished eating their breakfast. I’m glad that they didn’t put Cathy Tea’s cooking to waste! All these children are so polite, adorable and imaginative, I think we’re going to have a great time at camp!


I just know it.