Summer Camp: Counselors’ Meeting 1.1

Contributing author: SummerFalls

Joel Rochdale

Free-Jon: Ok, Joel! I’m ready for the counselors’ meeting! Let’s get this thing cracking!

Joel: I’m ready too, Free-Jon! Let’s get started!

Cathy Tea

CT: You sure you want to sit in on this meeting, Free? It might be kinda boring, and it’s really supposed to be for the counselors, after all.

Free-Jon: That’s ok. I like hanging with you guys. And, besides, somebody’s got to represent the kids!


Joel: I agree! It’ll be great if we got an opinion from an actual kid. It’ll help make the summer camp even better!

CT: Ok. It’s agreed. Free-Jon will represent the kids. So, guys, let’s start by checking in. Here we are, first morning of our first session. How do we feel everything is going?


Joel: I feel that everyone seemed to have amazing fun during the first day! I saw jokes being exchanged, compliments being passed around, stories being told and everyone going to sleep with smiles on their faces! They were also glad they got to talk to their parents as well.


Joel: I also feel that we should get Zerxes involved more, since he did seem to be alone for most of the first day. I feel that he will feel more confident if we make him feel involved and welcome, and that’s what we’re trying to aim for, right Free-Jon?

Free-Jon: Right!


CT: That sounds like a good idea. We want everybody to feel included. So what do we want to do today?

Free-Jon: Cupcakes, right, Joel?

CT: You and Zerxes had cupcakes for breakfast, didn’t you, Free?

Free-Jon: Yeah! But a kid can never have too many cupcakes, right, Mr. C?

Joel: Exactly, Free-Jon! One can never have too many cupcakes!


CT: I thought we could have stories, and then later, maybe after lunch–a lunch of cupcakes, natch–we could head across the way to CathyTeaHouse&Gardens that was built by Miss Penguin’s construction company! Does that sound fun? They’ve got all sorts of stuff for kids! Even the spaceship jungle gym, so you can catch up on your intergalactic mail route, Free.

Free-Jon: Cool! We don’t want unhappy customers, right Joel?

Joel: Never! We want to make everyone happy during this summer camp!

Cathy Tea

CT: Then maybe tomorrow, we could head over to the library. Arabella’s a bookworm like you, Joel.

Joel: Sounds great! Hey. It might be only me, but I just noticed. There are only four kids. When is the fifth kid coming?

CT: Oh! Yeah. The mystery child had texted me that she might be a little late, due to fluctuations within the time stream. It can get a little wonky in there when you’re moving cross-current with the flow of time!

Cathy Tea

Joel:  Awesome! To prepare for today, I’m going to try and find an amazing cupcake recipe for today’s events!

Free-Jon: Who’s the mystery child? That sounds like a secret agent. Is she somebody I know?

CT: Well, yes. Actually. She said she’d like to tell you herself, though, so she asked me not to reveal who she is.

Free-Jon: Is it Rosearoonie?

CT: No. Rosearoonie is coming later. After you’ve headed off to spend time with your cousins, I think. This is someone else that you know and love.

Free-Jon: Well, I know who I wish it was. But she’s a teen. And the camp’s for kids, right?


CT: Yup. Camp’s for kids. You’ll find out soon enough, Free. I’m sure she’ll be here before long.