Summer Camp: Storytime 1.1

Children’s stories written by their Simmers–thank you, BBQPenguinwings Trish and Manda!

CT: Nice to catch a moment’s quiet before the day gets busy. As soon as I finish brunch, it will be story time!

Cathy Tea

Joel: I am so ready for stories! Are you guys ready? We’ll begin as soon as we’re all here.


Arabella: I’m coming! I’m coming! Geez, I was just practicing my story with Dino!


Joel: I’ve got a million and one stories stored inside this animal hat, but I really want to hear the kids’ stories first.

Free-Jon: And suddenly, the royal prince llamacorn whipped out his magic feather and turned the Grim Reaper into… yup. You got it. A freezer bunny.


CT: Ok, campers and llamacorns! Looks like we’re ready! Who would like to start?

Arabella: Oh, me! Me! Please? I am SO ready! I’ve been practicing all morning!

Joel: In that case, Arabella, will you please be our inaugural storyteller?

Arabella: Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess.

Corey: Is this a true story?

Arabella: You’ll just have to listen to find out.


Arabella: She was so nice. Everyone loved her. They gave her the most beautiful clothes and shoes just because she was so nice! She traveled all over the world and made so many friends and had fun playing dress up for people to admire.

The beautiful princess met a nice prince. He was handsome and he was always telling the princess how beautiful she was.

Free-Jon: Uh-oh. This is gonna be big trouble. I just know it.

Arabella: Are you telling the story, or am I? Where was I…?


Free-Jon: Hahaha! Good one, storyteller princess! You go right ahead!

Arabella: Let’s see… They got married and she became queen and he was a king and they lived in a big, fancy house.

One day the queen was feeling sad and lonely because she missed traveling and dressing up so the King gave her a pretty princess to love and to play dress up with. The queen and the princess spent hours giggling and dressing up in lovely clothes. They were best friends.

Until one day, the queen got word that the pretty princess was needed elsewhere.


Arabella: She needed to meet new people: pirate princes, blue princes, cupcake princes, and a goofy queen. She took her trusty sidekick, the wierdo prince, and they traveled far and wide to meet them. They needed a pretty princess to be their friend…and her faithful but silly sidekick to help them have fun! She was going to laugh, draw lovely pictures, tell stories, swim, and learn great lessons all with her new friends! And look pretty doing it!

Zerxes: Arabella Acevedo, I have found your story to be highly educational! I believe that I understand what you are doing in telling this. You are imaging that you yourself are the pretty princess, are you not? I have even deduced who the other princes are… all except the weird prince. His identity I have not discerned.


Corey: I want to go next! I’ve got a true story to tell, too! Can I go next?

CT: Certainly, Corey! We’ll love to hear your true story.

Corey: So this story is a story my mommy tells me all the time about her first space mission.


Corey: It was just after I was born. She had put me to sleep and headed off in to space. She was so nervous but when she finally was in space she was in awe.The view was incredible–well, that what she says anyways.


Corey: While up there a huge space rock was heading straight for our world. My mom was the only one around. So she threw her space craft in front of the rock making it fly. It did lots and lots of damage to the ship. Mommy had to do a spacewalk and fix the ship. She barely made it back inside before it started to reenter the atmosphere. She is very brave. I hope one day I can go into space like her and explore it and help keep our world safe. She also told me the Milky Way isn’t made of milk. Why name it that if it doesn’t have milk in it?

Zerxes: Zoom! That was a very highly educational story! I can infer that your mother is a hero among men!


Joel: These are amazing stories, kids! And you’re telling them so well. I’ve been on the edge of my seat! Now, who wants to go next. Zerxes? Would you like to tell the next story?

Zerxes: Imagine a deep, purply and teal swirly whirly hug.


Zerxes: Twinkle, twinkle…SILENCE…peace. Whirling, swirling the oneness of you, me, and others. Not others, not me, not you WHAM! BOOM! They are me, and them, and you and you are them and me. Beep boop beep boop. Soft glowing. ZING! Love, life, peace is a glowing, purply and teal hug. Me and you. I am you and you are me. We are life.

CT: Ooooh! Zerxes! I loved that story. Let’s take a second to feel that. Wow.


CT: Ok, Free? It’s your turn. Do you have a story to share?

Free-Jon: I’m all storied out. I’m ready for cupcakes. But, ok. For the sake of fairness, so that everybody gets a turn, I’ll tell a story. Get ready everybody. Hold onto your log-chairs! It’s gonna be a bumpy ride.


Free-Jon: Once upon a time, a lot of stuff happened in the middle, and every body lived happily ever after. The END! Time for cupcakes!