Summer Camp: To the Library!

Field trip logue – entry by JR
(Many thanks to SummerFalls for writing this. For more by this author, see SummerFalls’ Stories.)

When it became time for me to take the kids to the library, I was so excited! These kids will be able to enjoy the wonders of reading while being under careful supervision, which explains why my face was looking so serious during the trip. The kids were excited as well as they marched into the library.

“Hey! Do you think they’ll be a book based on me in there?” Arabella wondered as we all marched forward while Corey was trying to have a peek through the window.

“I think they have my favourite book in there! Yay!” Corey celebrated.


All the kids were so awesome as well. They marched in a straight line right into the library.

“Everyone follow me! The library is this way!” Free-Jon instructed as the kids walked in.


Everyone ran inside and started to pick their own books! Corey spent the longest time at the bookshelf as he was trying to find the book that he saw earlier on the shelf, but he was having no luck. Zerxes picked up a mystery novel which looked a bit too old for him. So, I picked up the same book to see if it was appropriate for a child, even though SummerFalls probably reads books that are too old for him.


Minutes later, Corey had finally found the book he was looking for! Arabella also made her way over to Corey as soon as he found the book.

“Hey Corey, can I have that book? I REALLY want to read it.” Arabella pleaded, and Corey turned to her.

“I’m sorry, but you can’t.” Corey replied, smiling at Arabella. Good for him!


Everyone then started to travel to their own reading spaces! Free-Jon was already pages deep within his book while Corey was just about to find a really good space. Arabella had yet to find a book, but I know she’ll find one!

“Gee-Whiz! I can’t wait to get into this book!” Corey excitingly said as he walked to his reading place.


The only kid who didn’t pick up a book was Emelia, who had fallen asleep as soon as she walked through the door. I guess travelling through a time warp space thingy can really have that effect on you! Note to self: Only travel through a time warp space thingy when necessary.


Of course, I had to dive into a novel myself! I picked up a really amazing mystery novel about a group of friends who run a detective agency and go around solving a crime about who stole the Golden Freezer Bunny Statue from the Royal Museum! It’s a real page turner.


Zerxes also seemed to choose the same book as me, I think he’s enjoying it as well seeing the expression on his face.


Arabella chose to read a guitar book, which certainly explains her knack for the spotlight. I can see her performing well in the future!

“Ah, so I have to use these strings? Okay!” Arabella cheered.


I’m not sure what book Corey was reading, but I think he had the best pick of today from what I heard him read!

“The man walked over to me, as he took the magical wand out of my hand and he said, ‘You are a Sorcerer.'” Corey read and I instantly thought how exciting that book must be to read!


Free-Jon was doing his homework! Normally, I wouldn’t allow this during an important reading session but since Free-Jon was persistent on getting his homework done, I couldn’t refuse!


At sunset, I thought it would be a good idea if I went out by the river and grilled up some amazing veggie burgers! Luckily, there was a grill near some beautiful scenery, so I grilled them up right there and then!


I accidentally stole the book from the library to read, but I think they won’t mind since the police don’t know I exist in this world! Yes, I am a HUGE bookworm and that’s something to be celebrated! SummerFalls once told me this quote;

“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one.”

– George R.R Martin

I love that quote because it basically defines a reader perfectly, someone who witnesses the accounts of many people’s lives! Enough of that for now though, the sky was getting darker.


I guess I wasn’t the only one on the book-stealing trend! Just kidding! The library gave the kids the books as a donation to the summer camp! How sweet of them. Corey and Free were the first to march out, Free was feeling confident after completing his homework while Corey was very happy due to him being able to take his favourite book with him.

“I hope Mommy will read this book with me when we get home!” Corey smiled as he walked to the picnic area.


Arabella, Emelia and Zerxes followed out soon afterwards. I think everyone was able to enjoy the benefits of having a library in town, may it be for sleeping or for reading!


Corey managed to catch up with me with the biggest smile on his face. He ran up with his book in one hand and patted me on the shoulder with the other.

“Hey Joel! Thanks for taking us to the library today, it was mega awesome to read new stories!” Corey cheered as he began to open his book and read. Corey will be one of the sims who live a thousand lives before he dies. That’ll be great for a legacy family, wouldn’t it?


“These burgers are awesome, Mr. Cupcake!” Free-Jon complimented as he ate huge bites out of the burger. Arabella was busy telling me the story that she had made up from reading the guitar book back at the library.

“A girl named Arabella decided that she wanted to learn the guitar, but not with just any old guitar. She wanted a guitar that was forged from the creation of time itself. The Guitar of Ages. And then…” Arabella managed to tell everyone her amazing story and at the end, everyone applauded.

“That was a very good story, Arabella.” Zerxes said while clapping, I’m proud that he’s becoming more involved with us.


Emelia told me that she wasn’t hungry before heading back into the library by herself. I feel that coming through the time space portal thingy and turning back into a child has really had some affect on her. Although, I believe that it’s her traits from her Young Adulthood are being present prematurely in her Childhood self.


It soon became too dark and the kids and I started to depart back to go back to camp!

“I’ll lead the marching! One! Two! One! Two!” Corey cheered as we all walked back to the campsite.


Today, I feel that everyone had a chance to delve into another world, may it be through a book or through a dream. I’m proud of these kids and I hope they retain their hobby for reading and creating things in the future!