Summer Camp: What’s a Moment

Free-Jon: Got my plate of Intergalactic donut holes, and I think I know where a certain Intergalactic time-traveler is waiting for me…


Free-Jon: Whatcha doin’? Homework? Mmm. These are good. Want one?


Em: Naw. I just had a cupcake.

Free-Jon: So. Gee, Em. I think it’s great you’re still here! Just think! We get a whole nother session together! Kids camp, right? It rocks!


Em: Yeah. It’s cool. I mean, for sure! But you know, it’s going to pass by pretty quick. It’s not even a week, after all.

Free-Jon: What do you mean? A week is like forever!

Em: A week’s forever to a kid. But try experiencing a week when you feel time like a young adult. It flies like superhero fast!


Free-Jon: How about a week for a monkey! Monkeys don’t have calendars. Eeep! Eeep! Hullo? I live in the jungle! Have you seen my watch? No? Good! Cuz I don’t have one! I’m too busy swinging on vines and having fun! All week long, homework-brain!


Free-Jon: Is it hard to concentrate on your homework when I do this? Ooop! Eeep!

Em: No, duh-face, monkey imitations make it really easy to concentrate! That’s ok, Free. This homework’s a breeze, and I’d rather listen to you acting like a monkey any day than think about calculus.

Free-Jon: I know! You could come with me to my cousins’ house! Wolffland is so awesome! We’ll have a great time! Maybe we can go to Granite Falls!

Em: I don’t think my mom would let me. You know Fey.

Free-Jon: What? Fey will love my cousins! You know my grandma Coop was evil, right? Just like your mom? Fey’ll think it’s perfect–you know, like it’s a safe family home. Protected.

Em: I don’t think so.

Free-Jon: Well, I don’t have to see the cousins. Maybe I could go with you?

Em: You’ve met my mom. No.

Free-Jon: I wish there was some way we could figure this out. You’re super smart, Em. Think of something. Something intergallactic!

Em: Wait! I’ve got it! I’ve got the perfect plan! The time-space thingy can do anything, right? And the beauty of it is, no one will even know that we’ve gone! Time will hold perfectly, totally still for them, while we’re off having the adventure of our life!


Free-Jon: What are you thinking about?

Em: See, it’s like this. Think of time as a continuous line–only now and then, there’s like a hiccup in it. We enter precisely in one of those hiccups, and we get to travel all the way through the little loop where it hics up, and then we return right exactly precisely where we left off, and… here’s the perfection of it… nobody even notices that we were ever gone!

Free-Jon: You sure? So we get to have this big adventure, and nobody even notices?

Em: Pretty sure. It’s not like time-space travel is ever one-hundred-percent guaranteed, but still. The odds are looking pretty good.

Free-Jon: See, I knew you’d come up with something, Em. So when do we leave?

Em: How about as soon as Session 2 is over, before my mom comes to pick me up?