Summer Camp: A Visit from the Fairy Godmothers

Dialogue between Rosey and Simon provided by aroseinbloom. For more by this author, see A Rose In Bloom Sims.


JRose: Hey there, kiddo. How goes it?

Simon: Umm…it’s fine. But I’m not supposed to talk to strangers, so…


JRose: Your parents taught you well, I see. I may be a stranger to you, Simon, but I know your mom quite well. We’ve met on several occasions, and, as a matter of fact, I’m sure she’d be happy to know we’ve run into each other here. Let me introduce myself. My name is Jamie Rose and you and I…and your mom and dad and well, the whole Skinner family go way back.


Simon: Just was a sec. How come I never seen you before except that time at the museum that day with all those creepy photos of wedding dresses everywhere?

JRose: Fair enough.

Simon: So…how do you know my family?


JRose: That is a tricky question, but I will answer the best I can. Do you know how sometimes inside of you you feel things and know when something is going to happen even before it happens?

Simon: I think so.

JRose: That happens because you’re really super aware of your surroundings. That’s rare for Sims.


JRose: Even more rare than that is a Sim who knows that he is a Sim. Which is to say, a Sim who knows that there is so much more out there than he can even understand, but still feels it and understands it within him.

Simon: I know there’s more out there. I sensed it when Mom said good-bye to me for this summer camp. It was like…I was leaving my home and also I wasn’t. And that she’s never left and then also left for a really long time. Actually, sometimes I feel like she’s not even home yet from her trips.

JRose: I knew you were special, Simon Skinner.


Simon: Duh! But you still didn’t tell me how you know my family.

JRose: Well, kiddo, I am what is known as a SimSelf. That basically means that I am a digital manifestation of a person–and a person is…umm, I call her my player. She’s your player, too. Some Sims would say Creator. Or Watcher. And our Watcher created your family founder and has been there guiding you all since then!


Simon: Hmmmm…so you know our Watcher personally?

JRose: I do! I talk to her often. She talks to me, too.

Simon: Can you talk to her now?

JRose: I can. The thing about this right now, though, is that we’re with a different Watcher than the one who I was created after. There are many Watchers, like stars in the sky. We are being guided by the wonderful CathyTea–the one who made camp counselor CathyTea in her image.


Simon: Can I talk to the Watchers?

JRose: Why don’t you try?


Simon: Hey, there. Watcher Tea. Are you there?

Cathy: Hi, Simon. You can call me Cathy.


Simon: Holy llamas! You are real!

Cathy: As real as you! Are you having fun getting to meet your fairy godmother?

Simon: Huh?

Cathy: That’s what I call the SimSelf of your watcher.

Simon: Yeah! This is totally awesome! Now, I know who to ask for cupcakes when I get home, right? I mean, you’re the one giving us all the cupcakes here, aren’t you?

Cathy: Pretty much. Well, me and Joel, that is, but then, I guess I’m sort of nudging him to make those cupcakes. Anyway, I better see what all the other Simmies are up to. Feel free to chat with me anytime, ok, Simon? It’s a blast to have you here!


Simon: Wow! Does this mean I can talk to the Watcher when I get home?

JRose: It does. Your mom talks to her from time to time. But just be warned, sweet boy, not too many Sims know about the Watcher, let alone talk and hear him or her. So…just be careful about sharing this information.


Simon: This is so cool! It was nice to meet you, JRose! Hey!! I can call you that. I just know it.

JRose: Yes. See you around, Simon. Be good.

Simon: Hey. Guess who I met. My Watcher’s SimSelf.

Free-Jon: You mean your fairy godmother?


Simon: Yup.

Free-Jon: That’s cool

Simon: Do you have a fairy godmother?

Free-Jon: Yeah. I got a lot. Sort of four. My mom is even sort of my fairy godmother! That’s why I call this Cathy Tea my fairy step-godaunt-twice-removed-with-gang-busters. Doppleganger goofball. Know what else? I got a fairy godmemaw.

Simon: A what?


Free-Jon: Godmemaw. Sarafina is my dad’s fairy godmother, so she’s my fairy godmemaw.

Simon: That’s confusing.

Free-Jon: Yeah, but it’s pretty fun, too. Especially when I get to visit Wolfflandia!

CT: So I hear Free-Jon’s coming to stay with the cousins for a while! That’s great. It’ll be fun for him to get to spend some time with them.

Sarafina: Yeah, I guess it’ll force me to get off my plum and play that dang family a wee bit. I was sorta hoping to just let their digits fade away gently rather than getting in there and seeing them actually age up to elderhood, y’know?


CT: I do know, Raisin. Much as I hate taking a break from reading your legacy blog ’cause I love it and your writing so much, I was also sort of enjoying this break. Because, you know, some Sims just seem destined to stay forever young. Maybe you could turn aging off and play them like a neighborhood rotation for a while.

Sarafina: Feels sorta fake. We’ll see. I guess maybe summer camp is providing you with a nice distraction from the aging of the Boughs, huh?

CT: Oh, yeah! Thank heavens for distractions!

Simon: So I talked to your Watcher today!

CT: Oh, crum! Did you let her know how many cupcakes I’ve been letting you guys eat?


Simon: She said she was the one responsible for all the cupcakes!


CT: Well, in that case, I guess I’ve got nothing to hide!


Simon: Hey, whose fairy godmother are you?

Fiona: Are you really someone’s fairy godmother?

Jordan: Not only am I Emelia’s fairy godmother, I’m also her great grandmother in a sort of weird twisted alternate universe sort of way.


Fiona: I just met your fairy godmother great grandmother, Emelia. She’s really nice and really pretty.

Emelia. Yeah. She’s all that. Plus, she’s tough and smart and very wise, too. Really.


Fiona: Do I have a fairy godmother, Cathy Tea?

CT: Not only do you have one, but that’s her cleaning the sink! She’s been cleaning stuff over here all afternoon!


Fiona: Guess what, Sasha! All our fairy godmothers are here for a visit! It’s special fairy godmother camp! Have you met yours yet?

Sasha: I don’t know what you’re talking about.


Fiona: Well, you know how some people talk about the Watcher? Like the Watcher is out there to help us be better people and make our wishes come true? Well, sometimes the Watcher makes a person that looks just like her, and that’s your fairy godmother!

Sasha: Has she got magic superpowers?

Fiona: I guess so! Or else why would she be called a fairy godmother!

Sasha: I think I’ll ask mine to make me a better violinist so my fingers can stretch like this when I play the notes!


Fiona: I wonder if this could be her…


Jessica: I wonder if she knows who I am…


Fiona: Hey, Mr. Cupcake! Whose fairy godfather are you?


Joel: Oh, I’m the fairy godfather of all the Devine children, and also the Wonder Queen, Leliana, and her twin brothers!

Sasha: Did somebody say Leliana the Wonder Queen? She’s my uncle’s girlfriend!

Simon: Geez. It’s true what my mom says. It really is a small world!

Sarafina: Right-to, kiddo! You’re starting to get the picture. We’re all fam around here!