Summer Camp: The Lyin’ Witchin’ Wardrobe

Emelia: Free, look. This is it!

Free-Jon: What?

Emelia: Our own time-space thingy!


Free-Jon: This is the Lyin’ Witchin’ Wardrobe?

Emelia: Yeah! I used Allison’s contraption as a model, and I copied this from it! It should work perfect. There were one or two wires left over, but judging from my analysis of the circuitry, they were redundant. C’mon. Let’s decide where we want to go. What stars do you know?


Free-Jon: There’s Wolfflandia. My cousins’ hard-drive.

Emelia: It’s really bright. Beautiful.

Free-Jon: Yeah. I love it there. It’s got the coolest ghosts! They’re all my relatives. And it feels like home. I think one of me maybe stayed there and aged up or something. I always feel like I know what’s going on there.

Emelia: I know that feeling. I’ve got copies of me all over. See that star there?

Free-Jon: That flickery one?


Emelia: Yeah. It used to be really bright but the hard-drive is having issues. That’s Casusbella. I’m there. Teen me. Mom’s there, too, incarcerated. Your mom’s there, still, I think. In fact, all four CTs are there, even Summer Camp CT. And most of the fairy godmothers, too. Staying in a big house and partying all night!

Free-Jon: Yeah. Mom talked to me about being there. It’s no big deal she says. It’s like… you just keep your mind where you are, you know? Then you can feel it all at the same time without getting lost.

Emelia: Yeah. I do that all the time. There’s my home.


Free-Jon: Yeah. I was there, too, remember?

Emelia: Yeah. So where do you want to go?

Free-Jon: Anywhere. As long as it’s with you.

Emelia: Oh, crum. I just realized. It’s not going to work, Free!

Free-Jon: What? Why not?


Emelia: I keep forgetting that the game sees me as a kid! Kids can’t move into worlds by themselves! They’ve got to be with an adult! And I won’t move in with just any adult through Manage Households, you know? No telling who we might end up with. Plum. Sometimes I miss the freedom of being a young adult. Why does the game have to be so stupid?

Free-Jon: What if we had somebody grown-up that we went with?

Emelia: Yeah, like who? Joel and CT are busy here, and all the other adults are so responsible. They’d turn us in in a minute!

Free-Jon: Not my cousin.

Emelia: You think?

Free-Jon: Totes! Amina’s so cool. She was the flower girl for my mom and dad, so she’s like all about fun and adventure.


Emelia: I knew you’d think of something! Free, you’re so smart!

Free-Jon: Naw, you are! You’re the one who copied the time-space thingy!



Joel: Sasha, I hate saying good-bye, so I’ll just say thanks for coming, and maybe I can visit you in Pruettville sometime.

Sasha: That sounds nice, Joel. Maybe I can play the violin for you!


Joel: Simon, it’s been so great to have you here. Take care, and tell your Watcher that we were so happy you came to camp!

CT: Bye, Fiona. Bye, Sasha! Bye, Simon! You kids stay in touch with us, ok? Thanks for coming! We loved having you at camp!


CT: You must be Amina! I’d recognize you anywhere. You look just like your Uncle Elder. And that’s about the biggest compliment I could give anybody!

Amina: Hi, Cathy! It’s great to meet you. How’s my little cousin doing?


CT: Free’s doing great. You know, he and his friend Emelia have really been enjoying spending time together. In fact, if you’d like, why don’t you and Free stay on over through the break between sessions? That way, Free and Em could have a little more time together, and it would give Joel and me a chance to get to know you!

Amina: That sounds lovely! I’d enjoy a few extra days here! I’ve heard that Joel makes awesome cupcakes, and I’m dying to try some of your spinach frittata!


Amina: Let me just text my dad so he knows when to pick us up from the Gallery.


Amina: Hey, little cousin!


Free-Jon: Amina, this is my friend Em. She came back to be a kid with me.

Amina: Oh, that’s nice, Freezer Bunny.

Free-Jon: Anyway, we were kinda hoping to go on an adventure together, but we forgot that kids can’t move into worlds by themselves. So, we were thinking, maybe you would go with us?

Amina: Where are you going?


Emelia: See, it’s with this time-space thingy. It lets us travel into the time hiccup, and then we get to have this extra loop of time for all sorts of adventures, and when we come back, it’s right here-now–the moment when we left, so no one even knows we’ve gone.


Amina: I think I understand that in concept! Would it actually work? And why would you need me to go? Oh. Because kids can’t travel freely through the game. Wow! This sounds amazing! When do we take off?


Emelia: How about right now?

Emelia: So this is it. The time-space thingy.


Amina: Ohmigosh! I’m so excited! It’s the adventure of a lifetime!


Emelia: On the count of three…. One. Two. Three!

No one