Summer Camp: Counselors’ Meeting 3.1

Many thanks to the following contributors: SummerFalls/Joel; raerei/Penelope; JordanNicoleJJ/Jordan

CT: Joel! I feel so responsible for everything that went wrong. I feel like I’ve got to ensure that we make some changes around here for this next session! First! Nobody catches on fire! Nobody! Second! We make sure all the kids get home safely, ok?


Joel: Well, I agree with you, but there isn’t any way we can prevent kids from catching fire. I do feel that we shouldn’t try and restrict the kids either, since they’re here to be free and have fun. I guess, we just need to watch them a little more closely.


CT: Was I over-reacting? I’m so glad you’re here to provide a reality-check. There’s a balance between supervision and freedom, and I think you understand that boundary well. And you know what? I don’t think the game even allows kids to catch on fire! Did you notice that even though Sasha was right in the middle of the flames, she was completely unscathed? The game’s got certain checks in place to protect kids, and I think that’s one of them. Anyway, we’ll be careful and still have fun. Ok. That’s settled. Now, before we get started: what are your current feelings about the Free-Em-Am situation?

Joel: To be honest, I don’t think it’s your fault or my fault. We never knew about the Lyin’ Witchin’ Wardrobe, and we didn’t know what they were going to do at all so we couldn’t stop it! All we can do is hope for the best and hope they return to us soon.


CT: I’ve got such a good feeling about them! You want to know something funny? I keep seeing them in a forest somewhere–like Granite Falls, only magical. And it’s on a really neat hard-drive. Someplace that feels sort of like home for Emelia, only better.


CT: When I close my eyes, this is what I see… this magical fairly land, and they’re all three happy.

Magical world

CT: I’ve always felt a sort of connection to Free, you know? I mean, first, because he’s a different version of my same self’s son, but even more so, because I’m his fairy godmother.

Joel: That’s really neat! Even though I haven’t really got any fairy godchildren, well I do, but… we haven’t met yet. Moving on, I do feel connections with all the children I meet. There’s something about each child that makes them special on both the inside and the outside.


CT: I know exactly what you mean, and I can see that you and the kids form connections with each other right away! I feel connection with everyone I meet, pretty much. Even if it’s just for a moment. Ok. So. Back to business. What’s up for this session? We’ve got some really special kids coming! Penelope Pigglewiggle from raerei’s amazing world, and onezero Bough–hey! I’m her fairy godmother, too! And River Ricci from Vanity High! And Finch from my good friend and Purple Day co-coordinator Caitlin! And wow! Even a tenth generation legacy spare! Chiyo from Megg87’s Ikeda legacy! This is so exciting! What activities do you have planned?

Joel: Well, well, well! This is going to be exciting, meeting all of these children. I guess, I should tell a story of my own this session since I have just the perfect one to tell. Also, I’m hoping that I can take the children out on an adventure to the park!


CT: That sounds great! And what else?

Joel: I’m thinking that I should also try and get to know some of the children more this session, and really become friends with them since I don’t know them at all! It’ll be a new experience since SummerFalls doesn’t know much about them either!


CT: I think that sounds perfect.

Joel: Phew! Hey, who’s that standing across the table?


CT: Hey! I think our first camper arrived! And… the session’s not even scheduled to start for another few days!

Joel: She’s probably really eager to meet us!


Penelope: Did you two see how green it is here? There are flowers everywhere! And that mechanical contraption back there. What do you think that does? And then there is that giant blue toy. It is taller than me. It looks is like my Acorna, only blue. Like me. Well, I am more of a silvery-blue. Do you think it is an alien unicorn? My name is Penelope. My dad dropped me off just now. Was that okay? Am I too early?


CT: Welcome, dear-heart! Early is perfect! Early gives us more time to play! And I like your observation about the blue Unicorn. He just might be not from around here. And Joel, do you want to explain what that marvelous contraption does?

Joel: Oh, you mean the cupcake machine? Well, it takes ingredients that it uses to make cakes and the machine changes, bakes and makes cupcakes based on whatever needs I desire! It’s a really great machine because it can help bring happiness, comfort and bravery to all those who need it and it just leaves a really great taste in your mouth!

Penelope: Cupcake machine?! I like the idea of a cake that brings happiness. If you make a really big cupcake does that mean you get a lot of happiness?


CT: Well, I have a feeling you might find out later this week, right Joel?

Joel: Obviously! I think we might have some cupcakes during my storytime this week, and maybe some while we go to… I can’t spoil the entire camp for you! I guess some things will have to remain a mystery for now.

Penelope: That is good. I like mysteries. I think I will like cupcakes too. Do you think cupcakes know they bring happiness? Perhaps there is a planet with cupcakes as far as the eye can see. Horizon to horizon, nothing but happiness. If we went there we could investigate the mystery and maybe try cross-pollinating the cupcakes to make even happier silver-blue cupcakes.

CT: Oh, that’s the craziest thing I ever heard! And I love it! Cross-pollinating cupcakes! You must be a fan of Mendelian genetics!


CT: Hey! Here comes JRose!

Joel: Oh yeah! She’s staying with me while ARoseInBloom goes on her honeymoon!

CT: JRose, have you got any scoop on where Free, Em, and Am are?

JRose: No, I don’t, CT. But you know, I do trust CT-on-the-other-side-of-the-screen, don’t you?


JRose: You know she’s not going to let anything bad happen to those Sims! She wouldn’t let anything bad happen to any of her Sims. Especially if it’s not a challenge game. And this is Freezer Bunny, Emelia, and Amina Wolff. You know she’ll take care of them.

CT: You know, you’re completely right! I get so caught up in living this story, I forget this is all a game! We’re Sims, for cripe’s sake! Of course!

Joel: Well, even though we’re Sims we still feel and connect with other sims. So, we do know what you’re feeling, CT! I think we’re all caught up living in these worlds sometimes, and that’s an amazing thing to feel, because with this Summer Camp, we’ve all connected together and built a strong and welcoming community. And, I couldn’t be prouder. P.S I have faith in everyone.

Penelope: I have never met Freezer Bunny or the others, but if it was me that was missing, I would feel really bad if I knew I was worrying everyone. The best thing might be to trust them as much as you trust the CT-on-the-other-side. And… I think they would want us to eat cupcakes!


Joel: Cupcakes forever!

CT: Elder! What are you doing here?

Joel: Hey, Elder! It’s great to see you again–this isn’t really the time to catch up, right?

CT: I thought you were off finding Free!


Elder: I was. I mean, I am. I’m all over the place right now, actually. I just was hanging out with an older version of Alexander Goth, which was amazing fun, and I’ve been to this orphanage in this way-out desolate town, and I’ve been talking to the Tragic Clown. That was actually rather sad. I didn’t realize he wasn’t game-aware, and I may have burst the bubble of his illusions too suddenly. When I left, he was feeling pretty low not only about his newfound game-awareness, but also about not having seen the kids.


CT: Oh, that’s terrible! The Tragic Clown’s now game-aware? All of a sudden? I love that clown.


Elder: Long-story short, I thought I’d swing by here to see if you had any insights. Or anything that could help.

JRose: Hey, excuse me a sec. I’ve got a call from Rosey. Let me just pick up.

CT: Hey, look! There’s Jordan! Hey, Jordan! Can you come over here? Elder’s here!

Jordan: Oh, wow! Elder Wolff in the flesh! Well…err, you know what I mean.


CT: Digits. Jordan, you know, since you’re Emelia’s fairy godmother, we were wondering if you could sense anything about where they were or how they were doing?

Jordan: What? Emelia? Free-Jon? I mean, I haven’t seen them since the fairy godmother party…


Jordan: But, y’know, I’m sure they’re okay. A few new games have popped up on my home hard-drive recently, but fleshy Jordan does that a lot — starts a bunch of new games then can’t commit to them… Noncommittals, I swear. But I’ll keep an eye out for an especially child-populated new game.


Elder: I really should be heading out. I’ve got worlds to travel before I sleep.

CT:  I’ll pack a snack to take to the Gallery with you.

Elder: Thanks, Cath. We know this was something the kids just did. And, as much as I can, I’ll try to trust your feelings on this. You know, though, I can’t sit still and wait. I always have had to take my worries to the road.

CT: Godspeed, Elder. All good wishes for your health and safety and for us to find out about those kids soon. Be careful with all your digital instances running around on all these different hard-drives. Just stay centered wherever you are, and you’ll do fine.


CT: If I think about it, I worry. But if I just relax and tune into my intuition, then everything settles down, and I feel like they’re ok. Something went wrong with Emelia’s time calculations for sure, but they’re fine and happy and having the time of their lives. Now, if we can just find a way for them to get back to this here and now before they’re old and gray.