Summer Camp: Afternoon at the Park

Field trip logue – entry by JR; Destination: Small City Park by martinhumpolak
(Many thanks to SummerFalls for writing this. For more by this author, see SummerFalls’ Stories.)

It was time for everyone to go to the park! We had planned everything in detail since our counselor’s meeting, and hopefully everything was going to run smoothly today. Before we left, onezero asked me to make her a carrot cupcake, and I couldn’t deny her request, so I whipped it right up to make sure she had a lot of Vitamin A for today!


While we walked over to the park, it was so heartwarming because everyone told jokes and had nice little moments of chatter with each other! We also tried to guess what Chiyo was forming out of the lump of clay she brought with her. River was the best at guessing, though–he spoke so fast!

“Freezer bunny!” River shouted as we arrived at the park. Chiyo nodded her head as she reverted the clay back to a lump.


I headed straight to the kitchen where I found that man who I met! He’s my writer friend, and he’s always where I am. Although, I feel Cathy Tea was more interested in him than me, but I discovered one of his traits was noncommittal, so I don’t think it’s going anywhere.

“Hey man!” He said to me as I made scrambled eggs.

“Hello!” I said back to the man, before I continued to cook.


The scrambled eggs came out at an excellent quality! While I served them outside on the picnic table, I looked up to see Finch up in the Pirate’s Ship lookout point, where he seemed to be looking startled at the view in front of him.

“ENEMY SHIP UP AHEAD!” Finch shouted from the lookout point, as all of the kids looked up at him startled.


Unfortunately for the crewmates, River had sabotaged the cannons so that they wouldn’t fire! At least, that’s what he told me since I didn’t see it for myself, but I was already being immersed into the kids’ world of play.

River slowly walked away with a smirk on his face.

“Mwhahahaha.” He laughed to himself. I could tell that he was proud of what he did.


Meanwhile, because of Captain Penelope and First Mate onezero, the crew managed to quickly repair their cannons and made sure they could fire and destroy the enemy ship!

“Good job, crew!” Penelope cheered to her crew as they all screamed in unison.



Meanwhile Chiyo remained in the lookout point, or the Crow’s Nest as Cathy Tea just told me. It’s fascinating to know that it has such an interesting name!

“Clear seas for the moment, captain!” Chiyo informed Captain Penelope.

“Well done, Lookout Chiyo!” Captain Penelope replied back to Chiyo, who smiled with eagerness as she pulled out her telescope to look out for enemy ships.


Meanwhile, River was enjoying a nice bowl of crisps while me and Cathy Tea exchanged words of wisdom and encouragement to each other to keep going. We shouldn’t let the recent events of #wheresfree get to us!


“The more we play, the more they’ll want to come back!” I suggested to Cathy and she nodded her head numerous times, which indicated to me that she liked what I was saying.

River was just trying to get high enough to put the bowl, the now empty bowl of crisps on the bar.


When I went outside, I saw Chiyo climbing down off the ladder on the pirate ship. But it seemed to scare her as it looked like it was more difficult getting down than up.

“You can do it, Chiyo!” onezero and I encouraged Chiyo as her feet started to climb down the steps.


“onezero! Call me!” I heard Penelope shouting! These two have become two blue peas in a blue pod! They’re always talking to each other, I guess that’s an alien thing or they just have become so connected to each other. Meanwhile, Finch was listening in on her conversation with onezero.


“Penelope!” onezero shouted from the other side of the park, while Chiyo as in front of the Pirate Ship trying to mould something with her clay. I wonder what Chiyo might make with that clay!


“HEY!!!” Penelope shouted while Finch shook his head.

“This is stupid.” Finch laughed, and I decided to go inside where I found a gaming machine.


I think I broke the high score on this game! I’m extremely quick and agile and that’s exactly what this game requires.


It was a great gaming session as well as a great chess game for Chiyo and Cathy Tea, although I think Chiyo won the game.

“Checkmate!” Chiyo celebrated while pointing to the place where she won.

“Curses!” Cathy Tea said to herself, but laughed along with Chiyo afterwards.


“Hey, everyone! It’s time for hide and seek! You can hide, but the universe will always know where you are!” Onezero shouted as we all went to hide! It was a really fun game!


After hide and seek, I went to talk to River who was looking at the scenery. I swear this boy has the evil trait, but I don’t mind that, he has the good quality of protecting his family.

“Hey River!” I smiled at River, who looked at me with an evil grin.

“Hello, Camp Counselor Joel!” River replied to me, who started to then converse with me about his overall experience at camp so far.


“Camp is so awesome, thank you for making it awesome! At least I won’t have to destroy it, because I’m loving it.” River said excitedly and I’m glad camp won’t get blown up! I don’t want Cathy Tea to become more worried about the next session.

“I bet we can make you laugh!” Penelope said as she walked over, and so I joined in on this game. I kept a straight face as they tried to make me laugh.


I have to admit, it took a good three minutes before I laughed so hard! These kids are really good comedians, and they know how to be so funny! I’m glad these kids can spread happiness wherever they go.

Meanwhile, as I went inside, Finch was getting some cereal ready for our race home. However, he wouldn’t need it because I’ll be the first one back home! Haha!


Also, onezero took the opportunity to improve her running skills with the reflex game. Not that it’ll be much use, because I’m going to win! Although, the determination of all these kids is astounding, I’m so proud of them for all of their efforts… not that I did anything.


“Where are you going to go, Joel?” Chiyo asked me, and I looked up at Chiyo after surveying the area.

“The low road.” I smiled, and Chiyo looked at the higher road and nodded her head. I guess she’s running the high road.


Time to go! And we took separate paths!


Everyone took Chiyo’s path and River was in the lead!


But, no one could beat the low path because I got back to camp first! Huzzah!


Hahaha! All in all though, today was one of the best field trips I’ve ever had and that hide and seek game was legendary!