Summer Camp: Dragons!

Chiyo’s story composed by Meggles. For more great stories by this author, see Megg Sims.


Chiyo: I have a story! My aunt taught me this one…


Chiyo: So, a long, long, LONG time ago there was a great city surrounded by a huge wall!

Walled City

The wall had a beautiful and humongous door that they always kept closed. (I’ll tell you why in a minute!) The emperor of the city was a pretty good emperor. He shared all his food and stuff, you know?


Chiyo: Anyway, the people were happy but they were really nervous to go outside the city wall. Like, super scared. They had heard stories of scary dragons that would EAT YOU! They wouldn’t go on vacation and they hardly ever had people visit them. It was sort of lonely.

Then… one day… they heard a loud knock on the big door…


Chiyo: After a moment they heard another knock! Everyone whispered loudly (you can do that, you know) and would not go near the door. When there was a third knock someone ran to tell the emperor. He ordered his guards to go see who it was. None of the guards would go! The emperor stomped his foot ‘cuz he was mad but they fell down at his feet. Well, the emperor wouldn’t go either. He was like “nah, I don’t blame you.”


Chiyo: The emperor told his head guard to go up the watch tower and see who was there. The guard was scared but he did it anyway. When he came back he was shaking real bad! “I saw a d-d-dragon!” Everyone was freaked out! They decided to not open the door.


Chiyo: Meanwhile, out in the city plaza, a little girl was walking along with a bag of snacks. She had all sorts, like cookies, candies, donuts, cake – you name it!

Joel: Red velvet cupcakes?

River: Cinnamon donut holes?

Joel and River

Penelope: Happiness cupcakes?

onezero: Uh… fruit cobbler?

onezero and penelope

Finch: Chocolate-covered lizard legs?


Chiyo: NOT chocolate-covered lizard legs! But everything else. As she was walking she also heard those knocks on the gate! She watched everyone run inside their houses or business and wondered why everyone was so afraid. It was just someone at the door!

She sat beneath a big tree near the wall and waited for someone to open the door.


Chiyo: She watched the guard climb the watch tower, quickly climb back down, and run back to the palace yelling “ahhhhhh!” the whole way. The little girl was puzzled. What could be so scary? She slung her bag over her shoulder and climbed the tall tree. When she got to the top she looked over the fence and saw what the guard had seen…


Chiyo: The dragon was really long like a snake and had lots of shiny blue and purple scales. He had three long and sharp toes on each foot and his tail was scaly and looked like it was made of blue fire! His neck was long, too, and he had a big dragony mustache and pointy spikes and frill on his head.


Chiyo: As she leaned over the fence she lost her grip and fell over the wall!! She closed her eyes really tight and waited to hit the ground but instead she hit something smooth and slid down to the soft grass. She lay there for a moment and slowly opened her eyes to look up at the dragon. The dragon slowly opened its mouth…

“Do you have any snacks?” The little girl blinked and reached for her nearby bag. She smiled and held it out for the dragon to take. He ate almost all of her snacks! She didn’t complain or anything because she was so nice.

When he was done he smiled back at her and bowed his head. “Thank you! I was very hungry but no one would help me! Here, let me give you a gift.” He bowed his head to her and spit something out of his mouth on to the grass in front of her. It was a giant pearl!

The little girl’s mouth gaped! It was the biggest pearl she had ever seen in her life! It was the size of a softball, can you believe it?! She bowed down to the dragon and said, “I cannot take such a beautiful gift from you!”

The dragon laughed and puffs of smoke came out of his nose.

“Please take it! It will bring you good luck and a long life!”

The little girl picked up the beautiful pearl and held it close. She said thank you, like, a billion times then ran up to hug the dragon. He hugged her back and then said he had to leave.

“I will be back one day and we can have a snack together then. Farewell, little girl!” And with that he kicked off the ground and flew into the air away from the city.


Chiyo: Over the years the little girl worked hard to get the people to open the gate and eventually they did! Because they opened the gate the people were able to work outside of the city and bring in more money so that they could all do better. And they DID! The little girl, not so little, actually, became very respected in the city and even worked with the emperor! Wow!

The little-not-little girl lived to be very, very, VERY old. She had a humongous family with lots of children and lots of grandchildren. Everyone in the village loved her. Her family had enough money to be happy but she vowed to never sell her beautiful pearl and promised to keep it in the family forever. She often told her story of meeting the dragon to her children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren and they all loved to hear her tell it.


Chiyo: When she was so old that she could hardly walk, she began going to a pretty garden outside of the city walls to have lunch. She spread a blanket across the grass and set out all of her food with her pearl in her bag next to her. It was a big lunch. She did this once a month, sitting and eating by herself (she gave her extra food to people that needed it, just so you know).

One day, after many years of doing this, she heard a swooshing noise above her high in the sky! (This is the time to get excited!!) Suddenly, her dragon from many years before landed in front of her and bowed his head down low to the ground. He looked exactly the same!

“See, I told you I would be back!” He said happily. She smiled the biggest smile you could ever smile and reached out to touch his nose.


Chiyo: “I missed you,” she told him, “but I knew you would be back!” He laughed as he had years before. “Also… I brought you a snack.”

Penelope and onezero

…And the little girl lived forever with her dragon friend, higglety-pigglety-pop!