Summer Camp: LOL Means Lots of Love

Many thanks to VanityHigh, Caitlin, and Meggles for the following letters home.
For more great stories by these writers, see Vanity High Stories, Simmerworld, and MeggSims.

River Writes Home


Hi Mum & Dad,

Thank you SO much for sending me here, I’m having a super amazing time. Everyone has such beautiful hats. There’s even a boy, Finch, who has the same hat as me but it’s in a different colour and that’s ok! He’s my bestest friend here at camp, but the girls are nice too.


The grown ups are so cool too, Cathy tells the best stories and Joel makes amazing cupcakes, I’ve had loads of different flavours but I think the chocolate ones might be my favourites.


The best part is there’s no homework – yay!!

How is Leila? Tell her that I’ve been having fun, I bet she’s not been having as much fun as me. I need to go now though cause it’s time for a dance party!

River and Finch

Love from River

Greetings from Finch!


Dear Mum and Dad,

I love it here at Summer Camp and I love the cupcakes Joel makes. Joel is one of the camp’s counselors and he is amazing at making cupcakes. He has this machine which produces lots and lots of Cupcakes from Carrot Cake to Red Velvet. They are soo tasty, even better then Dad’s (I mean at least Joel doesn’t blow up the camp).


All the kids here are really friendly and we even have two kids who aren’t from this world but they are awesome. They have blue skin and are called Penelope and onzero.


There is also Chiyo and River there as well. Me and River are bear buddies because we both have bear hats. River’s is red, mine is Brown.

River and Finch

We have been on lots of field trips and such and I have had a lot of fun. I hope you are looking after Bearemy cause I miss him but it’s worth it to meet everyone. When I go home could we arrange some play dates to meet up again? Please?


Anyway I’ve got to go cause River’s calling me so I’ll see you soon and I love you lots.

Lots of Love

A Correspondence from Chiyo


Dear Mom, Dad, Aunt Aya, Grandpa and Grandma (and all my little brothers and sisters),

Hi! How are you? I am good. I am actually GREAT! This is the best place I have ever been! It’s like I’m at a huge birthday party without a birthday person and we just have fun all day. Forever!


All you little kids must be super jealous you’re not here. I’m sorry about that BUT when I get home we can all play pirate together and eat cupcakes.

OH, THE CUPCAKES! Let me tell you about them! They are so yummy and Mr. Joel is the bestest at making them! We eat them for breakfast, elevenses, lunch, and dinner.

(Just kidding! Or am I?…)


I have met lots of kids here and adults, too! Miss Rory came to visit and she has lovely hair! Everyone is super smart and nice!

Cathy Tea is the bestest person to play chess with in the history of EVER! She told me a lot of stories about you, Aunt Aya. Oh ho ho… (winky face… can you do winky faces in letters? I just did! winky face)


Since there are usually so many people at home I like to sit by myself and read a book or talk to the Stuffies. They’re all cool and I set up a couple for the Stuffy Ball! Rainbow Uni had a good time even though he won’t admit it.


Anyway, I think I hear the cupcake machine! Must be time for snacks!

LOL (that means lots of love, right?)