Get to know… the Sims of Gen 6

I’m late with the generational “get to know…” Two of those whom I’ll describe below have met Grim already, and we already have our Gen 7 spouse–soon, I hope, we will welcome Gen 8! Nonetheless, for the sake of consistency and those readers who will come upon this later, let’s take a moment to review our Gen 6 Sims.

SalixSalix Bough

Gen 6 Heir
Active. Romantic. Materialistic.
Aspiration: Friend of the World

Salix is one of those gen 6 Super Sims that we legacy-players are discovering in our games, Sims like Allison Skinner (originally from Skinner Saga and now the star of Casusbella2) and Aya Ikeda (from the Ikeda Legacy and also a resident of the Houseful of Hippies). These Sims make wise autonomous choices, and they have the capacity to complete multiple aspirations with ease and skill like a breeze.

Salix seemed to naturally have the loves the outdoors trait, and when she rolled Materialistic for her adult trait, her personality shifted dramatically and in such a way that she no longer cared for her Minsk, the young man that she had a teen crush on. Once she discovered that she didn’t like Minsk for more than a friend (they were best friends for a while), she went through a confused period romantically. She was attracted to men who were evil or mean and who would verbally abuse her after romantic interactions. I felt that this was connected with her aunt Poplar, with whom she was always very close and who, as a mean Sim, had a habit of yelling at those she felt closest to.

I made the “tough love” decision of not allowing Salix to follow through with these abusive relationships–I didn’t want that dynamic in the Bough family. So Salix had a long period of time when she was befriending many Sims, looking for someone she liked. At last, she chose Ted, only to have him meet Grim on the day she asked him to become her boyfriend. Soon after, Chandler stepped up, and Salix began to experience real love.

Skills, Aspiration, and Career: As of this writing, Salix is working on her eighth aspiration. Because she completed the body-builder aspiration, she’ll be around for a while, maybe even long enough to get to spend some time with her grandchildren-yet-to-come. Her other aspirations include Friend of the World, Soulmate, Nerd Brian, Renaissance Sim, Musical Genius, and Painter Extraordinaire. She’s currently working on the Bestselling Author aspiration. She has maxed many skills. She’s never worked, for A students can complete the career requirements of Renaissance Sim without attending a day at the office.

Greatest Strength/Greatest Flaw: As with many of us, Salix greatest strength and greatest flaw are two sides of the same personality trait: her empathy and understanding of others. It’s obvious to see how this works as a strength: she is attuned to her family and friends and provides constant support. This showed up as a “flaw” when she was drawn towards abusive men; she seemed to understand and be drawn to their violence. Sometimes, it seems that those with great empathy struggle with boundaries, and this has been something that Salix has had to learn.

Favorite Activities: Salix loves to work out. When she was younger, her happiest times were when she and her sister would run together–for hours–on the treadmill, sharing secrets, watching the cooking channel, and encouraging each other.

Share a Secret: When Salix was a teen, her uncle Lamont had a crush on her and used to show up wherever she was. As a fellow romantic–and also a family man–he was always sure to share his romantic advice with her.


Boyfriend for an Hour
Bro. Clumsy. Lazy.
Unknown Aspiration.

It took Salix a while to make up her mind romantically, and when she finally asked Ted to be her boyfriend, he died an hour later, during their first day, before we had a chance to move him in and let him drink from the white cup.

This was so hard on Salix–and on all of us. We were still feeling really raw from Aspen’s appointment with Grim, and Salix’s life seemed to be marked with tragedy. Ted loved Salix, he was good friends with Niko, and he seemed to offer the type of groundedness that would settle Salix. We never had a chance to get to know him all that well.


Gen 6 Spouse
Cheerful. Art Lover. Clumsy.
Aspiration: Outdoor Enthusiast

Chandler. I’ve never known a Sim like Chandler. He’s a cheerful Sim, who didn’t smile all that much. He was at the top of the artistic career–Master of the Real–without a single painting skill point. He was always around, in the background, waiting for Salix to notice him, and then, once she did, they became soul-mates.

Chandler is showing me that the game will often generate children who have the capacity to become the perfect spouse or romantic interest for your Sim. Try it out! Send a kid to the park to meet friends for the Social Butterfly aspiration, and it is likely that the friends your Sim meets will grow up with compatible traits–a ready-made romantic interest in waiting.

We loved having Chandler in the family–he provided such loving nurturing for Salix, and he brought into the family onezero, Doug, and Tam. It was tough for him to get through the PTSD he experienced after his first abduction and subsequent pregnancy, but the family approached it together, and after Chandler’s second abduction, he seemed to find the answers he was looking for and he became whole again.

Skills, Aspirations, and Career: Like a lot of generated Sims, Chan was a slow skiller. He also made little progress on his aspiration, since it required him to travel to Granite Falls. We did take one trip shortly before his demise, and he experienced so much happiness there. Chan’s greatest outward success was with his career: he was the Master of the Real, and even though he didn’t gain the required skill points for that career level until he was an elder, he still managed to receive several promotions. He always struck me as one of those caring and charismatic art teachers who inspires simply by being and by sharing his own unique expression of himself.

Greatest Strength/Greatest Flaw: Chandler is a lot like Salix in personality, and like her expresses both the strengths of compassion and the diffusion that comes from blurring boundaries and over-empathizing. Through time, and through Salix’s support, he was able to develop resilience, so that his compassion had firm ground.

Favorite Activity: Chandler loved the microscope and the telescope. Something about space always drew him. He also loved to paint.

Share a Secret: I have a feeling that Chandler hoped from childhood that he would one day marry Salix: he was always hanging around.

Sugar MapleSugar Maple

Gen 6 Spare
Glutton. Bro. Music Lover.
Aspiration: Mansion Baron

Oh, Sugar! What can we say about this power-house of a Sim who burst out of her bassinet with a buzz cut? She rocks this digital planet.

She also performed an autonomous act which blew me away. (The chapter which covers this is included in the Gen 7 TOC, so in case you’re reading this later, and in the TOC order, I’ll refrain from mentioning it now.)

Sometimes you have a Sim that changes your understanding of the game, and Sugar Maple is that Sim for me. I’ll never play this game the same way after knowing her.

Skills, Aspirations, and Career: As of this writing, this Super Sim has completed these aspirations: Mansion Baron, Body Builder, Musical Genius, Friend of the World, Curator, Freelance Botanist, Nerd Brain, Renaissance Sim, Computer Whiz, Painter Extraordinaire plus all four childhood aspirations, and she’s nearly done with Bestselling Author. She is a power house. Of course, with completing so many aspirations, she’s also maxed a lot of skills. And she has 44 traits.

Favorite Activities: Sugar loves to skill and to complete aspirations. She’s got a glutton’s zest for life and for experience–she simply thrives on learning, doing, accomplishing, and developing herself. She also loves gardening more than any Sim I’ve played.

Share a Secret: There’s not much that’s secretive about this Sim. Or… maybe it’s such a secret, that I don’t know it. Come to think of it, Sugar often can be found with her own private, secret grin on her face!

Sugar MapleMiracle Maynard

Loves the Outdoors. Ambitious. (I forget the other)
Aspiration: Party Animal

I love Miracle. What can I say? Sometimes, as with Paris back in Gen 2, a family friend will move in and provide the stability, the support, and the quiet guidance that the family needs. That’s what Miracle did for us.

Skills, Aspiration, and Career: She had medium level skills, she never made much progress on her aspiration, and she reached the penultimate step of her career. Miracle was more about living and about giving than she was about achieving, in spite of her ambitious trait.

Favorite Activities: Like a lot of Sims at Cradle Rock, Miracle loved the microscope. She also loved to hang out and talk with Sugar, who had been her best friend since Sugar was a very little girl.

Share a Secret: Miracle, before she came to live with us, had two boyfriends, including one of the only goofballs in town.