Summer Camp: Counselors’ Journal 3.1

This entry by Camp Counselor Joel Rochdale
(Many thanks to SummerFalls for writing this. For more by this author, see SummerFalls’ Stories.)

Wow, we had a blast last night! Like Noah’s Ark, everything came to the campfire two by two (hurrah, hurrah!) with two boys in bear hats; two blue aliens; two goofballs and not forgetting me and Cathy Tea, the two counselors! We even were greeted by a few simselves! JRose, Rory, Sarafina and ShannonSimsFan all showed up to join in our lovely fun time of stories, music and friendliness!


Rory thought that she should kick things off with a little bit of music and so she picked up the violin and began to play. Unfortunately, I don’t think she was high enough in the Violin Skill… but her effort outshone that! I don’t think Sarafina agrees with me though. Nevertheless, it was fun hearing music play through our great day together!


Later on though, Finch suggested that me and Cathy Tea join him for an ensemble performance! I couldn’t turn it down as my guitar practice back in S-GAS had prepared me for this day. I grabbed my guitar from my cabin and Cathy Tea went to grab her violin and with Finch, we produced a lovely performance which both tingled the emotional and the physical parts of a sim. Everyone was feeling so inspired and happy while the music was playing!


Chiyo even felt so inspired, that she hopped off of her seat, walked over to the piano and began to join in the performance. Her contribution helped amplify the effect of the song over everyone, and Chiyo helped the performance in ways that I can’t even describe. She has a special gift of helping people and also knowing exactly what to do in the moment, and I love her for it!


Because of the lovely performance, onezero thought it would be best if we all danced into the night! She managed to turn on the jukebox and switch it to the Alternative Station where onezero then took a few steps back before beginning to dance! Meanwhile, some other guests were warming up next to the campfire and Cathy Tea was painting a lovely picture to commemorate this lovely time.


After we said goodbye to the simselves, I took onezero inside for some lovely cupcakes. She stared at her cupcake while I took bites out of mine, one by one.

“What’s the true secret to your cupcakes, Joel?” onezero asked me, “Happiness is an ingredient, I know that, but, there has to be something more.”

“There is.” I replied back to her while looking around to see if anyone was there, “With this, you can unlock the true potential of your cupcakes. And you will be the second person to know of this secret.”

I then leant forward and whispered it into onezero’s ear. I’m not relaying top secret information into this journal! No way! All you need to know is, onezero understood exactly what I said, and she took a sip of her orange juice soon after.


In the morning, onezero offered to make the cupcakes for breakfast, and it tasted exactly how I predicted it to be! Exactly. Like. Mine. Everyone was obviously shocked and asked onezero how she did it, but she didn’t tell anyone. onezero can be trusted with the Cupcake Secret. And I also hope she passes it down to any potential people she sees worthy.

Meanwhile, Penelope was having a great time dancing to the music, while Chiyo gobbled on what she assumed would be her last cupcake from this camp.


“The next train is coming at…” I heard River say as I walked past him. He’s been such a wonderful kid to be around and he’s so interesting too! I hope that I’ll be able to see him in the future because, I think he’ll grow up into a fine man and lead life quite well!


In the kitchen, Finch was wondering why Chiyo was doing her homework even though they never had school during the Summer Camp!

“So, Chiyo. Why exactly, are you doing your homework? Did you forget that there’s no school?” Finch laughed a little but Chiyo shook her head.

“Nope! Homework is SO FUN and I also want to grow up to be as smart as Counselors Cathy Tea and Joel! I’m going to do it!” Chiyo giggled with glee and resumed to do her homework. Smart Kid. Cool Kids do Homework.


This session has greatly taught me, Cathy Tea and the kids about their own freedom and also how their imaginations can expand to even the darkest of corners and bring light to their world. I always say that I love the kids who come to our camp, but something about these kids makes me feel special on the inside, and it’s something that can’t be ignored. And, as the third session came to a close. Finch and onezero started to lead the best dance of all dances.


Everyone began to join in a few seconds later, with the Session 3 Camp Dance! Cathy Tea was even chanting chants for everyone to sing while we danced!

“One, two, three, four!” Cathy Tea shouted.

“One, two, three, four!” The kids and I repeated.

“Camp is the best!”

“Camp is the best!”

“With lots of fun times, cupcakes and friends!”

“With lots of fun times, cupcakes and friends!”


“And let’s hope that all the children make it home safely so that we don’t have to worry about them!”

“And let’s hope that all the– what?”

This session has truly been very enjoyable, and I can’t wait for the next one!