#wheresfree: An open letter from Young CT

Cathy Tea

Gentle reader:

If you’re reading this, chances are that you have followed the #wheresfree trail from one of the many blogs that are part of this campaign. Likely, you are wondering, “What is #wheresfree? And why should I care?”

Free is my son. And we don’t know where–or when–he is.

He goes by many names. The name on his birth certificate is Freezer Bunny Wolff Tea, but we call him Jon-Jon. Or Free-Jon. Or Free. Or Fin-Jon Intergalactic Cheese-Delivering Mailman. Whatever he happens to call himself at the moment.


He disappeared when the time on our hard drive was 10:41 pm MST on July 3, 2015. It is now August 15, and we still haven’t found him. There have been sightings, and his father, Elder Wolff, has been searching hard drives all through the Simiverse. But we still don’t know where in space and when in time he resides.

For the most part, we are not worried. My counterpart, Animal Hat CT (also known as Curmudgeon CT), who is somewhat of a psychic in these areas, assures us that he and his traveling companions are fine, that they believe they are on some grand adventure, and that they believe they are moving through a time loop, in Lion-Witch-and-Wardrobe fashion, and that when they return it will be the same moment as when they left, so we, none of us, will have even noticed their departure. However, something has gone awry, most likely due to aging being turned off on the particular save from which they departed, and so what they believe to be a time loop is really linear time, after all. Not only that, but we recently have cause to believe that their travel through time is causing rapid and inexplicable aging.

I miss my boy. I miss Elder. I want our family to be together again.

You might be wondering how all this happened and who my son is traveling with.

His traveling companions are Emelia Johnson, a time-lord prodigy, and his cousin Amina Wolff.


Free met Emelia at the S-GAS Transformation event that we held during February 2015 (on our hard-drive’s calendar). Free and Emelia became good friends, and it was a friendship that we encouraged, for Emelia is an amazing teen, the gen 4 spare from the Johnson Legacy.


This summer, we sent Free to Animal Hat Summer Camp, run by my other, older self, Animal Hat CT, and our good friend (and one of Free’s best friends) Joel Rochdale (of SummerFalls’ Stories). Emelia, who was at another S-GAS event on Bilmonaghan’s hard drive, came across a device, the space-time thingy, which allowed her to send a copy of herself backwards in her own timeline. And so she showed up as a child at summer camp. The two children had a wonderful time together, and we let them both spend a second session there, so that they could enjoy more time together.


When it came time for Free to leave to go spend time with his cousins, the Wolffs, on FloorRaisin/Whattheplum ‘s hard drive, Free and Emelia, apparently, talked Free’s young adult cousin Amina into traveling a time loop with them. They weren’t ready to part.

Free’s dad and I, who shared a bit of an impossible love ourselves when we first met, can understand this drive to be with someone that means so much to you. Oh, we’re all romantics in this family, not by trait, but by nature, which is even more dangerous!

And now here you are, dear reader, come upon this big adventure. I bet that part of your heart wants these two kids to stay together forever, to beat out time and to escape through Tardis and space-time device. And part of you, too, probably wishes for a mother to be reunited with her husband and son again.


Never worry. I have faith. No, it’s more than faith, for faith is based upon what you have not experienced. I have trust. I have trust in this great Simiverse, this wide networks of hard drives connected through blogs and forums and Simmers who care. And I have trust in the storytellers, who know better than to break a reader’s heart.

My son will come home to me. And so will his father. And in the meantime, I’ll draw strength from my own brave heart, and we can all relish this grand adventure. After all, as the true romantics say, what is life without a big adventure?

From my heart to yours,

Young CT

Cathy Tea