Summer Camp: Goodbye Into Hello

Many thanks to SummerFalls for Joel’s words, and to raerei for Penelope and Cocoa’s words; and many thanks to Marty/DavidMcSessy for sending along Erica’s note. Remember, you can check out the amazing work of these talented writers at SummerFalls’ Stories, Raerei’s Fortress, and Martymor’s Sims on Paper.

Penelope: Father is here! Hurry, p1!

onezero: I’m coming! I’m coming! Do we have to run like llamas cross-bred with gazelles?


Cocoa: Hey Silver bug! I missed you!

Penelope: I’ve been watching our hard drive in the sky. It was glowing so brightly that I knew you were coming soon.


onezero: Are you Penelope’s daddy? Oh! You must be! I can see that you both share the gene for funny little noses and archy eyebrows! Brilliant!

Cocoa: Ack! There are two Penelope’s now! Oh wait, you must be onezero.


Cocoa: I hear you’re coming back with us for a while. How do you feel about ice cream and science!

onezero: Ayiiiiayiiii! I’m going to crazy blue heaven!



Joel: Well, CT. That was a really awesome session. I feel happy about all the new friendships that formed!

CT: Me, too, Joel. I always feel a little sad at the end of every session. I guess saying goodbye is hard for me–even if I know that I’ll be seeing everybody again sometime, and even though I know that when one group leaves, it’s to make room for the next group.


CT: Hey, look what arrived in the mail! This is from Erica, the mom of two of the kids who will be in Session 4.

Erica's Note

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Joel: Woah, there’s a lot of scribbling in this!

CT: It’s so funny! Look how she wrote Cathy Coffee, then crossed it out, then changed Cathy Tea to Cathy Team! That makes me smile.

Joel: I guess we’re officially called the Cathy Team now! What does the letter say?

CT: #CathyTeam forever! Yes! So she left a lot of instructions for us, but I think as long as we serve plenty of healthy foods along with plenty of treats and as long as we make sure that everybody has green plumbobs and full fun meters, we should be doing great. Don’t you think?

Joel: I agree! I’ll try and see if I can come up with some healthy cupcake recipes as well, just so that the plumbobs stay a greeny green!


CT: I can’t believe how worried she seems! It’s not like we haven’t done this a lot of times already!

Joel: You know, I bet that if you were a parent, you’d write a note to the camp counselor about your child. I would if I was a parent, just to ensure my child has everything they need!


CT: Oh, crum! I was gonna write a note for Cocoa about all of onezero’s little peculiarities, and I didn’t! Well, I guess I’ll just have to tell him when he comes in.


Cocoa: Let’s go try some of these amazing cupcakes you kids have been telling me about!

onezero: Last one in is a chocolate-covered marshmallow!

Penelope: Last one is a recessive gene!


CT: Cocoa! I’m so glad you’re here! I’ve really been wanting to meet you! We’re so excited that onezero will be able to stay with you for a while, right onez? And there’s just a few things I want to pass on: onez is no trouble, and she loves to dance, and she’s usually always happy, and she loves cupcakes, and I always like to read her a story–something by Wittgenstein is best, but she’ll settle for anything on philosophy or esoteric studies–or string theory–and she loves to do the dishes, but only if it’s her idea–

Cocoa: You know, I really think we will do all right, Cathy.


CT: Of course you will! You’ve got a little daughter of your own!

Cocoa: That’s right. We were a bit worried sending her to camp. She hasn’t made any friends at home and we were afraid the other children might find her a bit too different.

Joel: Nonsense! Penelope is one of the most popular campers here, she gets along with everyone and she’s made many great friends. That’s what’s great about Summer Camp, we learn more about what’s inside than what’s on the outside. CT would agree with me too!

CT: Naturally! We’re all different, and we’re all the same! That’s what makes us… us!


Cocoa: That’s good to hear. From her email it sounded like she was having lots of fun so I’m glad it worked out. It was great to get her email and hear from her in person. I have to admit I was starting to miss her.

Joel: Well, it’s normal to miss your child and also, we’ll miss Penelope too when she goes, but we might see her again one day!

CT: Oh, for sure! Let’s have both of you back for a visit later this year!

Cocoa: I think that can be arranged.


CT: So what things do you have planned for the kids during their visit?

Cocoa: Don’t worry about them getting bored. We’ve got plenty of things to do: a swimming pool, gardens, I’ve just put in an analyzer and there’s our rooftop observatory. Plus I think Peneleope is ready for a new book from the library. You’ve finished that one you borrowed, right? I’d got some vacation days saved up. I’m hoping I can convince my cousins to come camping with us.


CT: Camping? Oh, awesome! Hey, watch out for bears while you’re at Granite Falls! I hear there’s some little ones, just about the size of P1 and p2, roaming through the meadows.

Penelope: Joel, do you think the bears have escaped from the zoo? Maybe they’re part of some genetic experiement!

Joel: Well, they could be! But… I didn’t hear anything about it on the news, not that they actually report anything useful.


Cocoa: Right, Silver Bug! I think it’s time that me and your little other-you head off to our hard drive. Say goodbye to Joel and CT. And CT and Joel, thanks for taking such good care of Penelope.

Joel: Are you sure you have to leave already?

CT: Maybe I’ll just close my eyes, and when I open them, you’ll be gone and the next group will be here and goodbye will turn into hello!