Summer Camp: Best Ever Exhibition

Dillan: I’ve been struck with brilliance, Felicity! Wait until you hear this genius idea!

Felicity: Tell me, Dillan! The suspense is killing me!


Dillan: We’re going to have an art show!

Felicity: An art show? But why? Who wants to see a bunch of kids’ drawings?

Dillan: Only everybody.


Dillan: Think about it. Everybody loves the way I draw monsters. And I bet the other kids draw ok, too. And you can be the curator and organize the whole deal. And we’ll ask Joel to make cupcakes.

Felicity: Hmmm. What if we tossed in ice cream, too? It can be an Art Show Ice Cream Social…

Dillan: See. I told you it was a good idea.


Violet: So, Dillan. What am I supposed to do? I’m usually the curator.

Dillan: I’ve got a very important job for you, Violet. You’ve got to be the photographer.

Violet: How come?

Dillan: You’re the only one that really knows how to use a digital camera. Plus. You’ve got an artist’s eye.


Felicity: So, Uni, here’s the deal. I’m supposed to be the curator. But I don’t know what a curator does. I think it means that I cure everybody in case anybody gets Stendhal syndrome, right? Maybe we should set a limit. You only get two minutes to look at a picture, and then you got to move on. And you can only look at three pictures. I think that would work, don’t you?

Uni: Sounds good to me, Felicity! See? You’ll make a great curator!


Felicity: Hey, Lola. You seem like a talented kid. Do you like to draw?

Lola: Sure!

Felicity: Ok. We need twelve pictures from you by Thursday. Think you can do that?


Lola: Of course!

Felicity: Really? I was just joking, but if you can do that, that would be amazing!


Dillan: Amelia! I’ve got the brainstorm of the century!

Amelia: Are we going on a bear hunt?


Dillan: No, silly. We’re having an art show.

Amelia: I think we should invite all the Stuffies.


Dillan: CT, we need you to do something.

CT: Sure, Dillan. What is it?

Dillan: We need you to paint some paintings for the art show. Think you can paint about 20 paintings by Thursday?

CT: Ha! You’re joking right?

Dillan: Well, 20 would be ideal. But we can settle for three.


CT: That I can do! Three paintings by Thursday, coming up!

Amelia: Gosh! If CT only does three, then that means each of us is going to have to do a lot more. I’d better get started!


Amelia: This is going to be the best rainbow ever. Everybody who looks at it will be filled with happiness!


Dillan: I really like this line right here. The weight is perfect. And with this particular arc, it draws the eye right up to the monster’s mouth. So, it’s got a dark side, too. That’s important. We don’t want to show just the happy side of life, but all of it.


Fiona: I’m not sure what I want to draw. I’ve got a feeling inside. It’s really big. But I don’t know if it will fit on this little piece of paper.


Dillan: Fiona, paper is magic! It has no set space! It expands when you draw on it, so any idea can fit! Even the biggest feelings of all can fit in your drawing!

Fiona: Really, Dillan?

Dillan: Of course! Why else do you think I’m an artist? It’s so I can express EVERYTHING!


Joel: Hey, guys! How’s the drawing going? CT tells me we’re having an art show cupcake feast!

Dillan: With ice cream!


Joel: That sounds perfect. I think this presents an ideal opportunity for the Simselves in this town to get a chance to view the world from a child’s perspective. Not everyone realizes this, but children have a vision that possesses great wisdom! I feel we can learn so much from each of you!


Lola: Help me, Princess Lavendar! I’m being carried off by a monster!

Princess Lavendar: Never fear, dear heart! I have the power of the magic of the stone! I will rescue you!


Lola: That was so much fun! I love those princesses. I think maybe I’ll draw their story for the art show!


Dillan: Do you think we should charge money for admission, Joel? I bet we could make a lot.

Joel: I don’t think that will be necessary, Dillan. We’ve got motherlode in this game, so we’ve got plenty of Simoleans!

Dillan: I was just thinking it might mean more to the people if they had to give up something to come.

Joel: Well, each of these Simselves is really busy and has a ton of projects going on,so just by coming, they’ll be giving up their time. That’s plenty right there.

Dillan: I kind of want to be a rich artist someday.

Joel: No need to worry about that, Dillan! With your talent and ambition, you’ll go a long way! What do you want to do someday, Amelia?


Amelia: I want to either be a famous bear hunter or a funny lady that dances in the woods with little green elves and brownies. How about you, Lola?

Lola: An acrobat. Or a doctor. Or maybe just myself, like I am right now. Just me. How about you, Fiona?

Fiona: Maybe a scientist, like my mom. Or else an alien, like my dad. My cousin Felicity wants to be a famous writer or else the head of a great big business company, so she can give free stuff to all the people who need it. What does your sister want to be, Dillan?

Dillan: Oh, Violet wants to do something with computers. She wants to make video games. She wants to make this game with little people that run around and get smarter the more stuff they do, and pretty soon they look out at their player and say hi. Stuff like that.