Redbud and Alder

Salix looked on as her granddaughter spun out of the bassinet and into childhood. What a style! Salix thought. Her future’s so bright, she’s gotta wear shades.


The one and only Redbud Bough!

As the first Bough bookworm, Redbud’s first autonomous act was to do her homework. Even for a bookworm, it’s hard to make sense of so many words on a page when you were just a little nooboo moments before!


“Who is this guy Wittgenstein, anyway?”

All alone, in the northeast casita, Alder spun up with a hat and a smile. He’s a loner, reminding me so much of Mesquite.


Cute hat, kid!

Alder ran right out to the spaceship jungle gym to feel that solitude that waits for your imagination in the deepest reaches of space. I wonder if he’ll choose to be an astronaut, like his great, great, granduncle Mesquite.


The best thing about space is that you’re all alone!

We’re putting into practice the Skillzone Strategy that JordanNicoleJJ and I discovered.

Step one: Bring mental skills to level nine.

Step two: Play Arithmetic Attack to max the mental skill while simultaneously raising physical skill at an accelerated rate.

Step three: Once physical reaches level nine, play Keyboard Commmando to simultaneously raise creative skill at an accelerated rate.

With this approach, we should be able to max mental, physical, and creative skills within a few days.

To accomplish the first step, the kids will play a lot of chess.


“This piece looks sort of like a rocket ship.”

Redbud’s happy to have her uncle to keep her company while she does her homework.

“Did you have to read this stuff when you were a kid, Doug? Why do they make us read this? What do I care about the spaces between the notes of music? I want to read about ponies!”


“I know I’m a bookworm, but shouldn’t we read stuff that was written for kids?”

Homework finished, Redbud found Auntie Shug out in the courtyard.

“Aunt Sugar!” she called. “I’ve got the greatest idea for a book! It’s about this horse, see, who thinks he’s a unicorn, and this goat, see, who thinks he’s a llama, and they head off together to find a wizard to help them see their true natures!”


“The horse says, ‘Of course I’ve got a horn! You just can’t see it!'”

Nathanael feels overwhelmed with pride when he looks at his two kids.

“You think I might be able to go into space for real one day, Dad?” Alder asks.

“I don’t see why not,” says Nathanael. “We’ve got a real history of space travel in this family.”


“Is it true that no one can hear you when you’re in space, Dad?”

Both kids rolled Social Butterfly for their aspiration, so while we are playing chess to accomplish step one of the super skill strategy, we’re also talking. A lot.

I was worried when I saw that Alder rolled Social Butterfly. The last loner child that tried to accomplish this aspiration was Mesquite, and he felt so tense whenever he had to meet someone new that we gave up on it and just let him be a kid.

But that was before the December 2014 patch, and now the requirements are so much easier! Besides, Cradle Rock is filled with high environment and positive emotion objects, so those overshadow any possible Stranger Danger tension that Alder might feel. His friendships with his family count, and with neighbors dropping by every day, he and his sister have plenty of Sims to meet without once stepping off the family lot.

Gen 8 kids

“It’s like this: I like being alone best, but second-best is being with you!”

Living in a home with six adult relatives provides so much support and nurturing.

“Hey, little niece!” onezero said. “What are you complaining about having to read Wittgenstein for? I read him when I was your age, and his words were the one place where I could find home, back then when everything here felt so foreign to me.”


“Just talk with me anytime you want help making sense of your homework, ok?”

“Yeah,” replied Redbud, “that’s fine for you. But this is my home! It’s his words that are foreign to me.”

onezero, along with all the other adults at Cradle Rock, loves the way it feels to have kids in the family. She has a well of creative energy to draw upon, and her paintings present richly colored portraits of bounty, family, and love.


“I must have seen this image somewhere.”

When she listens to the buzz from her home planet, she hears the song of family, how our love reaches and connects us with those across time and space. It’s why she’s here, she knows this now, so that, through her, the thousand and more can learn to love those that walk this digital earth.


She’s always listening.

“I got the greatest idea,” Redbud said. “There’s just two of us, and six of them, right? But we’re twins! We’ve got the power of twindom to support us! All we got to do is figure out what we want to do, and then we can do it!”

“Sounds good, Red,” Alder replied. “There’s just one thing. Mom and Uncle Doug are twins, too.”

Alder and Redbud

“Huh! I forgot about that! At least we’re cuter!”