Summer Camp: For Goofballs Everywhere

Felicity’s story composed by ShannonSimsFan. For more great stories by Shannon, see Simdale Valley Post.

CT: Do you know what hour it is? Goofball hour! Who’s got a good joke?


Fiona: Did you hear this one? What’s the llamas’ favorite musical? Llamadeus!


Felicity: Stop! Stop! My tummy hurts from laughing!

Fiona: At least I can tell jokes. Remember when I would get in trouble from joking around?

Felicity and Fiona: “Now, young lady! This isn’t the time for jokes! Go to your room!”


Fiona and Felicity: Ah, hahaha! Grown-ups!


Felicity: I like your jokes.

CT: You know, Fiona, as a goofball, you’ve got a special gift! You’ve got the gift to make everybody laugh and stop taking every little thing so seriously! And it’s just a hop, skip, and a jump from there to true happiness!

Dillan: Yoom! This cupcake brings me true happiness!

Cathy Tea

Fiona: This reminds me of a story I invented.

Leroy the Llama lived in the hoity-toity part of Willow Creek, with his family of llamas.


Laurence, his father, was a lawyer llama. Lillian, his mother, was a Chef Llama.


And Lorraine, his sister, was going to be a Business Llama. When Leroy looked around, he often saw things that made him laugh. Or things that were silly. And he would laugh or giggle or make a face, or make a joke, or play a trick. But the rest of his family was serious and proper and prim, and Leroy was always getting into trouble.


Leroy stuck his tongue out at the dinner table and pestered his sister.

“That’s inappropriate,” his father said.


Leroy told his dad, “Look!” when nothing was there.

“Leroy Atticus Llama,” his mother said, “you know better than that.”

Leroy told a penguin joke to his mom. “What is the penguin’s aunt’s name? Aunt Artica of course!”

“When will you grow up?” his sister, Lorraine said.


Then Leroy would go to his room and wonder why no one else thought it was funny. Would his family ever see the funny things he did?

Leroy came out into the living room while his mom was having a bridge party.


There were so many ladies, all dressed up, and so serious. Leroy Llama thought they needed a laugh. He started to tell a weird animal joke.


Leroy said to the serious, dressed up ladies, “What did the farmer call the cow that had no milk?”


Leroy’s mother said, “Young man, you may leave the room. Go to your room!”

As Leroy left, he called out loudly “An udder failure!” burst into laughter, and ran out of the room.


After his mother’s guests left the party, she came to his room. She was really mad at Leroy, and she told him that he had embarrassed her in front of her friends. Leroy felt ashamed.

That night, Leroy decided that he would not be playful anymore. He decided he would be as serious as the rest of his family and more proper than any of them.

The next day, Leroy’s sister said, “Leroy, why are you so quiet today?”

The day after that, Leroy’s dad said, “I miss Leroy’s funny antics.”

On the third day of being serious, Leroy’s mom came to tuck him in.


“Leroy, I was wrong to think so much of the opinion of my friends that I didn’t appreciate how you make everyone around you happy. I am sorry, Leroy. Can you forgive me?”

Leroy and his mom decided that she would give him a signal if it was a bad time for a joke or prank. That way, Leroy Llama could learn when it was appropriate to be playful and tell jokes. And otherwise, the rest of the family would try to lighten up and enjoy Leroy Llama’s playfulness!


CT: What a great story, Fiona!

Fiona: I made up this story after I got in trouble for pranking my mom, and my grandma Delaney came to comfort me and help me think about appropriateness.

CT: You know what, Fiona? I was thinking the other day about how happy we’ve all been–I look around and I see smiles on every one of our faces. And I think it might just have something to do with there being three goofballs in camp this session! Lola, me, and you! What do you think?


Felicity: I think I got a riddle for you: Eight llamas were standing under an umbrella. It was way too small for all of them to fit under. But none of them got wet. How come?

Everybody: It wasn’t raining!