The Penultimates

Sugar reminds me that now every major event is the penultimate. A Pinstar legacy officially ends with the birth of the first gen 10 child, so the gen 9 experience of most life events will be the last, making the gen 8 experience the next to last. I will keep playing this family until the gen 10 child reaches young adulthood and is prepared for whatever new adventures await, but that’s the epilogue, post legacy and free from any but the rules my Sims and I make up.

Yesterday was Doug’s elder birthday. We waited to see if he would choose to go through with it. If he did, he would be in the next-to-last generation of elders (depending on what Alder and Redbud choose to do with their servings of youth potion).

Today was Redbud and Alder’s teen birthday–the next-to-last set of teen birthdays we’ll see in this legacy.

“Do you see now why I chose to stick around?” Sugar asked me. “We’re so close I can taste it. I want to be there for the end.”

It helps me so much to know she’s made the commitment to be there. Somehow, I can face the ending of the legacy with a braver heart knowing that Sugar’s there to see it through with me. I know that Sugar will help us plan something amazing once it’s all done.


“Hey! I’m here to help!”

We celebrated all day–whether Doug chose to spin or not, we decided it was worth setting aside the entire day to enjoy family, friends, and Sugar’s impeccable cooking.


“Hey. I know quality, right? I’m a snob! And this chicken stir-fry tastes five-star!”

Mesquite’s ghost hung around through breakfast. He’s grown so fond of this family line–all these great, great, grandkids of his sister, Acacia. Who would have thought? Besides, for a ghost, there’s something consoling about family members who choose to stay young: Sugar’s use of the youth potion brings him comfort. She’ll be around long enough that, even with his own ghost’s sense of timelessness, he feels like he can actually have a chance to get to know her.


“I guess I am a good cook, if you say so, nephew!”

In the afternoon, we called up the neighbors and a few friends. As the kitchen filled with the dancing men, it felt like a real party.

“Glad you guys are liberated enough to provide the entertainment yourselves!” Tam called. “Me and the girls can just sit here and enjoy the sausage fest!”


Don’t worry–it’s New Age music!

I kept checking Doug’s inventory–there was the white cup. I kept watching his queue. He drank a few drinks from the bar, but those were the only beverages consumed.

With just a few minutes left of the party, we headed out to the cake. It looked like Doug had decided to go through with it.


“Ok, Doug! All the candles are lit.”

As he made his wish, Sugar belted out a song, not the typical, “Aba doo” birthday song, but a new one that she made up just for her nephew. She sang it like an opera star. It was maybe a little too loud for onezero, but Doug and I loved it.


“He’s the best, above the reeest!”

Doug spun with a smile. Elderhood suits him! I never saw him smile so broadly! There’s nothing like making a tough decision and then feeling right about it. He feels that this will be his best life stage. I hope he’s around for a long time to enjoy it.


“This feels so right!”

Early in the morning, while the adults still slept, the twins enjoyed a wee-hour breakfast of Sugar’s famous stir-fried chicken.

“So this is it!” Alder said. “Our big day! A new trait! A new aspiration! And tomorrow, a new school!”


“Yoom! It’s right what Uncle Doug says! Five-star at least!”

“Naw,” said Redbud. “It’s the same old school. But new teachers! New mischief! You ready to let loose the gerbils?”


“We can do so much more mischief as teens!”

The adults tumbled out of bed around mid-morning, and Sugar whipped up brunch for everyone.

“I like being the patriarch,” Doug said.

“I thought we were a matriarchy,” Nathanael interjected.

“Really?” Doug answered. “I thought we were all about equity.”


“Isn’t it Tam who’s in charge around here?”

The same guests came over for the penultimate teen birthday party.

Red could hardly see over the counter to wish on the birthday candles.


“Make a good wish, little Bud!”

Redbud grew up beautifully. She gained the glutton trait, which makes me happy, since, so far, the two Sims to autonomously drink youth potion are both gluttons. And her new aspiration is Friend of the World, fitting for this friendly girl!


“I sort of wished I’d rolled loner. It would support my bookworm trait better.”

Next was Alder’s turn, with Red there to cheer him on.

“You can do it, Alder! Just spin!”


Alder wished long and hard.

He spun! That birthday brightness filled him up, and he felt like he could do anything! Mansion Baron? Piece of cake! His great aunt Sugar did that on her teen birthday–why not him? He also got a sudden interest in the finer things in life–he’s a snob like his mom and Uncle Doug.


“This feels awesome!”

He left his shoulders behind him in childhood and carried forward that Bough grin. I-dub and Palo Verde would be proud. He looks like a Bough man.


Definite family resemblance all down the line!

Redbud is already thinking about her future responsibilities. It’s likely the heirship will fall to her, as the eldest by a minute. We’d need a goofball roll by Alder (with her not rolling it) in order for him to wrest the title of heir away.

She feels she’ll be ready for it. She’s been watching her mom. She knows her great aunt Shug and her aunt onez will be around to offer guidance and support. And she knows, too, that every major thing she does will be the next-to-last.


She’s ready.