Summer Camp: Half Plum

Many thanks to Marty for writing Marty, Dillan, and Violet’s part of this conversation and for the beautiful drawing. You can read all of Marty’s great works at his Simblr, Sims on Paper


Marty: Do you think that they will recognize me?

CT: I think they will recognize something familiar in you–you will feel like home.


Marty: I’m not so sure. They have never heard of me. I am a little scared to be honest. And are they really going to believe that I’m their fairy godfather?

CT: Kids have a way of knowing what is true! They haven’t yet forgotten what magic feels like. So when they enter into a magic moment, they haven’t yet learned to doubt it. They will feel what connects them to you, and then, they’ll know that we give special words to that type of connection. That’s what “fairy godfather” signifies–that special connection.

Marty: I feel better now, phew… You always make me feel at ease.


Marty: So, what have the kids been busy with lately? This is your fourth session, right? What a fun Summer Camp!

CT: Yes! This is the fourth session! And two more after this, plus the SimSelf session! SimJim jokes that I’ll need to call it the Summer Misnomer Camp, because we’ll still be going in autumn! I just hope we finish before Plum Day!

These kids have been so busy. They’re working on an art show. And guess whose idea it was? Dillan’s! And he and Felicity are the official organizers, but of course Violet feels she must be at the center of the planning, so she’s providing many of the ideas.

Marty: Oh, you are doing an Art Show? Okay, I got more impatient now!

CT: It’s going to be so great! Dillan wants me to do 20 paintings. I agreed to three. Oh! Maybe you’d like to contribute a few paintings or a drawing! And the kids have been spending all their free time drawing. They play with doll house to get inspired, and then they draw. In fact, that’s them over there at the art tables!


Marty: They are drawing right now? Oh, can we go there already?

CT: For sure!



Dillan: Violet, who is that new guy with Cathy? Are they coming to us? Oh my Plumbob, they are! Ugh, act innocent and look down at the paper!

Violet: And why should I do this?


Dillan: Because he’s new…

Violet: Aren’t you finally going to come out of your shyness? I mean since he’s with Cathy, he has to be a good guy.

Dillan: Ugh… Ummm…


Violet: And he totally looks like he’s from another Plumbob!

Dillan: Agh, they stopped walking towards us…

Violet: I’ll call you Mr. Witty Flower.

Dillan: That makes like no sense.

Violet: So what? It’s cool, anyway.


Marty: Are those my precious little gems?

CT: That’s them. Aren’t they something?


Marty: Oh, they look plummy–just as I expected them to be!

CT: They’re so smart and so sure of what they want and who they are!

Marty: Okay, I can’t wait to meet them!

CT: Hey, guys! This is Marty. He’s a good friend to me, and he’s really something special to you! He’s your fairy godfather!


Violet: Hello, grandfather!

Dillan: Gihihi…

Violet: I thought you were shy.


Marty: Okay…

CT: I think we all feel a little shy when we meet someone new, right? I know I do! I feel like I’ve got soda pop bubbles bursting inside of me!

Violet: So he is like our guardian angel? Like a fairy?


Marty: Oh, I’ve got no wings, which I’m sorry about.

Dillan: We can draw you some. Would you like us to?

Marty: Oh, sure! I want them in lime green color!

Dillan: Done!


Marty: Oh, I think I am more plummy. You can draw my body like a bitten doughnut.

Dillan: But then you wouldn’t be complete.

Marty: Exactly! We are never complete; we are like drawings. You can think it’s finished, but there still might be a chance to add so much more. Or you can add too much and become unhappy with what you’ve created. So, I’d say you better leave some space there, just in case you want to add something later.


Dillan: That’s neat! I almost got what you were talking about!

Violet: So, Marty, where do you come from?

Marty: Well, I come from many places, right now I’m coming from a pleasant conversation with Cathy. We had so much fun and so much ice cream, which I guess you’ve also tried!

Dillan: Oh, Cathy Team’s ice cream is the best!

Violet: But where do you live?


Marty: Let’s say I live in the future! It’s all really beautiful like here, but I bet the ice cream will never be good as Cathy’s.

I heard you were doing an Art Show! What are you most excited about it?

Dilan: Drawing!

Violet: I am most excited about working with the other kids. You have to meet them! They are super nice and plummy!

Marty: Maybe I can meet them if I have time! Cathy, when is the Art Show? Will you be inviting guests?

CT: It’s at the end of this session, which is half-way to never! And we’re inviting loads of guests! First, all the Stuffies are coming. Then we’re inviting all the fairy godpeople, and the SimSelves, and our friends. I think we’ll go on for days and days with Art Show Ice Cream Parties! We want you to come to all of them! Even the one for Stuffies!


Marty: Well, I guess that I’ll meet everyone then! I am super excited to see all your finished artwork, kids!

Dillan: Wait, but what if we don’t finish our work, just like that?

Marty: You can never say if an artwork is finished or not. Art can’t be defined, nor the things that can tell you if something is finished or not. Can you tell now what you will finish this drawing with?


Dillan: No, I have no idea…

Marty: You see? That’s the missing piece! The missing piece of a finished work! And I believe that this piece is something very special, something that we can’t think of by ourselves at the moment, but it is something that you start feeling after some time.

Violet: What? I don’t get it…

Marty: Let’s say that Dillan draws me like a half-eaten doughnut, and then he doesn’t feel like it looks like me, or that after all, the work doesn’t look as he expected. Then he can draw the other half that makes the doughnut whole. Like me and Cathy! She is half-plum and I am half-plum, but combined, we are one big plummy plum!


Violet: So, when you draw a half and then you think of somebody you appreciate–

Dillan: You get a plum!

Violet: That’s not what I was going to say!

Dillan: And eat it!

Violet: No!

Dillan: Plummingly!


Violet: No, Mr. Witty Flower! You get the other half when you appreciate somebody! That’s when you know the drawing is finished!

Marty: That’s it! You are so smart, Violet!

Dillan: Now I want to eat plums. Do you have any, Cathy?

CT: Umm. We have strawberries! With ice cream!

Dillan: I believe that mom will be very happy if she knows that we’ve eaten fruits!


Violet: Do you really think that I’m eating plums and not cupcakes and ice cream? On Summer Camp?! Ooops… I probably shouldn’t have said that.

CT: I think your mom will be happy with our diet! The cream and milk we use in the ice cream is organic and hormone free from happy free-range cows! And I add shade-grown organic free-trade chocolate and organic fruit! Everything’s healthy and wholesome for healthy and wholesome kids!

Violet: Plum!

Marty: Oh, I understand how you must feel, Violet! I was on a vacation abroad once and I had to be on a healthy diet. I am so sorry now that I recall it, but I’m thinking about the positive side of it! Your mom just wants you to be healthy.


Dillan: She’s a doctor!

Violet: Dr. Mom Erica!

Marty: I think that it’s time I go now. Do you know that I’m still going to school? I have a painting plein air starting soon!

Dillan: What do you draw?

Marty: Landscapes, houses, people… all that you like!

Dillan: Oh, I wish I can go to one some day!

Marty: Oh, you will go to many more! Focus on your Art Show and drawings now! They are the way to the successful paintings!

Violet: I wish you could stay more! I like how bright green your Plumbob is!


Marty: Haha! We will sure see each other again!

Violet: We will miss you for now!

Marty: I will miss you, too! And you, Cathy!

CT: Half-plum, I’ll see you tomorrow!

Marty: I’ll have to go now! Try to finish your drawings! I can’t wait to see them all! Wish good luck and greet all the other kids from me!

Violet: We will! Bye, fairy godfather!


Dillan: Bye, Marty!

CT:  Oh! I’ve got to go make spaghetti for supper! Organic tomatoes, my little plumberries!

Marty: Goodbye, see you in a blink of an eye with blueberry pie!



Violet: I like this plum fairy!

Dillan: He’s not a fairy!

Violet: Okay, he’s a half plum!

Dillan: I think I finished this drawing.


Violet: What did you draw in that empty half space?

Dillan: You and me.