Summer Camp: Big Sibling, Little Sibling

(Many thanks to SummerFalls and his actual little sister, Amelia Love, for writing this. For more by this Joel, see SummerFalls’ Stories.)

Amelia: Hallo, Mrs. Bear! How are you today on this fine morning? Come on! Give me a hug!

Mrs. Bear: Well, well, well, If it isn’t little Miss. Amelia? How long has it been since we saw each other? I think too long!


Amelia: Well, you know it has been just fabulous at the camp, I love the camp and I mean loooooooooooveeeee!

Mrs. Bear: You seem very excited about this camp! What have you been doing so far? It seems very exciting 🙂

Amelia: Well I’ve had an art gallery exhibition, had some amazing cupcakes made by my own brother as well!

Mrs. Bear: Well that sounds very nice.


Amelia: Hello Joel, I’ve just been talking to my very good friend, Mrs. Bear! I’m glad that she could come to Summer Camp along with me!

Joel: Amelia, you’re looking so cute today! It must be your smile, it’s full of sunshine!


Amelia: So, I need to ask you something… DID YOU STEAL ALL OF MY COOKIES?! IF YOU DID GIVE THEM BACK!

Joel: No, I didn’t. Although, if I did, what’re you going to do about it?

Amelia: So you did steal them?!

Joel: YES! You had my favourite flavour, but don’t worry, I’m working on incorporating them into a new cupcake flavour.

Amelia: Really?! Awesome!


Amelia: Anyway, do you like being a Summer Camp Councillor?

Joel: Yes! I really do like being a Summer Camp Councillor because even though I’m a bit of a crazy guy, I do love what each kid has taught me so far. I think that after Summer Camp, I will send letters out to each kid because we should catch up!


Amelia: Well I got everything all sorted out for me. You could say that what I have planned in my schedule is FLAWLESS.

Joel: Schedule? How did you get to figure out a schedule? What is in your schedule?!

Amelia: Talking with the other kids, talking with Mrs.Bear and also drawing fabulous paintings.

Joel: Right, so I’m guessing you’ll be heading back inside soon, right?


Amelia: Hehe, your funny Joel, but you need to cut down on the jokes, okay?

Joel: So, you’re not. Awesome! Let’s talk for a little while longer. What do you want to talk about?


Amelia: Well, I want to tell you about everything what I did in camp!

Joel: I’m all ears, Little Love!


Amelia: So, we had a Art Expedition….. I met Mrs. Bear… I ate your cupcakes and.. and….

Joel: Yeah, we’ve only done that so far! But, you’ve made a lot of friends right?

Amelia: Yeah! Dillian and Violet and Lola and Fiona and Felicity are all my best friends! They’ve been so nice to me and we’ve even played really well together! I want to do MORE with them!

Joel: Wait and see! The Cathy Team have more up our sleeves than you think.


Amelia: Other than the secret cupcake recipe? Ooh! What do you do as a counsellor then?

Joel: Well, I make sure the Camp goes along smoothly with no major complications. I also make sure everyone has fun!

Amelia: Oh, that seems like what most of us kids do, we take care of each other!

Joel: Yeah, I really like the independence you all have because me and CT only have to guide you to places and give you a nudge and you do wonders all on your own.


Amelia: You are the best brother ever, thought I should tell you! Sh… don’t tell our older brother though.

Joel: Thank you and I won’t I promise!


Amelia: So… can you tell me what you have planned for the rest of the Summer Camp? I won’t tell the other kids, but just tell me, please please please!!

Joel: No! I’m not telling since everything is a surprise. What do you think is going to happen?

Amelia: Well, I’m not actually sure to be honest. But, I bet it’s going to be fun!


Joel: On that note, I should get going. I’m going to go make some cupcakes for dessert tonight and for breakfast tomorrow, because sugar doesn’t affect us in this world! Well, except for weight gain but that’s what our metabolism is for!

Amelia: Leaving so soon?

Joel: We can talk again soon, I promise!

Amelia: Alright then! Bye Joel, love you!

Joel: Bye Amelia, love you too!