The Blogaversary: Match that wish, and raise you five!

Many thanks to the Simmers for contributing the longer comments and reflections for their Sims.


Karen Wontothree (Carewren123): Vadish!

CT: Karen, I’m so glad you came. What are you giving vadish for?

Karen Wontothree: More than anything, I feel thankful for the supportive community of readers and fellow writers I’ve become a part of. I never would have thought that people I know only online could be such wonderful friends to have.


CT: Oh, I agree! There’s just something about sharing our Sims, our selves, and our stories!

Karen: And I’m also thankful for how much I’ve learned over the past year. I love learning new things, and this adventure has allowed me to learn many new things–and it has been so much fun.


CT: Gosh, it has been fun, hasn’t it? What specific challenges have you faced this past year with your blogging?

Karen Wontothree: Setting up a blog was completely new to me when I started last year. I remember thinking after the first day, if it always takes me this long to put a post together, I won’t be doing this for very long. Thankfully it got easier as I got used to doing it. I might not update my stories as often as some, but this is a hobby that I have completely fallen in love with during this past year.


CT: Your blogs always look so professional, Karen! And I’m so excited that you’re moving over to WordPress! It just makes it that much more community!

Karen: Vadish!


CT: Hey, Marketa and Marina! It’s great to see you for our blogaversary party! Marketa, I’m glad you were able to take a break from writing The Bloomers to drop by! But I want you to know that the house where you’re staying has a computer and fast Internet, so you can still make a few posts, ok? You don’t want to keep your readers waiting. We love the Bloomers!

Marketa (ThePlumbbob): Ok!  I wanted to be sure to come to wish all of the blogs that we can all reunite at another blogaversary in a year’s time! Hopefully by then I will be more caught up with more of them. :)


Marina: Cathy, I’m so excited to be here! A million hugs for you!

CT: Thanks, Marina! I’m so happy you came!


Marina: So, what did the blogger say to the comic book writer?

Marketa: I have no idea. What did the blogger say to the comic book writer?

Marina: Don’t look now, I’m changing my theme!


CT: Oh, I think I get it!


CT: Wait. Is that funny?

Marketa: I thought it was funny!


Marina: But seriously, I’ve been following your legacy since generation 3, more or less when I got to play TS4 myself. Words can’t explain how much I have learned from you, not only game-wise, obviously, but in terms of true life lessons.

CT: Aw, Marina. Vadish. So, I’ll see you and Marketa at the open house tomorrow?

Marina: Sure! We’ll come!


CT: Hey, Manda!

Manda (dougsbaby12): Hi, Cathy! I wish you and all the others a happy blogaversary.


CT: Thanks, Manda!

Manda:  All these blogs are truly amazing and inspiring.

CT: Your blog, Sim Tales Woven, inspires me, Manda. And! Next month is your blogaversary! I think I’ve been following you for about the whole time!

Marketa: They are inspiring. Why, you know, the Pruetts have taught me about the power of transformation (whether it be physical or emotional) through Bianca.


CT: Mia! You made it!

Mia Watcher (marcellala): Hi, CT! I’m so glad to be here!


CT: I really enjoyed talking about your Prettacy last week in Book Club!

Mia: Thank you!

CT: Will you join us at our Blogaversary open house?

Mia: I wouldn’t miss it!

CT: Oh my Plumbobs! Look over there by the canal! It’s Debbie Van High! Debbie! Hi! Haha! Hi, Debbie Van High! How are you? How’s it going? Don’t mind me while my fangirl’s got my tongue!


Debbie Van High: Hey, CT! How am I doing? Well, life as a Sim can be tough. Your player creates you, molds you into their form and then plops you into the world and lets you either run free or micromanages your life. Or, they shut down your save file and send you off to other hard-drives where who knows what might happen!

CT: Oh, I hope only good things will happen here! We’ll try to keep the plumbobs green!

Debbie: Being a Sims isn’t all bad, I’m in a world where I can eat all the chocolate cake and cup cakes that I want and managing my weight is only a slider away. I bet you all that our fleshies are jealous of that!

CT: That reminds me! Joel is bringing cupcakes, and I’m crafting up some fancy gelato!


CT: Speaking of our fleshies, what can you tell me about yours?

Debbie: So, what about my fleshy? She’s VanityHigh, she’s a wilty flower, she’s a fixer and she’s got a million different ideas floating around her head. Vanity’s been a Sims player FOR-EVER, so she was super excited to pre-order the Sims 4. She logged back into her EA account and began reading the forums, eventually finding her home in the creative corner.


CT: That’s my Forums neighborhood, too. I seldom if ever venture out.

Debbie: Once the Sims 4 were released she read the stories that her fellow forumers were posting about their Sims and inspiration struck; she had no idea that people did this, and she could put together two of the things she loves together. Starting with a failed Legacy start, getting around three chapters in before the rules were changed and she went back from being a Member to a New Member, Vanity settled on making a WordPress blog. It was created shortly after the Sims 4 launched and was a dedicated blog for The Ferguson Diaries. More story ideas started popping into her brain so was created for all her stories to live and be read.


CT: I love The Ferguson Diaries. I really love all your stories. Your blog is like a village to me–when I head over there, I feel like I’m traveling to Vanity Highland!


Debbie: So here we are, a whole year later, and my fleshy is still be a bit of a daft wilty flower. She’ll disappear and lurk and then get bursts of involvement. She’s a strange fleshy, but she’s my fleshy and let’s face it, you wouldn’t have the pleasure of having me on your hard-drives if she wasn’t around.

CT: And I’m so glad that we have that pleasure. See you at the open house tomorrow!


CT: JulyVee! It’s awesome to meet you!

JulyVee: Likewise! I’m so happy to be here! I discovered most of these blogs through the book club and I appreciate that they all got me hooked from the beginning. I appreciate Rachel’s casual simming, which is a lot of fun to read, I enjoy Get a Clue‘s mysteriousness and unique characters, and I appreciate your philosophical insights into the Sim world. I love all of these blogs and I hope they continue to be awesome.

CT: Gosh, me, too. And I love your blog, too. Your writing is so inspiring to me, and at the Forums, folks are always talking about how you’ve inspired them to start Amazon Challenges!


CT: Hey, you know what? I just realized we’ve got a global community here! Bulgaria, Germany, England, Scotland, Wales, Spain, Asia, all over the US! Who’s from Canada? That’s amazing that we’re all gathered here to celebrate!

JulyVee: It’s something worth celebrating! These blogs have been around for a year, and I wish that they’ll be around a lot longer! I wish that the awesome community of SimLit writers we have stays together and stays this supportive and great.

CT: I’ll match that wish and raise you five!