The Blogaversary: “Hey, I know you!”

Sims’ dialogue graciously provided by their Simmers–thank you, lovelies! 

JJ (JordanNicoleJJ): Gah, SimLit has changed my life in so many good ways this past year–and many of these writers are personally responsible for that.


JJ: The community of SimLit writers is so welcoming, especially CathyTea, who encouraged me to join the Storytellers thread, which is where I met many of these wonderful people and discovered their amazing stories!


JJ: Each person brings so much to the community: Carewren’s Ana Pringle story is full of love and life lessons; FloorRasin’s Wolff Legacy contains quite possibly the best love story I’ve ever read, SimLit and other literature included; Jes2G’s Pruett Family Legacy had just the right amount of drama to completely hook me; RachelRosebud’s Gather Ye Rosebuds rotation gave so much personality to the Maxis pre-mades–I always want to play my own after I read her blog!


JJ: I could go on and on forever about how much I love these writers, but I’ll keep it short and just say thank you. Thank you for giving me the gift of your words and friendship.

Cathrine Henry (Simlady36): I feel thankful that the writers of these blogs take the time to read mine and never comment on how bad my writing is.

CT: Hey, I heard that, Cathrine! I love your stories! Your first legacy was so much fun, and you are the inventor of the Foster Child Challenge. Plus your own foster child story is so classic! And don’t forget about how awesome The Life of Lydia Mods is! I love your blog. And yours, too, Jordan, Rory, and Miss Penguin!


Cathrine Henry: In my Meet the Fosters story most of the children are hoping to complete their aspirations and get the A in school before their birthday. If they don’t they will be forced to drink youth potion. I also love how everyone’s Sims make an appearance in another Simmer’s story at some point. It will.make it easy when I get to some of the blogs I’ve yet to read. I’ll be like, “Hey, I know you.”

Miss Penguin: I started by reading CT’s Goofy Love and through her I found other blogs to read, Wolff Legacy (Ede is my all time favorite…well, besides the handsome Elder) and the Robfam blog. Those three made me really want to read more and even join in on the SimLit. Because of these I am writing now, playing a legacy, and I have met so many wonderful forum and writing friends!

Miss P

CT: Oh, hearing you mention RobFam brings back so many memories of those happy early days, right, Marty? Remember when you made that Plum head for that Robinson boy? That was hilarious!

Marty: Ha, yeah!

CT: Marcus is such a true community leader. He’s busy with his career in theater, so he’s stopped his Sim blog for now. But what a legacy he left! Jes2G likes to point out that it was RobFam, way back early in the TS4 days, who began this wave of collaboration that keeps building! First he had his “Where’s Plumbob” series which really engaged views, and which, with his encouragement, I’ve borrowed a few times! Then, he invited our Sims to attend Angela and LeSean’s wedding and his art and music festival! I sent Young CT and Emma Bennet. Jes sent Giancarlo! It was amazing. And out of that came Plum Day and S-GAS. And now Freezer Bunny Holiday Simifest and SimSelf Adventures and Purple Day and so much more! Even this big party!

Miss Penguin: All of these stories are so wonderful!

CT: Hey, Miki! I hear you’re a fan of the Wolff Legacy!


Miki (Suzy Wong): Yes, I am. It was the second SimLit story I got into. I’m a friend of the author, and although I jumped on board late enough to be behind reams of digital paper, I forged ahead and found it to be eminently readable.


CT: Eminently… as in some of the best of the best! What was your experience reading it like?

Miki:  I actually saw an example of what so many of us are taught as kids: “First Impressions may Be Lasting Impressions but They’re Seldom Accurate Ones.” I’ll summarize it as quickly as I can: When a townie entered the game and was considered a potential legacy spouse. Her name was Estrella. She came across all wrong in the beginning and even the author disliked her intensely, to the point of calling her “Estrella-Witch.” But Estrella kept showing up and her better nature came into view. In the end, her passing was actually mourned by the author, FloorRaisin.

CT: And mourned by her readers, too. Estrella is on my short list of favorite Sims. Plus, she’s Elder’s grandma. What brings you to SimLit, Miki?


Miki: Among the plugs for Sims 4 was the slogan, “Their stories are yours to tell, yours to imagine.” Nowhere on any forum is that slogan brought to such brilliant fruition than in Sim Literature. The Wolff Legacy is but one of a plethora of very thoughtful, thought-provoking and carefully written stories which bring Sims to life in a way few outside of those who enjoy the game could possibly imagine. Additionally, though I do not do legacy play, when a writer who knows what he or she is doing takes us on a journey through the “years” one comes to get involved in these stories as surely as one might find oneself engrossed in a book in the library or any productions on television, stage, or screen.


CT: Oh, yes! I agree. From ephemeraltoast and Candi20765’s TS2 stories, to Seraphaeli’s TS3 ISBI, to the blogs we’re celebrating today, my SimLit reading experiences match any other reading experience I’ve had–even that summer that I read the Pevear and Volokhnosky translation of War and Peace and I thought my life was changing forever. Reading Wolff Legacy and so many other SimLit stories is right up there! Even as rewarding as reading Jane Austen for the 15th time!

Miki: So, my turn, what’s the most rewarding aspect of all this literary creativity for you?

CT: Oh, an outlet for goofballism, maybe? Chance to rub elbows with the SimLiterati? A reason to stay up way past my bed-time?


CT: Nah, seriously, I guess as with any literature–or even with any form of art–it’s the impact it has on me. Literature and art bring compassion, understanding, humor, and healing. And each of the blogs we’re celebrating today has done that for me.

JRose: Oh…they’ve all touched me in some way!


CT: What are some of the things that stick with you from your reading of these blogs, JRose?

JRose: There is always something beautiful to be found in each moment. Struggles and hardships are all part of life, but what matters is how you view them and who you surround yourself with when you’re dealing with them. I find that to be one of life’s most meaningful lessons.

CT: And what do you appreciate most about this past year of blogging?


JRose: Community above all. Here are a group of people who love two things that are so important to me: writing and Simming. I don’t have to explain myself to this crowd–they just get it! Reading these blogs has taught me how unique we all are, but how similar, too. We love our Sims. We get into their worlds. Do you know how hard that is to find in my everyday, this-side-of-the-screen life? I am grateful that, through reading these blogs, I have connected with people whom I consider to be true friends.


Come back soon… the Blogaversary continues in the next chapter!