The Blogaversary: All the Beautiful Creative Hearts

Many thanks to Simmers for providing words for their SimSelves.
Author/Simmer’s note: My apologies for the “skinny mirror” effect on some SimSelves in this game. This save has  a “skinny glitch,” and so many of the SimSelves don’t maintain their beautiful right-sized shapes. We will be trying to right-size them through game play–wish us luck!

eXokamikaze (Ninjapig): I just love the Sims that are featured in all of these blogs. I love that we get to see how they live, think, love, and grow through the eyes and imagination of the authors. Without these blogs, we wouldn’t get the chance to know such beautiful characters, and I know that many of us have personal attachments to them as if we knew them in person.

Miki: My favorite character from the Wolff Legacy is Anemone, mostly because I root for the underdog and the founders are the least developed and most forgotten in windy and winding legacy tales.

CT: Oh! Miss Penguin has suggested that we have a Founders’ Day! Wouldn’t that be an awesome way to recognize the contributions of all of our founders? Getting back to what eXo was saying, I know you’ve mentioned a few times about how much you gain from these blogs. Can you expand?


eXokamikaze: I think I understand more about the importance of being kind and compassionate to one another. Life is already hard on each one of us, and we don’t need to add to that by caustic words and actions. Every time I read a heartfelt comment of appreciation about a story, or see that a Sim has been gentle with another Sim, I feel so happy inside. Each blogger has helped to inspire that in me, and I’m hoping to express that in my every day life more.

CT: eXo, your blog is so rich in compassion! I enjoy the understanding you demonstrate for each of your Sims. You also leave such kind comments along your reading trail. Everyone here does, really. Shannon, I’ve been touched so often by your thoughtful comments on my blog and on the blogs of nearly every SimLit story I read! I don’t know how you manage to read so much, and I really admire your thoughtfulness.

ShannonSimsFan: I am grateful to be part of this Simming community, where Simmers share their Sims and themselves through their pictures and writing, and generously share their time to read and comment on others’ work.

CT: I know! It’s inspiring, right?


ShannonSimsFan: The care that I’ve seen given to Simmers who are hurting or working through difficult things builds my faith in people and really encourages me. To have the opportunity to get to know each of you through your blogs, your comments, your Sims, and your creative gifts, is such a privilege.

CT: I love your blog, Shannon. The Tesla story is inspiring to me. I find Delaney to be a bit of a role model.Congratulations on a year of TS4 blogging, and I’m so excited that you’re also continuing with your TS2 rotational story!

Manda (dougsbaby12): I just want to wish all the blogs a happy blogaversary! May you have another great year!


CT: And you, too, Manda! In October, your blog will have been going for a  year! Think of all the great stories you’ve shared with us! Your ISBI and your legacy have touched so many of us! Crystal, Cyndi, and Corey Pace have become real friends in several of our games!

JRose: The Pruetts was my first ever legacy read! I appreciate that simply because it got me started on my blog! The blog itself, though, I love because of the intricate story lines–they truly get to the heart of the matter, even if that’s sometimes just drama! I feel like I know all of the characters on meaningful levels, which takes a lot of skill as a writer.


ThePlumbob: The Pruetts have taught me that lust does not a legacy marriage make :D but on a more serious note, the message of the importance of communication in relationships and taking time with big decision rather than jumping into things is a timeless one, and the Pruetts really showcase that over the generations.

The Plumbob

Jes2G: By the time I started Pruett Family Legacy, I had been blogging for ten years so it wasn’t a foreign concept to me. But, of course, I never really had to think about graphics that much, so I didn’t consider how big the screenshots come natively from the game. I ran out of storage space in WordPress in like six or seven months! I learned so much this past year. I finally saw that when I am truly passionate about something, I can and will stick with it.

JRose: This woman can write a book, can’t she?!? For me, I’ve learned a lot about the art of writing through her stories–how to set a stage, lay hints, organize the story, etc. The way the characters are written are what tug at my heart strings; she keeps up with all of them and that makes me smile every time.

CT: I agree. Jes, your writing makes me want to curl up on a window seat with my nook and a cup of tea and read all afternoon! I’ll be first in line when your novel comes out!


JRose: Rachel, I love Gather Ye Rosebuds because of how unique it is! It is the first neighborhood rotation that I ever got into and for that I am thankful! I appreciate how easily it flows–there’s a great story line, but it’s also easy to drop in and out of. I love your attention to the different styles of the characters and your builds are truly to die for!

Rachel Rosebud: Thank you, Rosey! For me, the Wolff Legacy is one of my favorite reads. So funny and unforgettable and profoundly sweet.

CT: Both the Wolff Legacy and Gather Ye Rosebuds will always hold a special place for me, for they’re also among the first blogs I read, in addition to being so humorously, touchingly and lovingly written. Muse’s Whitefeather Legacy and the Ikeda legacy are on that same list for me of the first blogs I read.


Ojenn: I thoroughly enjoyed the Ikeda Legacy from Meggles; it’s very inspiring to see someone finish a legacy challenge and really pushes me to start and complete my own. I have a terrible time with my game crashes and rogue files but perhaps someday.

RachelRosebud: This is very cool that she successfully completed 10 generations. I’m sure it’s a great feeling to accomplish the legacy challenge. I haven’t gotten past two generations, lol.


CT: I’ve got such a special feeling for the Ikeda legacy family, for Aya still lives in the Hippie game. We’re all amazed with her. She’s a gen 6, and I think gen 6 are the Super Sims! You know, I largely play that game like an ISBI, and Aya autonomously programs, exercises, cleans the house, and makes meals. She is so productive! I also got to know Chiyo, one of the gen 10 kids, at Summer Camp, and we had so much fun together!

RachelRosebud: Muse’s first entry was back in September, another favorite of mine from way back a year ago.

CT: Yes! I can’t believe how deeply I connect with this story and these Sims. Muse took a break for a while, and when she came back this past spring, I was so moved to read about those Sims again! I really love them. That’s such amazing writing to bring the characters into our lives as if we knew them. It’s a gift that everyone here, guests and celebrants, shares!


Laura (capturedmuse): I’m grateful that people have been willing to continue reading the story even after long breaks on my end. Honestly, more than that, I really appreciate the community, I don’t actively participate as much as I used to due to being sick. I still really enjoy lurking and watching everyone grow. I wish I could have a reliable schedule again and that everyone stays healthy. Hmmmm, oh and that we get a University themed expansion pack this upcoming year!

RachelRosebud: I’m also thankful for the community that’s grown up around our Sims and our stories. I think we have something very special here, built not just on our shared love of the game, but on mutual friendships of creative hearts.


Miss Penguin: After reading The Willow’s Way in Book Club, I am in love. The style is so beautiful and full of emotion and the story is so touching and I am excited to see the future.

RachelRosebud: Specifically, regarding the conversation that Cathy and Marty shared with us, Conversations with … Marty, this was really insightful. Loved this post, and I really admire the planning and artistic talent and hard work put into his “The Willow’s Way”.

CT: Oh, Rachel, I’m so glad you enjoyed that conversation. Marty, I really enjoyed it, too. I’ve always known about your deep thinking through other conversations we’ve had, but when you shared the message that you hoped to convey through “The Willow’s Way,” it really touched me.

OJenn: “The Willow’s Way” really tugged at my heart strings; it was beautifully written and I got so wrapped up in all the characters. I love reading things like that. It’s like the author is inviting you into their minds.


JRose: I was drawn into this blog by the visuals and stayed because the story stole my heart. I think what I appreciate most about this blog is the details–each character has motives for doing what they do. Sometimes it’s obvious and other times there’s a hidden meaning that keeps me reading.

Jes2G: Masterful!

JRose: Marty, what a true sense of compassion you must have to write characters the way you do! I love Colleen. I feel like she loves people unconditionally, which reminds me to do the same. I also feel like both her and even Stuart are aware that it’s the small things in life that matter, so that resonates with me because I find that to be so important, too.


The party continues… come back soon for the final chapter.