Summer Camp: The Art Show Ice Cream Social Invitations

Felicity, Fiona, and Shannon’s conversation provided by ShannonSimsFan. For more great stories by Shannon, see Simdale Valley Post.

CT: Hey, kids! I’m heading over to the neighbors to invite them to the Art Exhibition Ice Cream Show! Who wants to come with me?

Dillan: Can’t. We’ve got to dance so we build up our inspiration then we’re gonna draw all day and into the night, right, Amelia?

Amelia: Right.

Lola: I can come, though, right, boss? I already finished my pictures.

Dillan: Yeah. You’re on the social committee.

Summer Camp

CT: Let’s start here at Shannon SimsFan’s house! I know that she wants to meet Felicity and Fiona!

Lola: Ok! She’s their fairy godmother, right?

CT: Yup!

CT and Lola

Lola: Hey! It’s Dillan and Violet’s fairy godfather! How come I don’t see his wings?

CT: Well, Dillan drew them in lime green, but I guess they’ve got invisibility power. I bet if you squint like this, you can see them.

Lola: Oh! I do! They’re beautiful!


Marty: Hi-hi, Lola and Cathy! How’s the art show coming along?

CT: It’s great! We’re almost ready! I think all our tasks will be complete by the opening!

Marty: Oh! That’s fantastic! Well done!

CT and Marty

CT: Well, Dillan and Felicity are really great at organizing. Anyway, that’s why we’re here. We want to be sure to invite Shannon. Is she around?

Marty: She’s out right now, but I’ll be sure to tell her about it.

CT: Will you ask her to drop by later this evening? I know she wanted to meet the Tesla kids, and they’ll be free after supper.

Marty: Ok! I’ll do that! See you in a few days at the opening!

CT: See ya, Half-plum.  Ok, Lola! Let’s head across the street to the SimSelf House!

Lola: Jessica! Will you come see our art show? It’s gonna be really big!


Jessica: Well, that depends. What kind of pictures do you have there?

Lola: We’ve got great ones! I even drew one of a sparkling macaroni rainbow!


Lola: And that’s not all! There’s gonna be ice cream! And red velvet cupcakes made by Mr. Cupcake magic happiness cupcake baker!

Jessica: Red velvet? I’m there!


Lola: I hope you come, too, Miss Rory! You’re pretty like a princess that stepped right out of a movie!

Rory: Why, thank you, Miss Lola! You look like a princess yourself, you know!


CT: Jordan, it shouldn’t be too crowded! Well, ok. I am inviting everybody I know, and then even some folks I don’t know yet asked if they could come, so, o.k. I take it back. It’ll be crowded.

Jordan: I’m not sure I can make it. I’ve got schoolwork, you know.


CT: I know! How about if you come to the pre-show! You can drop by before the official opening, just to check that we’ve got the paintings hung straight and in the best order, and make sure the ice cream is cold enough and sweet enough and flavorful enough!

Jordan: The official picture-checker and ice-cream taster? Yeah! I think I can handle that!

CT and Jordan

Lola: Miss Rory, will you tell everybody you know and invite them all to come? We want to make sure it will be packed!

Rory: I’ll tell everybody, Miss Lola! You guys will have a great turn-out!


Shannon SimsFan: Hi Felicity, hi Fiona! I’m from your hard drive at home, and CathyTea invited me to come by and see you!


Felicity: Have you seen my mom and dad, or grandma, or granddad?

Fiona: Or Triple G? She’s a ghost… but have you seen her?


Shannon: A long time ago, when your parents were young, I met your grandparents and your great aunt Cacey. But I’ve never met your parents, or your Triple G. I’d love to meet them though. Is there anything you’d tell them, if I could give them a message?

Fiona: I’d tell them that camp is really fun. Tell them that Violet told me, my skin color is called A48cc5, that’s a hex code.


Felicity: I’d tell them I miss home, but that I am curating an art show! Dillan and I are working together! Curating means, I’m organizing the paintings, and making sure everyone is on a schedule so they don’t get Stendahl’s syndrome.


Fiona: Don’t forget, Felicity, there’s going to be ice cream too!

Shannon: So what’s been your favorite thing at camp so far?

Felicity: We talked about what we want to be when we grow up

Shannon: And what did you say, Felicity?

Felicity: I want to be a famous writer, or own a company and make lots of money, to help people.


Fiona: I might be a scientist, like my mom or dad. I don’t know, because I’m a kid. But my favorite thing at camp is there are so many kids here to play with! Lola, and Dillan, and Amelia, and Violet!

Shannon: Well, I’m really glad to meet both of you, and I’m looking forward to seeing your art show.

Fiona: And eating ice cream?

Shannon: And eating ice cream!

Felicity: Wait! You can’t go yet!

Fiona: That’s right!

Shannon: Oh?


Felicity: It’s Animal Hat! And what do we do at Animal Hat?

Fiona: We dance!

Felicity: Come on, then!


Shannon: You kids dance really well!

Felicity: That’s because Mr. Dino taught Fiona, and she taught me!


Dance, dance, dance!
Everybody dance!