Any Party, Any Potion

Sugar Maple strode home from work wearing a smile of satisfaction: she’d just gained the promotion needed to complete the Master Chef aspiration. Soon, we’ll run out of aspirations that suit her, for the ones requiring that she make enemies, lovers, and babies don’t fit with her lifestyle, and the ones requiring her to roast beetles and catch fish don’t fit with my environmental ethics, which seem to have migrated to the digital world.


“You know, I think I’m in a party mood.”

So, for now, we’re going with Party Animal.

onez and Redbud don’t mind: gives them a chance to trot out the party clothes and dance.


“Nice default party outfit, little niece! I see you’re working that family animal hat tradition!”

Earlier that same day, Alder completed the Painter aspiration with, auspiciously enough, a portrait of Sugar which turned out to be a masterpiece.


Alder is a gifted artist: at least half of his paintings are masterpieces.

At Sugar’s first party, a plain old ordinary house party, she pulled out the serving of youth potion, with eight days still left before her next birthday.

So my newest theory about autonomous drinking of potions is that any party, any potion will do: gluttons just enjoy the smooth sip of a potion at a party.


“Doesn’t mean it’s not a smart decision, just because it’s not a birthday party!”

I began watching the other gluttons, each of whom has youth potion and perhaps another potion or two in his or her inventories.

Do you realize that we have four gluttons living at Cradle Rock? Alder is the only household member without the trait at present.

Sure enough, while hanging out at the bar with onez, Red pulled out the white cup and guzzled it down.


“This stuff is amazing, onez!”

I’m glad to see Redbud extend her young adult days, even if she did have nine left before her birthday. With a true glutton’s zest, she wants to fit in several lifetimes into her normal lifespan. Right now, every whim reveals her twinned focus of writing and learning all she can from aunt onezero.

The day before, wanting to give her every chance to meet a potential spouse, I sent her to the library. The librarian was cute, with that narrow-shouldered build and squinty-eyed gaze that the Bough women seem to favor. And their shared love of books sparked an immediate friendship.


“Imagine! Meeting a book-lover at the library! And you’re the librarian, no less!”

Though they talked until the end of the librarian’s shift, Red hasn’t rolled any whims to socialize with him. It seems pretty clear that he likes her–look at that smile! But she’s just demonstrating her usual friendly enthusiasm when she converses with him.


She’s enthusiastic with everyone she talks with.

Clarence, her park-boy friend who aged up with shoulders and a really cute smile, comes over often, and sometimes in a flirty mood. Their friendship has a full tank of green happiness between them.  I watch the way he looks at her; it looks like a crush to me.


“It’s not the cupcake that’s got the sparkle of excellence; it’s Red,” Clarence thinks.

But Redbud, right now, is so wrapped up in her writing that there’s simply no room for her to even consider the possibility of romance.

“So in the next chapter, the protagonist is going to discover that, all along, she was wrong! She was wrong about everything! It’s like total ego death! So what happens next? That’s what I’m excited about. I just can’t wait to discover how she continues after the whole floor of her self identity collapses and leaves here standing there… in thin air!”

While she outlined the theme for the next chapter of her newest novel, Clarence watched, with every appearance of listening. But his mind was taken with the spark of her eyes, the intensity of her voice, the total engagement with this creation of her imagination that she expressed with her every word. Enthusiasm like that is captivating.


Hang in there, Clarence! Once this novel is done, she just might notice the way you look at her!

Most of Sugar’s friends have kept their appointments with Grim, so the guest list, at present, for Sugar’s parties is rather lean. And when the party tasks involve flirting or kissing, we don’t currently have anyone on the lot who has anyone they want to flirt or kiss with!

So the aspiring party animal’s parties are rather tame.

That’s all right–for a loner like Alder, the tamer the party, the shorter the guest list, the happier he’ll be.


I guess it’s still a party if all we do is sit quietly together enjoying cake and the view across the canyon.

For a Sim who’s completed fourteen adult aspirations and four childhood ones, Sugar is remarkably laid back. She lets life flow–maybe that’s the secret of her great accomplishment.

“It doesn’t matter when we drink the potion,” she tells me, “whether it’s a birthday party with a sparkling life bar, or a house party with eight days left before our birthday spin. It doesn’t matter if we drink it because we’re gluttons who enjoy a smooth drink while we party, or if we drink it because we’ve calculated that doing so will extend our lives. It just matters that we’ve got the opportunity to drink it, the opportunity to live, the opportunity to pursue our passions on our timeline. Life flows, and that’s what lets it all happen as it should. Have faith. There’s more than you can understand at work here.”


That’s our Sugar! And can you pass me one of those mocha mint cupcakes?