Summer Camp: Counselors’ Journal – Final Summer Entry

This entry by Camp Counselor Joel Rochdale
(Many thanks to SummerFalls for writing this. For more by this author, see SummerFalls’ Stories.)

As the leaves begin to change colour, and the animals begin to prepare to hibernate for the winter, Cathy Tea and I must begin to wrap up the entire Summer Camp and close it down. You see, the kids are going back to school soon and Cathy and I will soon be travelling to our own worlds. Well, I’m taking Cathy and Free-Jon with me for a special adventure that was inspired by many things. Maybe the Summer Camp will return, but it might be the Winter Camp or the Spring Camp, or even another Summer Camp, who knows?

But, looking back at everything, I will miss this place. All of the fun we had, all of the times we made fools of ourselves, the warmth and the playfulness of the children, it’s something that I enjoyed and will always remember. When Cathy Tea sent me an email to be the Summer Camp Counselor, I wasn’t sure if I was the right person for the job, but with a little convincing I went and… I never regretted one moment.

I remember when our first session began and everyone was feeling a bit nervous, we didn’t know what to do and we weren’t sure if we were going to be able to provide enough entertainment for the kids to enjoy. But, we just knew that from these kids, something awesome would come out of it and it did. Everyone connected so easily and seamlessly, that all Cathy and I had to do, was just push them in the right direction.


“This is going to be SO. MUCH. FUN!”

Oh yeah! Our first Counselors’ Meeting was a blast with Free-Jon representing the kids! I remember I suggested going on a field trip somewhere and everyone agreed with me. I also remember when Cathy told Free-Jon that someone special would be coming to camp, and he kept trying to guess who it would be. Who knew what trouble would be caused by events in the future? Still, I felt like I was a real authority figure coming to this meeting and I loved being included; it made me feel special.


“Awesome! To prepare for today, I’m going to try and find an amazing cupcake recipe for today’s events!”

Our first field trip was one that I’ll never forget. I met a new friend who enjoyed reading books and writing, and I was surrounded by gorgeous flowers and all sorts of plants that reminded me of being in a forest. It was a lovely teahouse where everyone managed to find something to do and have a fun time. AWWW! I remember that I felt so proud of Free-Jon when he decided to wash the plates for everyone as they finished their food and also when Cathy Tea discovered a secret staircase–it was a fun field trip!

Oh yeah, I remember when Cathy Tea also told Arabella about Fairy Godmothers as well! From then, that’s when I wondered if I was a Fairy Godfather instead, although after searching up The GodFather, maybe I’ll just stick with being a Fairy Godbrother or something.


“This place might be of special interest to you! It was built by my good friend Miss Penguin!”

Around this time… it was coming up for ARoseInBloom’s wedding and SummerFalls and CathyTea wanted to do something special! So, they rounded up a bunch of SimSelves with the permission from the Simmers and took them all to the camp where we surprised ARoseInBloom’s SimSelf and my best friend, JRose, with a farewell party before she left for her marriage and honeymoon! It was a really great night, full of warmth and chatter as we surrounded the fire and shared stories of our favourite memories and also some sweet messages to JRose and also ARoseInBloom.

HAHAHA! This reminds me of when Sasha Pruett caught on fire and Jessica came to the rescue with a fire extinguisher–her face was priceless! Oh wait, didn’t Jessica catch on fire straight afterwards? I heard ARoseInBloom cried after reading our messages… mission successful.


“I love you, JRose and ARoseInBloom, and I can’t wait for the adventures we’ll have together, both in this game and out in the real world as well.”

Oh yeah, it was around this time that Free-Jon and Emelia decided to disappear on us! They got something called a Lyin’ Witchin’ Wardrobe and used it with Free-Jon’s cousin, Amina, to teleport through the gallery into random saves! It was a bit crazy, thinking about how they managed to get their hands on a time-machine and also how they were able to make it work. Yet again, Emelia somehow was in her child-form when she came to the Summer Camp, so I guess anything could happen!


“Ohmigosh! I’m so excited! It’s the adventure of a lifetime!”

And when Cathy discovered they were gone, it hit her hard. She couldn’t believe that they’d pull something like that and she felt so worried about what was going to happen to them. She even wanted to close down the camp to prevent any further incidents, but me, Jordan and Elder managed to pull Cathy out of it and reassure her that everyone was going to be okay. I told Cathy in the next counselors’ meeting then that we should have an even better camp session this time around to put our minds off recent events, and she agreed. Although, I won’t forget the image in my head of when one minute they were there and the next… *poof*

No one


Our third session began and Cathy and I were thinking of what awesome plans we could make for the children. We decided that we wanted to take them to the park because it felt like the right thing to do. We needed the fresh air of the park to clear our minds and refresh our bodies. Luckily, the kids were already halfway there when they played on the pirate ship! Onezero, Penelope, Finch and River were all so actively engaging in the fun but River did sabotage the cannons so that they wouldn’t work. What if there was a sea monster that gobbled them up? River, how could he live with himself?! Oh no!



We also decided to play a game of hide and seek! Say, for old times sake, can you find Penelope in the picture below?


I bet you can’t!

I told my Summer Camp story in this session as well, about the cupcakes that flooded the entire world and through the Gallery! It was a fun story to tell because it reminded me of my childhood as I was told so many great stories which inspired me and is part of the reason why I have the aspiration of Bestselling Author today as well as many books I read. Although, I don’t think Chiyo was particularly impressed with me when she discovered that she was the main reason why the cupcakes flew into the Gallery and into everyone’s worlds! It was funny, but the look on her face was adorable!


“I would NEVER do such a thing!”

And, when our most recent session started, the kids decided to host an art show which I thought was a splendid idea! A grand event to show everyone what kids can really do and all of their amazing talents compiled into a piece of art. I was so proud of these kids, coming up with things to do, this session was mostly planned by the children with little help from me and CT, which was sort of relaxing, but also very fun too!


“Think about it. Everybody loves the way I draw monsters. And I bet the other kids draw ok, too. And you can be the curator and organize the whole deal. And we’ll ask Joel to make cupcakes.”

As soon as the kids told us the deal, we all got to work with inviting as many people as possible. Cathy went straight for Jordan and Marty while Lola decided that she was going to invite Jes2G, who agreed straight away after hearing the many amazing things that would be at the art exhibition. Lola even went to go and get Rory Gilmore invited while Fiona and Felicity worked on Shannon SimsFan and managed to convince her to come too. These kids were really good at convincing and also displaying how much work they’d put into the art exhibition!


“We’ve got great ones! I even drew one of a sparkling macaroni rainbow!”

A final bit of fun that all of the children had was that my little sister, Amelia, led everyone on a bear hunt! Even though it was kind of dangerous, they went looking for bears in the forest and when they did, they ran for their lives because they were scared! Although, it didn’t stop a cute panda from following them all the way back to the camp and the big bears came too and we all had a dance party. It was quite scary, but also really fun seeing the bright smiles on the children’s faces as they danced.


“We’re going on a Bear Hunt!”

Now, I won’t keep reflecting for much longer as I feel that I might’ve run for too long. But, I’d like to say at least one sentence about each session of camp because they deserve their own special message.

My first session was exciting and thrilling, as I was thrown into a brand new world and I didn’t really know what to do at all. But, I feel that with the help of Arabella, Zerxes, Corey, Emilia and Free-Jon, I was really able to adjust myself accordingly to cater for the children. Thank you!


Session 2 was a blast with all the things that happened! I think I certainly enjoyed the atmosphere when we had this session, as there was so much fun things that we did, and even though Emilia and Free-Jon disappeared at the end, we still made the session worth coming to. Sasha, Fiona & Simon who were our new kids in this session, thank you for making many fond memories with me and Cathy!

Cathy Tea

Session 3 had a bit of a rocky start following the events of what happened at the end of Session 2, but I feel that we were still able to contribute really well to this session and make everyone have a lot of fun! I felt like I laughed the most during this session! To onezero, Penelope, Chiyo, Finch and River, thank you for restoring mine and Cathy’s confidence in ourselves that we can do really well in a Summer Camp.

Session 3

Finally, Session 4 was certainly one that I won’t forget. Me and Cathy were so caught up with making the Art Show a success that once I looked at the paintings, I noticed that everyone captured the most amazing memories of the session, and how much I truly appreciate every piece of art that was on that wall. I wanted to wrap them all up and take them home with me. Violet, Dillan, Fiona, Felicity, Lola and Amelia, thank you for making the last session of Summer Camp one that Cathy Tea and I won’t be able to forget.

Art show

And, as I looked back upon all my fondest memories. I saw the love, the friendship and the bonds that I’ve shared with each and every person because we learnt to love people as they are. Everyone didn’t put on a show, or pretend to be someone else. We were our raw and natural selves, just like the forest and nature and that’s what makes Summer Camp so precious. We are surrounded by the mystery of other people, and as we get to know them more through the Summer, the friendships grow and grow. The friendships we form anywhere will always follow us for the rest of our lives and even though it’s sad to end something so happy, I know that I’ll meet everyone again. Some day.

Hiya! SummerFalls here, and I’d just like to thank everyone for reading our incredible journey throughout the Summer Camp. It has been such a fun and joyous adventure for me to write about and witness all of the fun our SimSelves and Sim-children have had throughout the Summer Camp and I’d like to thank Cathy Tea, our leading lady, for making this all happen. Without her, we wouldn’t have this amazing event where our Sim-children made friends and we might not have had Joel Rochdale as a Camp Counsellor! So, thank you CT for always touching our hearts with your brilliant ideas. ❤

Also, thank you to all of the contributors of this Summer Camp for trusting us with your sim-children and also contributing your time to writing such wonderful and special chapters with your sim-children. Finally, thank you to all of the readers who couldn’t resist reading about cupcakes all of the fun we all had at Summer Camp!

So, until our next session,
SummerFalls & Joel Rochdale ❤