The Ease of a Good Fit


“It’s true what they say! Food tastes better when it’s cooked with love!”

“Yes, indeed!” Nathanael said. “I am so proud of you, little Red! Your mom would be proud of you, too. You didn’t just settle for any old Park Boy, like your mom and grandma did. You held out for the right fit. For the man who is perfect for you!”

The entire family has fallen for Tomas.

You know how removing or adding someone to a group can change the dynamic? Sometimes it changes it for the worse, sometimes for the better.

When Doug passed, the family felt his absence intensely, and out of that hole grew tensions. Doug had kept Tam balanced–without her twin, she never felt that she was complete. And the family as a whole absorbed the empty edge that she felt.

Lighter spirits returned after she left, and onezero and Sugar both began to smile and laugh more without the burden of Tam’s sorrow.

But through the years, with Alder’s meanness spreading first to his dad, and then to his both his aunts, distance seeped into the family. They became five individuals living together. Each had their own friendships and animosities with the others, but as a group, any sense of center or common purpose was missing.

Tomas, without even trying, simply through his good nature, is pulling these five individuals into a family again.

The Boughs

“Of course you’re feeling more creative now, Tomas! You’re now a Bough!”

I’m not surprised that Sugar likes him–she feels an affinity for anyone with the Good trait.

And, because he’s an alienophile, onezero finds him a natural friend.

The surprise, for me, lies in Alder’s response.

Alder has decided that Tomas is his new best friend. And Tomas, bless his heart, reciprocates the affection.


“Have you ever noticed how blue the sky looks from up here on the mesa?”

Alder, a true loner by nature, has never really wanted close friends before. His sister was enough, and the two of them have remained as close through adulthood as they were as children.

But now, Alder always has a whim to be friendly or funny with Tomas, and Tomas has matching whims for Alder.


“It’s like all the colors got together and decided to be brighter!”

The smiles on the brothers-in-law’s faces says it all.

Alder seems to have settled down, now that Tomas has moved in. Due to the poor relationship that he has with his father, Alder was feeling restless and seriously considering moving across the street into Manzanita’s mansion. It just seemed that it would work out better for everyone.

But he’s reconsidering now. Home has a feeling of peace now, and he thinks he might miss that warmth if he moves across the street.


“Maybe I’ll stay after all.”

The rest of the family is putting this new harmony to good use. Nathanael’s making good progress on his body builder aspiration. He’s reached maximum body potential, and has about three-quarters of a skill point to max fitness. With Sugar’s mentoring, he’ll reach that in no time!


That’s a lot of muscles!

onezero is simply happy, funny, productive, and charming–often at the same time! She has become a confident Sim, regaining that strong sense of herself that she had as a child, before she was labeled insane and a public enemy.

She’s forgotten about the labels, and her family members have, too. All the family friends, now, are alienophiles, and so onezero finds that her differentness is perceived as specialness–which, in fact, it is.


onez has maxed video-game skill.

The center of happiness are Red and Tomas, and the joy their love produces radiates out through the entire family. No one minds if they kiss or flirt right in the middle of the kitchen, with the family gathered at the table. Their shows of love make everyone smile, for Tomas has a way of broadcasting his own good feelings.


“Aw. You smell like peach frozen yogurt!”

When there’s that much love between a couple, they need to make something out of the overflow–it can’t just seep into the atmosphere.


“Ready for big news?”

And that’s why the game-gods created nooboos. They make the perfect containers for love-overflow.


“I think we made awesome.”

Sugar made a promise a few generations back–that she would stick around until our legacy was complete.

I think she predicted there would be some tough times, and when it seemed like there wasn’t always as much sweetness going around as I would have wanted, Sugar was there to provide the strength.


I feel like I can face anything when Sugar’s around!

We’re almost there, Shug. Gen 9 is on the way! And I’m glad you’re here for the happy times, too.