How to Make a Gen 10 Nooboo

Cypress eased into the hot tub to help her relax through the contractions.

With each exhale, she thought back to the long line of women that had felt this same pain.


I’ve always heard a bath helps.

“How do you make a gen 10 nooboo?” she wondered.


Relax, and I’ll tell you.

There is no one in her family left to remember all the way back to the beginning. But I remember. Cypress, this is how you make a gen 10 nooboo:

First you take a creative, outdoor-loving goofball, and you match her with a family-oriented, loner goofball.


Cedar found the best partner in Timothy Milton.

Then, you combine the resulting self-assured, genius loner with a cheerful active foodie.


Acacia and Kyler were always on the go!

From their union comes the gloomy, out-going foodie who joins a perfectionist, noncommittal music-lover.


Palo Verde and Cassandra were so close, in spite of her noncommittal trait.

Then take the product of that union, a creative, hot-head glutton, and mix with a clumsy, gloomy bro.


I-dub and Linda were so great together.

When that leads to a gloomy, perfectionist geek, combine her with a mailman–or rather, a childish, foodie geek.


Aspen took a while to choose, but she was so happy to have found Nico.

We’re getting closer!

From this, we have an active, materialistic, romantic who joins with a clumsy, cheerful art-lover.


Chandler was always there–it just took Salix time to notice.

Now take the mean, art-loving snob who was your grandmother, and match her with your grandfather, the creative, loner, glutton, whom you know and love so well.


Nathanael really knew how to make Tam happy.

And you know the rest, Cypress, for next comes your mother, a snob, glutton, and book-lover, and your father, a good, foodie art-lover.


Redbud loved everything about Tomas.

And now here are you, a childish, outdoor-loving goofball with your ranger, the gloomy, outdoor-loving glutton, and together, you’ve created the gen 10 nooboo.

So that’s how you do it. Now come out of the tub, Cypress, and welcome this baby to the digital world.

Don’t worry! You’re ready! You can do this thing!


“I guess… I… can… do… this!”

Welcome to the world, Sempervirens Bough. May you keep this lineage evergreen.

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