Townie Town: BX 1.1


Participant: Breana Xian
Project Report: 1.1
Project Goal: File initial report, help children settle in, select aspiration

Personal Data for Breana (Chronicler)
Clumsy, Snob, Romantic
Aspiration: Fabulously Wealthy
Would you like to change your aspiration? Yes. Since I am a snob, some may feel that “fabulously wealthy” fits me. But being a snob does not mean I am attracted to wealth. It means I have discriminating tastes: I love to analyze, interpret, and critique. I want an aspiration that will allow me to develop and exercise this aesthetic approach.
New selected aspiration: Painter Extraordinaire


Personal Data for Noelle (Daughter)
Slob, Gloomy
Life Stage: Teen
Aspiration: Master Chef
Would this participant like to change her aspiration? No. Noelle is very fond of cooking and feels inspired to become a chef.


Personal Data for Nicholas (Son)
Life Stage: Child
Aspiration: Social Butterfly
Would this participant like to change her aspiration? It’s not necessary. We plan to have Nicholas achieve all four child aspirations, and social butterfly is a convenient initial aspiration.

Summary of Events: The children are so happy with our new home: it’s simple, and we don’t have many luxuries, but to see them settled in, doing their homework together at the kitchen table, makes me feel content. We have a home. Noelle is focusing on her grades, at the moment, and Nicholas is working on his skills. As for me, I’ve started painting! We’re off to a good start and feeling so grateful to be part of all of this.


Next Steps: I will encourage Noelle to quit her after-school job flipping burgers. I just don’t feel good about the stress she is under as a working student. We can find other sources of income, and I would prefer that she use the extra time for her studies, her skills, and her enjoyment. The teen years are over so quickly! I don’t want her to waste them working and feeling miserable.


Nicholas will be spending his time developing his mental, physical, and creative skills using the CT/JNJJ method so that he will be in a good position to complete all four childhood aspirations. Over the weekend, we’ll take a family trip to the park, if he’s not able to meet kids in our neighborhood, so that he can work on his social butterfly aspiration. I am finding that he acts out much less when he is happy, so we will be focusing on keeping him happy.


For myself, I’m eager to continue painting. I love the pop art genre and want to focus on that for now. I’m also interested in exploring possibilities for romantic connections with others. I like Demetrius a lot, and at the same time, I wonder what other possibilities there are. At some point, I would like a steady partner, so that I could enjoy having romance in my life, and so that my children could have a man in their lives. While I feel this is especially important for Nicholas, Noelle would also benefit from being around a healthy relationship so that she has a good model as she begins to venture out.

Participant Diary *private* 

Sometimes, I hate to admit it, but I wonder what I was thinking when I adopted Nicholas. He introduces so much friction into our family. Sometimes, I swear, he’s only happy when we’re miserable. It’s like he feeds off of our unhappiness.


Noelle, bless her heart, seems to both love her brother dearly and understand how upset he makes me sometimes. Being melancholy, like she is, must bring her deeper empathy, for she always seems to know when I need a hug.


She knows when her brother needs a hug, too, and watching her, I remember: I didn’t sign on to be a mom because it was “easy” or to make me feel good or happy. I signed on to be a mom to share love. And sometimes, like they say, the ones that need our love the most are the hardest to love.


I have to remember that when it comes to my sweetie, too. Demetrius isn’t always the easiest to love. It’s not that there’s anything wrong with him–he’s a pretty great guy. It’s just that he doesn’t really seem interested in romance.

Just the other day, he was jogging by our home, and when I went out to say hi, he didn’t even give me a hug. Not a single romantic interaction! It’s little things like that which make me wonder about how compatible we are. I like to hug when I see my sweetheart, and a kiss would be nice, too.


So, we’ll see where it goes. It’s not like Demie is the only guy in town. We’ve got this constant parade of good-looking guys walking by.


I don’t think I’ll have to “settle.” I think I’ll be able to see where the sparks are. If it’s with Demie, that’s fine. And if not, that could be mighty fine, too.


At least I’ve got one good girlfriend to count on through all of this. Marlene and I became friends so quickly, and I really feel like we’ve got the potential to be friends for life.

“Marlene!” I told her the other day. “I think I’ve found my passion in life!”


She joined me while I painted, and, instead of trying to talk me into a more practical pathway, she encouraged me.

“That’s what this program is all about,” she said, “finding your passion! That’s so awesome for you that you’ve discovered it already.”


“It is really great,” I said. “I hope that if I’ve got something I love it’ll keep me inspired so that when I run into challenges–like with my kids or in my love life–I’ll at least have one thing that fills me with energy.”


“I’ve always found,” she said, “that if I have one area of my life that belongs to me–that lets me feel alive and engaged–then I can draw from that in areas that might be more challenging.”


I have so much to be thankful for. A good friend. A loving daughter. A smart son. Two healthy kids. A home. And a little time alone every day to appreciate it all.


I’m thankful, too, that participating in this project gives me a chance to keep a journal. I’ve never really had one before, but I’m starting to appreciate the opportunity to sit at the computer, while my son sleeps, and reflect on all that’s been going on and on everything I feel!


Oooh! I’d better end this here–I have an email from Demie! I hope it’s something romantic!